Saturday, April 27, 2013

E. W. King Says: "Behold, the Rose of Sharon amongst the brutish pastors"

Dave Pack's wimpish little ministry is nothing compared to the one and only TRUE Church of God left on earth today.  That church is the original Worldwide Church of God run by E.W.  No harlot daughter of the great mother church (WCG) carries the mantle of God's true church.

King writes:

Dear people who find themselves in any one of the current WCG offshoot groups; it is time to truly “study to shew yourselves approved unto God”. Do you really understand what the true Church of God is? What is all of this? These different groups all are claiming to be the “one true church of God”? Shouldn’t we have the Biblical understanding of the differing church eras? How do we know where we stand in prophetic history without the right understanding of our own times?
Jesus Christ is the one who gave the original COG the name Radio Church of God.  Then Jesus Christ realized how stupid that name sounded and gave it a new name, the Worldwide Church of God."  Jesus Christ was very pleased. He is so pleased now that the name WCG cannot be replaced by any splinter group out there.  These are all apostate whores of the mother church.

First and foremost you must have the correct name of the 6th epoch church era and that is the Philadelphian Church Era. Most all COG groups believe that Mr. H.W.Armstrong ushered in the Philadelphia Era of church time. The counsel to this church which was given by Jesus Christ Himself states of that church: “You have not denied my name.” [Revelation 3:8] What name was that? Jesus says that the name belongs to Him. He gave the Philadelphia church the name; “Worldwide Church of God”. At first, God began to organize His children through the “Radio Church of God”. For the first time the gospel of the Kingdom was being spread with great force worldwide through God’s end time Apostle. The 6th church era came full force in 1968 when Christ gave it the official Philadelphian name, “The Worldwide Church of God”….this cannot be changed!

Jesus Christ had a previous name for the COG prior to calling it Radio Church of God.

[Note: Prior to Mr. H.W.Armstrong ushering in the WCG 6th era, the church under the 5th era was known as; “Church of God, Seventh Day”.]

You would think an all powerful god such as the one King follows could have come up with an original name for the church millennia ago and stuck with it.  But noooooooooooooo he has to come up with a new name ever few decades.

We have all heard for many decades that the "door Jesus Christ opened can never be shut."  That is still true today, that is why WCG still exists.  It can not be shut down.

Jesus also promised this 6th church that He [Jesus Christ] “opened a door which no man can shut”. [Revelation 3:8. So the door to the true Philadelphian church shall be open all the way into and through the Great Tribulation. What all of the offshoot groups have ignored is this very fact!  This means that the NAME OF THIS CHURCH CANNOT BE CHANGED!
All of the harlot daughters of he WCG out there have all turned their backs on their god.  Only one man has had the courage and faith to step out and stand up for the truth.  When E.W. King resurrected the WCG it began the start of the Laodicean era.  Because of that, Dave Pack, Gerald Flurry, Rod Meredith, Bob Thiel and all the other COG have become harlot daughters with none of them doing a "work."

Now we have studied the fact that during the sixth church era, the Philadelphian, God chose an apostle to direct this organization. We must understand that this true restored church government cannot be changed! During the Philadelphian era God called His church, “The Worldwide Church of God” and promised that this very church would go right into and through the 7th church time, that of Laodicea.
As many of you who have studied now know, we began entering the typical Laodicean era right before the death of Mr. H.W.Armstrong because of the apostasy of his son. Then, the Laodicean era became even more pronounced after the death of Mr. Armstrong. We officially entered the Typical Laodicean era, the seventh church time (era or epoch) on October 7th 2011 due to the “resurrection” of WCG and the revealing of the Hidden Doctrine of Mr. H.W.Armstrong.
We maintain the original title; “Worldwide Church of God”. This cannot be changed! Many “splinter”, offshoots, groups and corporations through men have tried to change this first important fact.  Apostasy began in the 70's. It rose in 1978 and still continues today. The true Church is still “The Worldwide Church of God”. Some have tried to buy this name, some have tried to hijack this name...and most all have tried to change this name! This cannot be done!

Satan is really pissed at the Church of God.  He is out to destroy it.  I think as we all know that Satan had no hand in destroying the church .  Our own men in charge did that quit well without any help from Satan.

Satan has tried to destroy this church over and over again. While Mr. H.W. Armstrong was alive Satan came in through Garner Ted Armstrong and tried to destroy the true doctrine of Christian marriage. He failed! Mr. H.W. Armstrong said that if Satan triumphed over the true doctrine of marriage that, “The Worldwide Church of God would be spewed out of Christ’s mouth.” It is true that the WCG experienced a partial “death” but it was resurrected! [Please read: The Resurrection of Mr. H.W. Armstrong to understand].

King then contradicts Dave Pack with the following.  Dave Pack obviously is a lair.  No one is going to be flocking  into the Restored Church of God.  Everyone is heading over to E.W. Kings group.

“For the pastors are become brutish, and have not sought the LORD: therefore they shall not prosper, and all their flocks shall be scattered.” [Jeremiah 10:21] Only those who have left and heed the counsel that Jesus Christ gave to the Laodicean church can come into [return] to the true Worldwide Church of God. God is calling new converts and old back into His one true Church, the church the Jesus Christ built!

So this Spirit of Truth, this comforter is our assurance or down payment from God in our minds that we , the COGSR, the only true church, are the sons of God. God has given us the ability to understand the mystery of his will clearly. The apostle Paul gives a very clear description of his coming to understand God's will while addressing the Galatians, In Gal 1:11 he says "But I certify (guarantee) unto you brethren, that the gospel that was preached of me is not after (according)  men. vs12 "For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it (by man) BUT BY THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST", or by the Spirit of Truth. Paul is clearly explaining that Jesus Christ made known unto him the mystery of God's will through Revelation, or just put it in his mind.”

Poor silly Dave Pack must be shivering in his boots  in Wadsworth at this news.  I bet his mind cannot handle the fact that the tens of thousands of returning members he is expecting are all heading over to King's group.  What a waste all those new buildings will be in Wadsworth.

There you have it folks.  The real truth only resides in King's group.  Dave and his group are nothing.  Meredith and Flurry are nothing.  They are all hot air. Salvation can only be through E.W.King now.


Corky said...

Wow! That's confusing, CoGSR is just the other code word for WCG? DID NOT know that, nope, I thought the WCG was the Tkachites.

Heh heh, the WCG bomb went off and the fragments went everywhere and didn't even make a pretty pattern.

Oh, I forgot, it's Saturday here and I missed the Bacon Eater's Anonymous meeting down at the Waffle House...

RSK said...

Always found church eras a little loopy anyway. They drag on for centuries and then suddenly Philadelphia is supposedly Laodicea all in less than a hundred years.

Assistant Deacon said...

Worldwide...Catholic...same thing, pretty much.

Anonymous said...

What's in a name anyway? I can change my name to a Rockefeller and have it legally down. Does it mean I am a legitimate Rockefeller and have access to the Rockefeller wealth? That's silly. No amount of self-naming can legitimize a group's claim as the only church of God. The God's chosen is not in a name but in deed and in heart. Only God knows who really are His. These WCG remnants are nothing more than impostors. All of them.

Anonymous said...

All of these HWA legacy groups are in for a shock when Christ comes; despite their claim to the name, they are nothing more than impostors and too far away from truth even to be recognized as being almost there. They are just too far away from truth, and it is about time they realize and open their eyes to the very fact that HWA has taken them (even us during those times) for a ride. I can just advise these people to give up Armstrongism and start life all over again, if they want to join Christ' salvation bandwagon.

RSK said...

Well, look upon his beautiful feet!

Anonymous said...

"What's in a name anyway?"

Nothing. This is just an HWA claim being rehashed as though just because HWA said it made it special to true. Just another HWA follower and HWA worshiper. These guys think that just because somebody says a thing as though "with authority" that people will believe them for no other reason. Unfortunately, a few gullible people will, but that doesn't change the fact that deep down they know they're bullshitting.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Anon @ April 27, 2013 at 7:21 PM. The only thing I can add is the COGs are not the only ones who will be shocked when Jesus returns. Many other churches will get the same treatment. Perhaps all of them as they each have their own version of a self-righteous and prejudicial belief system that at best goes only part way to the truth of forgiveness and salvation.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those silly armstrongist splinters!

The UCG, LCG, PCG, and all the others would seem less foolish if they'd put something prominently on their websites like, "We recommend that NOBODY IN HIS RIGHT MIND should waste their time thinking that anything Herbert Armstrong wrote is inspired or accurate!"

They'll never do that, though. They'd lose too many tithe slaves.
The people at the top of these organizations would rather insure their comfortable wages and retirements than be honest.

Corky said...

Anonymous said...
All of these HWA legacy groups are in for a shock when Christ comes; despite their claim to the name, they are nothing more than impostors and too far away from truth even to be recognized as being almost there.

Yes, they'll be in for a shock...assuming Jesus does return. I don't see any reason to assume that. Jesus' return was imminent in the lifetime of the first Xians and it didn't happen. They even thought that "the end of all things is at hand" in their day - didn't happen.

Besides, you would have to know the truth before you can say that the imposters are "too far away from truth". What you are really saying is they are too far away from what you believe is the truth.

If there is any truth in it at all, which I doubt, nobody knows what it is or else there wouldn't be 40,000 different denominations, sects and cults of Xianity. They're all 'rule-makers' instead of 'rule-followers'. It's just that some are worse than others.

The CoGs are some of the worse but not the worst that you can encounter. Even the JWs are worse than the ACoGs. Now THERE is a mind control cult if ever there was one. Going on down the scale, there's the Mormon cult and the Scientologists.

Truth, truth, who's got the truth? It's an elusive thing, is what it is. Once it was truth that "the oceans cannot be crossed" but that didn't remain the truth forever. What we think is true today may not be tomorrow.

Isaiah's prediction in Isa. 7 turned out to be wrong - Ahab's alliance failed and they lost the war, big time, in spite of Yahweh's promise to the contrary.

Corky said...

I meant "Ahaz", sorry 'bout that.

Byker Bob said...

Their game all seems to be: I've got to splinter over micro-issues which are nonessential to salvation, and my new church is going to diminish the roles and importance of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. All of them understand that there was a New Covenant and an Old Covenant, but none of them can see the other dispensations, as they believe (contrary to the writings of Paul) that the so-called law of Moses was given to Adam and Eve from the beginning, in the Bible.

How can you base a Christian religious movement on such lack of understanding (aided by unprovable pet conspiracy theories) and extrapolate it into two supposed church eras? You really can't. It's ludicrous, but "they" use every buzzword and psychological manipulative tactic known to man, and a small percentage of the population somehow buys into it all. They even use that, couple it with one of their cliches about many being called but few chosen, and succumb to a loveless kind of elitism that does nothing to further the real work of Jesus Christ.

Calling Gamaliel, come in please!


Secular-Humanist-Buddhist-Pagan-Unitarian-Methodist said...

So far I've not seen ANY evidence that a sentinent being, Jesus or anyone else, can return to life once they are dead. That doesn't mean it's not possible. I just have no evidence of it. When my little Kitty Cat died, I wanted her to return to life. but did she? Noooo. Patsy Ramsey, a semi-devout Christian, prayed that Jesus or God or someone bring little JonBenet' back to life after she was found in the basement bludgeoned by an "intruder." Did JonBenet' live again. Nooo, I don't think so. At least Buddha stated explicitly that he was only a human, not a god which I do respect more. I realize that some Budhist sects have tried to turn him into something supernatural but, from wheat i've read, that was not his belief.

Anonymous said...

"study to shew yourselves approved unto God"

so you can detect false apostles like Pack, Flurry, Tkach, Herb, etc.

Anonymous said...

Was philosopher Thomas Hobbes predicting Gerald Flurry when he described life as:

"Nasty, brutish and short" ?

Anonymous said...

That illustration is perfect btw. That guy is a posterboy of the religiously effeminate Milquetoast that Armstrongism's teachings always promoted for male laymembers. Serves to reason since Milquetoasts are easily abused and pushed around by non-Milquetoast ministers.

Anonymous said...

BB said:

" as they believe (contrary to the writings of Paul) that the so-called law of Moses was given to Adam and Eve from the beginning, in the Bible."

Rest assurred, it's our Book. These are stories and mythologies not meant to be taken literally as Christians do. We don't really think Adam and Eve were the first humans. The story has meaning but not youz guys meaning.


Anonymous said...


Why Jews Cannot Accept the New Testament

By Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz

For centuries, Christians have asked why Jews don’t accept the authenticity of the New Testament. Let’s explore in depth one of the many reasons, namely contradictions and inconsistencies.

Judaism believes that the Jewish Scriptures, often referred to as the Old Testament,[1] are the inspired word of God. If passages appear to contradict one another, it is our responsibility to delve deeply and uncover a correct understanding.

Unfortunately, some Christians believe that the end justifies the means and often use the following New Testament passage to justify their approach. “Only that in every way, whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is proclaimed…” [Philippians 1:18]"

Gamaliel has returned. You won't be happy with the results and won't find me much good in shoring up your New Testament Tales taken from our Old Testament Tales