Monday, April 22, 2013

Gerald Flurry: I Am King and Law Giver and as Such I Have the Power to Save You as You Gaze On My Beautiful Feet

Gerald Flurry has always held himself up as better than the rest of the church.  He thought he knew more than the WCG when he started rebelling against the changes and formed his own splinter cult.  It has always been about him.  The narcissism and ego-centrism of Flurry is what makes him stand out as another aberrant teacher of Armstrongism.

Here are a few bits of wisdom from the Dear Leader, a man so morally superior that he is now a King and the Official Law-Giver to the Church of God. A man so stupendous that we are to gaze at his feet an awe. Dave Pack has been seen cowering in Wadsworth because of Gerald's holy feet!

Mr. Armstrong had an intimate relationship with God too -- in a way we do not have.  Presently, I am intimate with God in a way no one else is directly; you are, however, indirectly.  This has to do with the man to whom God is giving the revelation.  God gives the revelation to a man and has the Church look to that man.  Then God holds that man very accountable.  Because it is through him and the revelation God gives him that we get to know God intimately.  [RV Sept./Oct. 2000, pg. 6]

Following God’s Man is actually following God.  [TP pg. 11p5]

The Church today will truly unify only by rallying around this throne through a man. ... There is a spiritual Throne of David in God’s Church today.  [TP pg. 12 bottom, 13p1]
God placed me into the office of a prophet.  The fruits of new prophetic revelation and a work to declare the message prove who I am.  [TP pg. 21 bottom]
In fact, “king” and “counselor” apply to the office I hold.  [TP pg. 34p1]
This prophet ... He speaks for God.  Here is a clear statement that God sends a “thus saith the Lord God” through one man – His watchman, or prophet.  The man speaks for God!  [TP pg. 43p2] 

His man, His lawgiver – that prophet. ... He can give His lawgiver something you don’t have ... God has given me that same advantage He gave Mr. Armstrong.  [TP pg. 55p2,3,6]

I didn’t receive this message from man!  I was taught it by revelation from Jesus Christ!  [TP pg. 61p1]
Remember, when God places a man in charge, He gives that individual something extra spiritually – an added power to lead God’s people.  That places him at an advantage, prompting the people to look to him.  [TP pg. 62p4] 

Like Paul, I will continue to magnify my office that I might save some. ... The ministers have to magnify this office ... God’s ministers must understand this concept deeply and lead God’s people to magnify my office – which is really God’s office.  [TP pg. 70p1,2,3]  

There is abundant rain coming from a teacher of righteousness – or that prophet. ... It says God has spoken to this man.  That does put me in a different category.  [TP pg. 110p4, 111p5]
A man must deliver this message, and cause the whole world to drink it. ... I must cause all the nations to drink this message.  [TP pg. 113 bottom, 114 top]
Think on “the feet of him” – some man ... We need to see the beautiful feet of “him” – the one bringing revelation ... God actually wants us to focus on this “him”... Not only should we see the man ... but also notice his feet. ... Look at the beautiful feet of him.  [TP pg. 117p4,6,7, 118p3]



Douglas Becker said...

And we CAN know he is THE One God gives His Special Revelation to because he got drunk on a holyday and was arrested with a DUI!

Brethren, if you can't see that Gerald Flurry is God's Mouthpiece and is simply a false prophet who has merely declared himself The Special One, then you just don't know God's Will and Scripture.

Or maybe you do.

Which would be a good reason to get as far as you can from this man who once told the congregation on the Sabbath in Quincy, Washington, "No one has any rights" which excepts him, of course, because he is so special.

By his fruit you can know him and with the wrecked lives and chaos he has precipitated, if you believe in Satan the Devil, you have a pretty good understanding of what sort of fruit he produces.



False prophet.

Byker Bob said...

Well, what do you do when the annointed one gets it all wrong? He claims that HWA was specially used of God, but then fails to comment on the failure of 1975, or (as some would cite) the choosing of Joseph W. Tkach, Sr. as successor.

Basically, he's telling us that he, Flurry, has inherited another one of HWA's titles: Mr. Confusion.


Anonymous said...

What a sick deluded bastard he is. How brain dead are his followers? Totally I imagine to agree to his view of himself without question. People are both fascinating and made of cow pies.


Head Usher said...

I have no specific recollection of these things being said explicitly by HWA, Meredith, or any of the WCG ministurds when I was growing up, but I do remember sensing that this was exactly the reasoning as to the source of their "authority" and why they were better than you, and more deserving of respect, cars, homes, etc., all at tithepayer expense. It was that whole "government," "top down," "chain of command" thing. What Flurry's put down in writing here is a big fraction of what has always been wrong with Armstrongism.

If you just insinuate this kind of crap, it's harder for the average member to identify what's wrong, and therefore harder to fight it, so I am kind of surprised that Flurry or anyone would put this kind of obviously erroneous theory out there explicitly and give people a handle with which to take potshots at it. I would expect it to be a bad move for someone who needs to keep others under his thumb to put explicit voice to something so outrageous as this.

I am surprised that there would be many adults today who would still acquiesce to such nonsense, even if they did in the past. I feel that people in general today are less credulous, less likely to take the word of any "authority" figure, and less likely to buy into bullshit such as this. I would be afraid to publish this if I were in Flurry's shoes, trying to continue to manipulate well-meaning people to my own selfish purposes. I would expect that such self-aggrandizing hyperbole would do nothing except cause the exodus of more people who were sick of my bullshit. But somehow, I think that in practice, for some reason that I cannot fathom, those who have been deluded for decades will only have their faith in Flurry strengthened by this tripe. I find that other people are always full of surprises...

Anonymous said...

Flurry's opinion of himself is actually quite astounding. He's going to crash to earth when he faces failing health and impending death like billions before him. I wonder if Stephen buys into this or is at all put off by it. I guess he's been zombieized long ago so it matters not.

Anonymous said...

For some reason COGs provide a rich and fertile ground to grow large numbers of false prophets who break most if not all of the rules of the New Testament teachings. Flurry is a good example of this but there are so many one could write a book about it.

Anonymous said...

The PCG group has been around since about 1989 and most of their members joined early. Like the frog in water that slowly gets warmed up they have been conditioned to accept more and more of Flurry's self-aggrandizing. One of his tricks is to make them feel part of it. The greater he is the more important his work is, and so the greater they all are!

Corky said...

A man must deliver this message, and cause the whole world to drink it. ... I must cause all the nations to drink this message.

And that's the problem. "How can I (know the meaning), except some man should guide me?" (Acts 8:31).

People depending on some man to know the answer is the problem and there being any number of men willing to pretend to know only complicates it even more. In that passage, Philip gave the 2nd century Xian answer but that would not have been the 1st century Jewish answer.

The answer, the meaning, is simply whatever you want it to be because it is open to at least three separate interpretations.

Does Gerald Flurry know the correct interpretation of the Malachi prophecy? Hell no. You would already have to know the correct interpretation in order to interpret it correctly...IOW, you would have to be Malachi.

People writing messages on blog and forum message boards have been misinterpreted over and over and the original writer of the message has to clarify his original message. The problem with ancient scripture is that the original writers are dead and cannot clarify what they meant. So, they are left open to so many different interpretations that there are 40,000 different sects of Christianity.

Nobody knows the 'correct' interpretation and nobody ever has known but we have plenty of people who pretend to know.

Anonymous said...

Like the frog in water that slowly gets warmed up they have been conditioned to accept more and more of Flurry's self-aggrandizing. One of his tricks is to make them feel part of it. The greater he is the more important his work is, and so the greater they all are!

This is exactly it. Unlike Pack and Meredith and others who take great pleasure in insulting their own church members, Flurry is a master at flattering his people. They are God's "very golden elect" and are on a higher level than all those evil ministurds who stayed in WCG or went with the various splinters.

Satan offered Jesus the whole world, if Jesus would fall down and worship him.

Flurry offers his followers godhood and the whole universe, if they will fall down and worship him.

I met Flurry a couple of times, many years ago, and I will say this about him, however hard it may be for some to believe. He is capable of exuding a very warm and gentle, even self-effacing, kind of charm, as long as he thinks you are someone loyal to him or someone he can use. It's only when you become his (perceived) enemy that he goes all screaming-ranting-insane on you (as is now apparently very common in his PCG sermons). If I were King Leopold of Belgium, and I had the opportunity to meet Flurry, Meredith, Pack and Thiel, I am quite sure it is Flurry who would leave the best impression on me.

Lurker said...

Oh. My. I don't have the words to describe that. Is that the way HWA talked and wrote, too? Forgive me for sounding ignorant, the man died when I was in elementary school and I have almost no memory. That is just atrocious. I would not have lasted long.

Anonymous said...

Think on “the feet of him” – some man ... We need to see the beautiful feet of “him” – the one bringing revelation ... God actually wants us to focus on this “him”... Not only should we see the man ... but also notice his feet. ... Look at the beautiful feet of him. [TP pg. 117p4,6,7, 118p3]

Wow! The Foot Fetish Church of God!

Sort of gives a whole new meaning to Don Billingsley's COG-FF.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this old news? Since GF has been banned from Jordan, what about Petra? Why is this the hardest splinter to get news from? I have a relative stuck there any info would be great.

another seekeroftruth

Anonymous said...

notice his feet. ... Look at the beautiful feet of him

Another thing... if you are kept busy looking at Lord Sixpack's feet, you are less likely to notice that his head is barely 5 feet above them!

NO2HWA said...

Foot fetishes that so many in the COG apparently had, was one of the reasons men never washed women feet at "passover". I actually had a minister tell me that was one of the reasons.

Joe Moeller said...

In response to No2HWAs comment above...

It makes sense to keep the footwashing thing separated by sex. I dont want some strange dude washing or touching my wifes feet, tickling her toes or foot bottom, or trying to catch a glance up her skirt or whatever.

Likewise, it would distract any normal guy from the ceremony if some pretty young lady was washing his feet, lets be honest here.

Discretion dictates that you should not be touching another person of the opposite sex, or someone elses spouse.

As far as foot fetish, hey... whatever floats someones boat as long as they are keeping it at home. Not my thing, although I am fond of high heels though!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Gerald Flurry said, "God placed me into the office of a prophet. The fruits of new prophetic revelation and a work to declare the message prove who I am. [TP pg. 21 bottom]".

MY COMMENT - I thought God placed Dr. Robert Thiel into the office of prophet. So which Profit (OOooops, I mean "Prophet") is the Grand Poobah of Prophets? Should we have a Prophet (or Profit) contest to see who the real "winner" is?

And when referencing Gerald Flurry in this post, such as "TP page 21 bottom", what does "TP" stand for? Toilet Paper, perhaps?


Byker Bob said...

Playing a game of Bible has always been a very desirable passtime for Armstrongite ministers. They just love to make it seem as if they are just like Moses, David, Paul, Elijah, and many other Biblical characters. The problem is, they like the favorable aggrandizing aspects of this, but surely don't want to face the hardships that the Biblical characters underwent. They also rejoice in small, token, persecution, so long as it doesn't take on truly Biblical proportions. That's why I call it "playing a game of Bible". They go for the foo foo fluff instead of reality.

Thing is, none of them has actually gone so far yet as to call themselves Jesus Christ. But, what are we to glean from this missive of Flurry's? He flirts around with it without coming right out and saying it, but to anyone with any knowledge of scripture, he is evoking the image of Jesus Christ and the Mary who annointed His feet!

The level of Flurry's ego is just unfathomable!


Anonymous said...

Whoa....when was Gerald Flurry banned from Jordan? Do you have any links you can share to articles with some details?

Anonymous said...

Presently, I am intimate with God in a way no one else is directly; you are, however, indirectly.

Well, I suppose that Gerald Flurry really has directly screwed God out of the millions of dollars of tithes and offerings that Gerald diverted into his satanic PCG cult.

Gerald Flurry has also been quite intimate with his own followers. Gerald has screwed them out of their money, their families, their sanity, and probably eternal life (since you cannot be saved by following a false prophet).

Anonymous said...

"Gerald Flurry: I Am King and Law Giver and as Such I Have the Power to Save You as You Gaze On My Beautiful Feet"

More realistically, you could gaze down at the top of That Runt's head.

Anonymous said...

TP is an abbreviation for Gerald Flurry's booklet: Who Is "That Prophet"?

Anonymous said...

Flurry is certainly the legend in his own hallucinated mind. And people still follow him because they simply allow a person or an institution (a church for that matter) to stand between the person and the God that he worships. It is like a third party in a couple's relationship. The third party will always mess it up. And that is what Flurry is doing to his deceived members. How pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Today, Malm implies something similar about his own feet on his shiny blog:

"Larry has taken a stand on the calendar, however he does not agree on the meanings of the Festivals etc, and has said that he will not attend our Feast site because I will not allow dissent. He has chosen to attend the Feast with UCG (Do they allow sermons dissenting from their teachings? I expect that this means that Larry wants to attend with UCG because he agrees with their teachings on the Festivals) ... Larry does not agree with the teachings on this Blog concerning the Festivals, and is doing whatever he does on his own: he does not represent me, nor is he associated with me when he diverges from the teachings and doctrine at TheShiningLight."

Let me guess, Larry is now persona non grata?

When I read this, I get the clear sense Malm is communicating, in so many words, that everyone ought to believe the contents of his blog are all whispered into his ear by the grand deity himself, and he is merely taking dictation. That's why, instead of taking responsibility himself, he tries to project his one-man operation as an institution, the "Royal We" being referred to as "TheShiningLight". When he disagrees, he disagrees not with me, but with me AND god. This is why dissent cannot be tolerated. No one can disagree with god!

I especially like how Malm sets up a straw man. Larry, when confronted point-blank, said he quietly, privately, thought that Malm was not completely correct on an issue. But Malm turns around and paints it as a loud, public dissention. Who said anything about preaching a dissenting sermon at Malm's feast, at a UCG feast? Who said that Larry agrees with UCG? Larry wants to go with a different organization because other COG organizations cannot micromanage the internal affairs of their members the way Malm tries to. Larger COGs can't go around confronting every one of their members, point-blank, ensuring total uniformity of belief, or else you're no longer welcome, buh-bye.

Malm's approach to normal human situations is despotic. He's basically holding a gun to people's heads, threatening to pop a holy cap in their ass if they admit ANY variance whatsoever from the divine revelation he's received directly from god. Is this the kind of gangster shit Malm's god is going to be pulling once you get to his heaven? At least in hell, the devil gives you the freedom to be honest! And this is how Malm treats the people he LIKES. Give him political power and we'd have a regular COG-style inquisition on our hands.

I guess I wouldn't be terribly surprised if, because of this incident, everyone registering for Malm's feast received a 35-page document with all of Malm's pet doctrines laid out in detail, containing 228 spaces requiring initials, and your signature at the end affirming that if tortured by invading German hordes, these are the things you would confess to believing.

So, how beautiful and shiny are Malm's feet?

The loudest sound at Malm's feast? Chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp ...

Anonymous said...

I would find it extremely exciting if Gerald Flurry would one day ask his members to smell his Holy Fart so that they will be forgiven of their sins. Gazing at his beautiful feet already saves, how much more being intoxicated with his fart.

EB said...

power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely

Anonymous said...

Is this the same armstrongist "Larry" who posts on Gavin's blog?

It's interesting how so many want to tell people what the "TRUTH" is!
Frankly, I thing they are actually trying to convince themselves.

Anonymous said...

Flurry is nothing more than a thief. He steals tithes that the Bible claims properly belongs to Levites. He is no Levite and is not entitled to tithes. How long will his members wake up to the truth? He, just like Meredith, and all those WCG remnant leaders, and HWA all have taken us for a ride. When that salvation day that Flurry is eagerly preaching comes, he would come in for a shock as Christ tells him he is a thief. He also stole the salvation of his followers.

Anonymous said...

What a complete cult this whole church is...and the one before it. Armstrong and the whole bunch of them are no different than the Davidian's or Jim Jones clan. Wow. I pray the Lord saves a few of them from certain death and destruction. And to be in my hometown of Edmond....oh my
Please Lord bring light into their camp and destroy their ways. Destroy their false teachings. In Jesus' name I pray, the NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES! david barnes pastor