Monday, April 29, 2013

Hey Dudes! The Street Light Is Off!

There is an excellent entry on All About Armstrongism today.

ARMSTRONGISM: What’s The Point of A Moth Buzzing around a Street Light that’s Off in the Daytime? – A State of Armstrongism “Emotional Release” from this Blogger 

The blog owner writes:

....With all of the 700 plus splinters out there, you’d think they would get a clue that something in Armstrongism is completely wrong. Totally wrong. Abjectly wrong. Look at what is happening here. Every group is fighting each other! The one who is physically growing, reportedly the most, is sitting there accusing the others of nearly completely dying off, while another group claims they’re having great growth themselves, to name a few examples. Group after group writing why they have the blessing of God. Group after work claiming unity when anyone looking from the outside in can clearly see that there is little unity to be had. Members jumping from church to church, leaving because of this or that, trying to find the “right one” out of over 700 that most closely agrees to what they think. Churches competing for members of other churches because most “new people from the world” don’t fall for their crap anymore – while rogue leader wanna-be’s pop up and self-appoint themselves with a great sounding spiritual title, start a church, draw some members and start their own version of Armstrongism, usually complete with a new truth here, and a new truth there, here a truth, there a truth, everywhere a truth truth, until the members come comin’ around the mountain till He comes. And it continues over and over and over and over and over again.

And, inevitably, a large enough group of members will disagree with some aspect of the ministry, and, inevitably, a division will result, a split will occur, the church will split, and the division that has started with one large church and has now resulted in over 700 plus churches and groups, will continue to split. I believe the same thing will happen with even the “most growing church” once a new leader takes it over, signs are in place for another church to split, and it will continue to happen as members take their internal beliefs in disagreement with organizational beliefs and start a church with their own interpretations of the law, the bible, and Armstrongism. And the division, bickering, squabbling, arguing, competition, and trash talking will continue.

I feel like yelling at them saying “LOOK! THE STREET LIGHT IS OFF! There is no use for street lights when the sun is up! But you guys are saying the street light is still ON when the sun is up! What’s going on! Can’t you see that when the Light comes the Street Lights are old and useless and have become obsolete? It’s a waste to keep Street Lights on when the true light is here! And you guys are saying that God expects you to keep all the street lighting on when the sun is up? What are you thinking! the sun is far brighter and far more illuminating then street lights! The street lights served their purpose when it was dark! The street light serves their purposes when the earth is cut off from the Sun! Their light was great when it was useful! But now that the sun is up, what use is there of it? Is the Sun up or not? You guys say it is not up, but look, the sun is brightly shining, and you are sitting there telling your people to keep buzzing around the street lights when the sun is brightly up and sets you guys free to explore all the wildflowers, grasses, and insect life that is now plainly seen with the sun. You’re free – but in Armstrongism insanity, you keep buzzing around the streetlights in the daytime that if you just look are plainly OFF because they are not needed anymore. What kind of insanity reasoning is this?!”


Corky said...

Problem is there never was a "street light". People thought they saw a great light but it wasn't real - it was swamp gas, moon glow, with no light of its own. Its light was borrowed, plagiarized mirror images of other false guiding "street lights".

The wcg was not a street light - it was Humpty Dumpty and you can never put Humpty Dumpty together again.

Anonymous said...

The WCG was never the streetlight. It wasn't any light. I don't think that was the point of the analogy in the main article - which made the author's point pretty clear.

Douglas Becker said...

The original purpose of the ACoG leaders is to collect all the nuts that have fallen off the tree -- winter is already here.