Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ron Weinland: "...strive to wear sackcloth always. It is truly vogue for the children of God to do so." Oh, This Might Be The Last Post I Write!

Ron Weinland has written another missive from his prison cell.  In this one starts off by wondering if this is the last message he will ever write before his creature he calls christ returns.

The first initial thought to be built upon is that I wonder if this might be the last post I write in this age. The point being is that I really don’t know, but I move forward following God wherever and through whatever He leads me.
I can guarantee Ron what this will NOT be your last post and they we will be subjected to another 3 1/2 years of this malarkey from you.

Ron then goes on to indirectly describe his mother and sister leaving him behind in the dust:

There is no thought of “going back to Egypt,” or going off in some other direction than the one I believe God is leading us in. Over this past week, there are a handful of people who have decided they can no longer follow in the same direction. Although I obviously believe they have made a horrible choice, I have absolutely no ill will toward them nor look down upon them in any way. Each person alone is accountable before God for the choices he or she makes. I can only answer for my own self and my choices. Let me put this into a bit of a current perspective.
His members are finally questioning and doubting the hot air that comes out of him and he is not happy.  How dare they think differently than him!

Over the past couple of weeks, there are a couple of statements that have been made by others that have been passed along to me. One statement that has been made by more than one person revolves around their stated concern that things I have written and spoken about have not come to pass, which has led to the conclusion, or doubt, of whether I am a prophet or even the one through whom Jesus Christ is leading His Body   the Church of God.

Armstrongism has always taught that when the "trumpets" sound in the end time it will usher in visible signs that will bring people to their knees.  Death and destruction reign down with each trumpet.  The problem with Weinalnd's trumpets is that he has labelled them all "spiritual" since nothing was ever manifested on the earth when he claims they sounded.

As it has been stated in varying ways at various times, I cannot give to them what is in my mind   in my spirit. I can, and do, only act upon what I believe God gives to me. So what is it that has not come to pass? Perhaps such people are primarily speaking of the fact that there has not yet been a physical manifestation of the blowing of the Second, Third, and Fourth Trumpet. Perhaps such people feel that the Fifth Thunder should be far more manifest in it fulfillment at this time.

Ron has been held accountable for one of his comments he made several years ago. He said that if his prophecies failed then he would declare himself a false prophet.  2008 came and went and Ron has done nothing of he sort.  Well, except for making excuses.

Before I explain some of that personal experience, there is one more statement that has been brought to my attention and needs to accompany all of this. Paraphrasing a statement made by someone I’ve known for many years, a question was asked about why I hadn’t yet declared that I was not a prophet when I had clearly stated I would if the prophecies did not come to pass. This individual may believe, or wonder if, we are not well past the time that all prophesies should have been fulfilled and I should have therefore made such a conciliatory and surrendering statement. However, there is a great problem with that ever happening and that will likely be to the disgruntlement and anger of some. The reason for this not happening will be mentioned as we continue through this post, and it should be noted that I have not been living my life by being concerned about the approval of others, but of God.
To quickly shed light upon the statement I made at that time, one would need to know what I was addressing in my own life at that moment. As a matter of truth in spirit and openness to the Church and to God, I stated what was at the heart and core of my attitude (my spirit) and belief which was that if things did not come to pass as stated about prophetic events and if that is what God revealed (that I was not His prophet), then I would acknowledge it. More than that, I would seek repentance and throw myself down before the Mercy Seat of God, for I would desire to quickly change and do exactly what God revealed I should to make things right for complete reconciliation because I know (believe) I serve a very merciful and loving God. 

It was not long after I had expressed such sentiment and conviction to the Church about what I would do in such an instance that God revealed to me that I was more than a prophet; I was an apostle, which was evidenced by the fruit of the remnant Church which was scattered around the world and evidenced by the truth (truth which was not prophetic in nature) He had established in the Church through me, which can only be done through an apostle. Some short time after that experience, God strengthened me further in powerful confidence and faith that I was indeed His prophet as well as His apostle. I live by what I believe. That is what God has molded in me, and I can live by no other way.
 Ron finally admits on where all of his grandiose titles and visions come from...his own mind. its all been a figment of his own imagination!

Personal Experience:
Having said what has been stated thus far about my own convictions that are a matter of my spirit that is begotten and growing in maturity in the spirit of God, I will share a small portion of that which has molded me and made me who I am today. Again, it is so very pronounced in my mind what I stated earlier, “that I cannot give to others what is in my spirit.” For I believe what has been molded, fashioned, and transformed in my spirit is by the working of God and His Son Jesus Christ. So as a matter of my own personal conviction, I must follow where I believe God leads me.
The experiences that are personal to me in my relationship and conviction toward God are far too numerous to mention in a post, but there are certain high points that stand out for me....

This is exactly the same thinking that Bob Thiel has used to justify and set himself up as a prophet and church leader.  It's all a figment of his own imagination!  No one ordained him.  No one set him apart and called him a prophet or an apostle.  Most important of all is that no one ordained him.

Ron continues by letting hsi members know that all of them are too dumb to have visions and prophecies given to them so they can bring to the church.  Only he can do that.

As I go through these personal experiences, it needs to be understood that most of these are a matter of God working with me in order to fulfill in me at that time or at a later time the role of His end-time prophet and apostle. Sometimes there are people who believe God is revealing something new, different, or special to them other than what is given first to His Church   the leadership of His Church. That is not true. That would only cause division and confusion (opposition) in unity of the truth that He gives to His Church in only one way. Such would be fully contrary to God’s spirit of unity, harmony, and order in His Church. There is a great difference in how God reveals (communicates) truth to the mind of those whom He calls and who become members in the Body of Christ   the Church   and in how God works to reveal truth to prophets and apostles.

 ron then goe sonto blabber a lot of nonsens top get tpot hsi point.  After his triple by-pass heart suregery in 2005 his god spoke to him and told him this:

Following the experience of God revealing so many truths related to the apostasy and having had the experience of God blessing me to do that which would have been the farthest from my mind to ever even consider, let alone my aversion at the time to writing, I wrote a book. Then, after a triple bypass in August of 2005, God brought me to one of the most powerful experiences yet of His communicating His word to me in my begotten and transforming spirit. In preparation for the Feast of Tabernacles, God was revealing truth from a large portion of scripture about how He alone has eternally existed and that Jesus Christ had not eternally existed. Although the Church went through more than half a century of having truth restored to it through God’s apostle at that time, Herbert W. Armstrong, the church believed through the era of Philadelphia that Christ had eternally existed.

Apparently HWA was too dumb to understand this so Ron's god had to tell Ron this.

Only God can communicate spiritual knowledge and understanding as He does through His Son Jesus Christ. It cannot   CAN NEVER   be received by human intellect, for such is limited (restricted) strictly to a physical plane with the ability to reason and know (learn). Herbert W. Armstrong was not given the ability to see that Jesus Christ had not eternally existed and that his origin of life began with a human birth from a physical mother, Mary, and who had been begotten at conception by a spiritual Father, God Almighty. It is God alone who chooses how and when He reveals spiritual knowledge. It was not a fault of Herbert W. Armstrong that he did not know this truth, nor did it diminish him in any way as God’s apostle, but it was simply God’s knowledge to give when He chose to do so. No one can judge God in such matters, although many have judged His servant Herbert W. Armstrong over such things, as with the subject of Pentecost.

Ron then gopis intothe spiritual war that his church has been goign through for the last 5 months. Demons have been raging a huge battle agsint ron and his chruhc.  that war is noow over and the demosn are getting ready to battle the world.  On May 19 when hsi christ returns the demosn will be unleasherd.

Before this past Sabbath, God inspired another powerful sermon by another evangelist, Terry. That sermon so perfectly fits with what happened since the fast and the last post, yet it was prerecorded and given before the Sabbath and before other events came to light toward the end of the week and over this weekend. The devastation of this First Woe was minute (small) in comparison to the time of the apostasy when it was relatively easy and quick for the demonic world to so successfully attack and decimate God’s Church at that time. Although the devastation was minimal in this great spiritual war, never-the-less, it was very painful, as it always is when any fall from following God in His Church. There have been a handful that have fallen, which included three who were senior elders, one elder and one who was an associate elder. As with all who leave, I deeply look forward to the time they come back into fellowship in spirit and in truth.

The good news now is that this five-month battle has ended and God’s Church has been defined. This great army of demonic spirit beings are now turning their wrath toward this world. One great war is over and the last one is about to begin. We have lived through a time of great trouble that was cast upon the Church, and now that time of trouble is ready to be cast upon the world.
 Ron dislikes hsi current positon, partucalry the fact that he is in prosn. He also is really getting rired of wearing sackcloth whenpeopel persecutre him.

I highly disliked the experience of the apostasy. I highly disliked the many occasions when those with whom I have walked to God’s House side by side have left our fellowship. I have highly disliked many occasions of wearing sackcloth when attacked by so many. And I highly dislike my current environment. Although I have highly disliked the times of suffering and pain, I have loved the fruit of what has been produced from such affliction because the power of God’s spirit dwelling in me is what has transformed me into who I am today, and I would not trade any hardship for that which God has blessed me with of Himself, dwelling more fully in my being, in ever growing oneness of mind and spirit.

Ron has established a new dress code fo rhsimembers.  Will he follow suit?

I’ve commented in the past that wearing sackcloth itches. It often itches because wearing true humility doesn’t go well with the human mind, because it is uncomfortable. Now that would be a great thing to prove. Prove humility! Learn to wear it always because it is in that state that the greatest work of transforming can thrive. That is the state in which God can produce more in us as we more perfectly yield to His molding, fashioning, and creating a new life in us.

So strive to wear sackcloth always. It is truly vogue for the children of God to do so.


Joe Moeller said...


I just received a letter from one of your fellow prisoners at the Federal Prison where you are serving your sentence...

Dear Joe:

I know you have access to the internet and I would like for you to post my personal challenge to Ron Weinland online. This Ron dude keeps trying to tell the rest of us inmates, in either the shower room, TV room or weight room that he will be "busting out of this joint" at somewhere around May 19th.

We keep telling him to either "PUT UP OR SHUT UP" and to "LAY HIS MONEY DOWN".

So here is the proposition... If Ronny doesnt perform as he has bragged by May 19th, I get to have either his brownie, chocolate chip cookie, jello or pudding for the rest of his incarceration. Furthermore, Ron must pay me $5 a week to keep "Leroy" from becoming Ron's "special friend".

BTW- If any good looking chics are reading this and you would like to have a special friend to write to, I am an innocent man, falsely charged, who would love to be your pen pal. I will answer all inquiries Send to:

Otis Charles Jackson
Federal Inmate Number

Joe Moeller
Cody , WY

Joe Moeller said...


Yes , we are all indeed praying along with you too that this is the last post you ever make.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

Why are they wearing modern shoes? Hypocrites, and God despises hypocrites.

Byker Bob said...

You can get sackcloth Levis at most good Western clothing stores.
They're pretty darned comfortable, too, especially in the summer months. Back in the '60s, they were known as Levi Nouveau Flares.

So far as this being Wonnie Weinerdude's last letter, we should all be so lucky. Still, I'm thinking this whole stupid saga can't end well! Guess it's just nature's way of telling us something's wrong!


Head Usher said...

This is the most hilarious thing I've seen from Ron so far. Finally enough people are starting to call Ron on his bullshit, and all Ron can do is officially wiggle.

See the problem is, if OTOH god "revealed" to him he was a "prophet," and Ron turns around and says that if I prophesy something and it doesn't come to pass, then I was wrong, I've made a mistake, and I was never a "prophet" in the first place, AND THEN OTOH Ron's "prophecies" don't come to pass, but in the mean time it has become UNQUESTIONABLE that Ron could have ever been mistaken about his status as a bona fide "prophet," NOW Ron changes the CRITERIA saying he MUST be taken as a "prophet" until such time as god "reveals" to him that he is not a "prophet," but all manner of obviously false prophecies should be ignored as evidence of his bona fides???

This is intellectual sleight-of-hand. A magical substitution of criteria, right under your noses. It's like Clinton defending himself by dithering over the definition of the word "is."

Suddenly Ron says all that matters is how he feels and his own beliefs about his inner personal life? Suddenly that becomes the most important thing in world events? (Isn't this a confession that he believes he's suffering from a clinical case of narcissism?) Why aren't their reporters gathered at the prison asking deep probing psychological questions and for daily status updates about Ron's inner state of being? People are dying daily in Middle East skirmishes, but more important than that is how a lonely, obscure prison inmate feels? LMFOA!!!

Now that Ron is no longer able to sweep the elephant in the room under the carpet, come May 19th, we may see a lot more defections. One can only hope!

Assistant Deacon said...

No. Body. Cares.