Tuesday, April 30, 2013

More Trouble at Living Church of God


RSK said...


Anonymous said...

If only they wouldn't join another COG cult immediately after leaving the previous one, this world would be a better place.

Anonymous said...

He was one of Rod's church pastors, wasn't he?

Unknown said...

Rod Reynolds was the Area Pastor for Living Church of God congregations in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Unknown said...

Malm says that Reynolds was also pastor of the St. Louis/ Rolla area.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

Will Rod Reynolds will join another crappy splinter cult, like the UCG or PCG?

If he joins the UCG, will he bring his own righteous cows to make up for the satanic cows that recently caused almost half of UCG's members to leave for better pastures?

Or will he be his own braying ass and start another splinter cult?

If only "Hee-Haw-GarnerTed" were alive to answer these timely questions, in light of SCIENTIFIC WORLD PROPHECY!

Anonymous said...

The UCG-COGWA split didn't happen because of a few cows in Africa. The cows incident happened because of the split and disputings over whether people who went with COGWA who had been gifted cows by LifeNets still owned them once they'd left UCG. That didn't blow up until months later. Regardless, it was more COG people displaying their fubar interpretation of a fine "christian" example, as usual.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow!

Is LifeNets such a sleazy "charitable" organization that they'd demand any and all cows donated stay with only UCG members, in perpetuity?

Unknown said...

Response to Annonymous 11:36 above:

No, Lifenets is not a sleazy operation in the least. Those cows BELONG to Lifenets. There is such a thing as property rights in the world.

In the heifer program, the first born cow is donated to the community, NON- COG people. This produces goodwill and a spirit of community service.

For the COGWA people to think that they could abscond with the cows simply because they had access to them was a ridiculous idea. The cows were not owned by the UCG. Lifenets is a completely separate 501c-3 and has donors that are not even necessarily associated with the UCG.

The UCG has a different charity associated with it called "Good Works". The cows in question WERE NOT connected with "Good Works" in any way shape or form.

As a long time contributor to LifeNets , I am glad that the rights and property of the cows was preserved by Lifenets. Lifenets has a corporate governing board, and Vic Kubik , although on the board is not even the chairman. That title is worn by Tom Peine.

When you leave an organization, you leave, and in exchange for that you do lose certain rights and domain. You dont get to have a rummage party looking to take whatever the heck you want like some kind of inner city riot. Lifenets property is Lifenets property, and the COGWA people in Africa had no business taking those cows, even though they had immediate access to them.

Legally speaking, even the outside authorities have backed Lifenets, and these are neutral third parties.

Anonymous, are you "so sleazy" that if your neighbor came over to your house and took off with your car that you wouldn't call the cops? Where is your charity anonymous?

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe, I'm a little confused.

Did Lifenets actually donate the cows, or just lease the cows? Or allow them to just use their cows without really donating them to the community?

Just Because you said that Lifenets donated the cows to the community, but later said that the cows were still preserved by Lifenets. Did lifenets actually donate the cows, or just allow the community to use them?

Thanks for clarifying in advance

Anonymous said...

Why are we off on a tangent about cows? I'd like to understand more about why this man left LCG. Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

I think Rod Reynolds left because he and Adrian Gray agreed to trade places.

Unknown said...

In response to HEAD USHER:

I hope this clarifies your thoughts--

LIFENETS is NOT a UCG organization. It has supporters and a board that are SEPARATE from the UCG.

UCG has its own charitable works organization called "Good Works". The cows are not associated with Good Works , but rather a NON UCG organization called Lifenets.

The cows came from, and were under control of LIFENETS. Leaving the UCG does not mean you get to take Lifenets property.

Let me illustrate it in a different way. Lets say that the Salvation Army has a shelter in Mexico City. It is being used by their members. Then one day, about half the Salvation Army people decide to become Mormon. Do those Mormons now have the right to take the Salvation Army's shelter for their own use? Of course not.

The chairman for Lifenets is Tom Peine. Vic Kubik is a board member. Vic Kubik is not the dictator of LIfenets, although he certainly does play an important public role for it.

Hope this clarifies things. I speak as one who has donated towards those cows, and it is a topic that is near and dear to me occupationally as well.

Peace and Luv,

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

Joe claims, "LIFENETS is NOT a UCG organization."

I disagree, Joe.
Perhaps they technically are not, but for practical purposes, they are.

This situation is not unique. There are other "charitable" organizations set up by other cults.
Those cults, like UCG/LifeNets has, have incestual relationships between the cult/"charity" that are very revealing.

Here are some facts about these cult/"charity" relationships-

* The members of the cults are encouraged to donate to the "charity" hawked by the cult.

* Top people involved with both the cult and "charity" overlap (i.e., Vic K and others in the case of UCG/LifeNets)

* The cult's members go to lengths to tell others that the cult and the "charity" are unrelated.(As Joe Moeller has done here, repeatedly.)

* The cult's members go to lengths to tell those outside the cult that the "charity" is wonderful and worth contributing to. (As Joe Moeller has done here, repeatedly.)

* The cult's members and causes are often the VERY recipients of the cult's charity's "charitable efforts" (As the incestual relationship between the UCG cult, and Lifenets' "gift"-giving shows)

Anonymous said...

And let's not forget that the charity is staffed entirely by people who are also members of the cult. In this case, the most visible example being Tom Peine, a member of Kubik's UCG congregation in Indiana for the last 15 years. Bringing up UCG's "Good Works" program is an irrelevant smokescreen.

I have no particular problem with LifeNets per se, as it was originally conceived. I think that Kubik founded LifeNets for laudable reasons: he's Ukranian, and he wanted to help his fellow countrymen who are not so well off in the Ukraine. Also, Kubik is very talented at raising funds for charitable purposes, schmoozing the power brokers, and organizing teams of people to get things done. That being said, there shouldn't be any reason to lie or play games when it comes to LifeNets. But let's face it, Tom Peine is just a figurehead. He's just another helper. He's a retired engineer. He doesn't have any of the skills that Kubik has. All Peine is going to be able to do is be a caretaker, and take care of businessy, officey kind of stuff. The installation of the fictional "president" Peine actually makes me wonder if LifeNets is not now being used for some monkeybusiness, such as the way Ron Weinland used his church's nonprofit status as an illegal tax shelter. Peine's pretend title makes it obvious that some game is being played, whether that be a political game or a financial one. Make no mistake, LifeNets is Kubik's baby, and ultimately he's the one with absolute and total control over it.

Legally, LifeNets and UCG are totally separate, and the leadership of UCG (excluding Kubik, of course) have no role in LifeNets. But Kubik operates in an exclusively UCG sphere (as do most members of ACOGs). So LifeNets will always be staffed exclusively by UCG people, it will benefit designated people in the Ukraine, in Malawi, etc. who may or may not have any religious affiliation, and it will help UCG members in less prosperous countries. But let's understand, it will NEVER EVER benefit anyone connected with any other ACOG, and it will NEVER EVER be staffed by anyone who attends any other ACOG (especially not COGWA!!!) Regardless of who the cows legally belonged to, the divorce between UCG and COGWA was so bitter that it's pretty plausible to me that for Kubik, money might be no object in making sure that NOBODY who had benefited from LifeNets as a UCG member would be able to waltz on over to COGWA with that benefit REGARDLESS of the terms with which it was originally given. For Kubik, on a purely emotional level, it would just be no way and no how, not in his universe is any COGWA member ever going to be given any quarter by LifeNets, retroactively! The cows incident is evidence of how the UCG-COGWA split extended right down through LifeNets to it's past-tense beneficiaries, proving just how incestuous UCG and LifeNets are, and how separate they are NOT. Technically, LifeNets might be "separate" from UCG, but only in the same way that Herbert and Dorothy were "separate".

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