Monday, April 29, 2013

Ron Weinland: Did His Mother and Sister Leave His Pathetic Cult?

Mike is reporting on the Don't Drink the Flavor Aid: False Prophet Ron Weinland blog that he received the following comment to one of his postings:  Ron’s House of Cards

The following was left in a comment on the previous post.
It is with deep regret that I have to inform everyone that Ramona Weinland, Scott and Kris Cameron have chosen to leave the Church of God – PKG and have thereby chosen to leave the fellowship of God’s people.  They are disfellowshipped from God’s Church.
Beth Bucheit
Sr. Elder the COG-PKG
I don’t have verification but it seems authentic.  If true, it calls Steve Dalrymple’s position in PKG into question, as he has been the Cincinnati senior elder for some time and before that one of Ron’s flunkies so if a recently promoted female senior elder is doing this …..

So the list of possible but not necessarily confirmed defectors includes:
  • Ramona Weinland, Ron’s own mother
  • Kris Cameron, Ron’s sister
  • Scott Cameron, Ron’s brother in law
  • Ralph Dowd, long time member
  • April Combs, long time member
  • Hope Henson, long time member
  • Donna Kautz, long time member
  • Chris Little, Ron’s son-in-law (though the legality of his marriage to Audra is in doubt considering how Ron handled their marriage certificate)
These are all long time PKG members, and include Ron’s family and senior elders in PKG.  I hope this list is true, and will soon expand to include more from PKG.

It always fascinated me on how many family members follow their "daddy" cult leaders just because they are family.  The only ones who had any brains to buck that trend were Herbert Armstrong's daughters and Dave Pack's sons.  After years of suffering abuse at the hand of their father, both families left.

I realize familial ties are great, even more so in Armstrongism.  The problem lies in the fact that family members have seen and witnessed the inner workings of their dad/relative leaders.  They know the garbage that these frauds pass off as "god inspired."  They have seen the lies, the manipulation, the power issues, the mental health issues, and suffered at the hands of their dad/relatives - sometimes mentally, physically and spiritually; yet they still give loyal support.

I hope it is true that Ron’s mother and sister have left.  This will certainly give more people the courage to walk away from the rotten filth that Ron spouts as “god inspired.”


Anonymous said...

I thought Dave Pack's "rebel" son found his way back and is now an elder in Dad's cult. Can anyone confirm this?

Anonymous said...

If true...

Ron disfellowshipped his mommy! does that work??? Can you disfellowship someone after they've already quit???

I guess he's taking a page from the "Herbie-era" WCG, when my parents were disfellowshipped and marked from the pulpit after they'd already quit. Apparently, those in "positions of power" wanted to make sure no one (including their very closet friends) in the church would ever talk to my parents again, even though in their letter explaining why they were leaving, my parents made it clear they hadn't left to join another church, nor would they try to get anyone else to quit the WCG.

That's "shades of UCG", ... I know of two couples who left the UCG, and their longtime friends from there never spoke with them again....In fact, the UCG member "former friends" were even "loving" enough to send nasty notes saying how these people had 'left the truth' and that they'd have no more contact with them, ever, unless they repented and returned to the UCG cult.

And I have another friend, who was a single lady at the time, when she went to a "Holy Day" at a hotel in New York City. She was still in the WCG at the time.
As it happened, there was also a UCG Holy Day thingy in ANOTHER room of the same hotel!
Coming out of the bathroom, she saw people she'd known for many years, and walked into the room they were congregating in the doorway of.
After she tried talking to them and they wouldn't answer her (and after she saw a bunch of people whispering to each other and looking at her), she finally realized she was in the wrong room!

Those are some of the WCG's and UCG's examples of their "Christian love"!

Anonymous said...

This has to be a humilating blow to Weinland. When your own mother and sister leave the one true church it leaves a huge impact upon the other members. If a mother cannot trust her own son then why should they.

This calls into question every thing Weinland has spoken since he turned himself over to his personal demons.

His credibility is gone. He is in prison and his own family are deserting him.

Anonymous said...

"He is in prison and his own family are deserting him."

Are there any family members left to bring him a cake with a file in it?

("AUDREY: Bring Daddy a Carvel 'Fudgie the Whale' cake with a file in it, STAT! Things are getting all thundery! Love, the silent mommy-witness.")