Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dave Pack Talks About Meredith, Weinland, Flurry: "None should follow such men to the kitchen, never mind the kingdom!"

Dave Pack writes in his latest Friday blog posting about the coming reunification of ALL 700 some splinter groups of Armstrongism.  These groups are all scheduled to fall apart later this year, in addition to three splinter group leaders dying as Pack has prophesied.  When these three leaders die, all of their members will unanimously jump ship to Dave's fledgling group with all of their money.

Dave writes:

As mentioned in last Friday’s announcement, many of God’s people are becoming excited about the prospect of coming back together. For decades, brethren have lamented that they are divided into competing groups. Most have probably asked at some point, “Is this scattering God’s will? Why would God allow us to be attending in so many organizations?” .....The feeling of nostalgia for the “old days” remains strong among most of God’s people. They want things “the way they used to be.”
Why in the hell would anyone want to go backwards to the "good old glory days?"  Why be abused all over again?  That mentality does not work in the 21st century.  It will never attract new younger members let alone draw in older ones.

Dave goes on trying to prove his point about reunification:

"...what has not been known until now is that God also recorded that an end-time regathering of His people into one organization would occur. But what has not been known until now is that God also recorded that an end-time regathering of His people into one organization would occur."

No Dave, the blithering idiots of Armstrongism never could understand this unique prophecy until YOU came along and God spoon fed it to you.  We know the drill. YOU are the most IMPORTANT man to ever be born on this earth who now leaders the world's most important church.  You are The Man!

Dave next writes:

Most in the world who write about the Bible do not realize that this Book interprets itself. Mr. Armstrong certainly understood this, and this is why God could reveal through him the true meaning of prophecy that he could make so plain to readers and brethren.

Um, flash....any man or woman attending ANY seminary or theological school understand that scripture usually interprets itself.  That has been standard knowledge for thousands of years and is not something that HWA suddenly had revealed to him.

If HWA really had the "truth" revealed to him about prophecy they why have over 200 some documented prophecies he uttered FAILED?  Why has every prophecy by Hoeh, McNair, Blackwell, and Meredith made over the decades failed?  Not one single one has ever come true!  That pattern will not change with you either.  700 some splinter groups of the Church of God now exist because of the epic failures of COG leaders.  When one leader fails a "smarter" man comes along and says he has better knowledge and the sheeple go with him till he fails. They cycle goes on and on.

Of course Dave has the perfect answer to this delima.  All COG ministers and leaders are ignorant, he claims.

While prophecy can be made easy to understand, most ministers in the Worldwide Church of God never took the time to truly master the established correct sequence of end-­time events in order to make it easy and interesting to their pastorates. These men were ignorant (and some woefully so) of even the basics, and were generally left to almost completely avoid teaching a full third of the Bible—the correct understanding and flow of prophecy. Tragically, this is not only true of most ministers and brethren today, it has grown worse because so many in the splinters have ingested false understanding. This would not have happened if they could have weighed it against truth they had proven.

Because these men are all such ignorant fools God had to sent a better man to get the truth out there. That man obviously has to be Dave.

Dave next takes a swipe at three of the biggest Church of God ignorant fools.  at least he got this much right....

If brethren had better understood prophecy—had through the years been hearing the clarity of its many crucial truths for our time—they would not be following raging false prophets like Gerald Flurry or outright fiction writers like Ron Weinland, who mangles EVERYTHING about prophecy! Recent, newer self-appointed “prophets”—those far out on the lunatic fringe of the so-called “COGs”—have done their part to confuse the smaller numbers within their reach.

That, "newer self-appointed “prophets”" is none other than our favorite prophet, Bob Thiel.  First I pick on the poor guy, then Meredith and Winnail do and now Dave does.  Poor guy!

Then Dave takes another veiled swipe at Thiel and the rest of the loser pussy-boy splinter leaders.

False prophets come with many faces. Most in the world specialize in confusing, incomplete, deceitful theories of how the future will play out. The nonsense of these conflicting scenarios is without end. All bring their own interpretations—none correct. False prophets also come in all sizes, both in the world and among God’s people. Think of the splinters. Large—Gerald Flurry. Medium—Ron Weinland. Small—not worth naming. None should follow such men to the kitchen, never mind the kingdom! Yet thousands do. Sadly, almost like Muslim extremists, many followers of such “prophets” over time become permanently “radicalized.” (Thankfully, some false prophets will be exposed sooner than others. Christ will NOT return in 16 days, as Weinland declares. Hundreds with him and thousands who read his material will soon know they were deceived by no more than a common criminal!)

Obviously Dave's face is not part of the series of COG false prophets.  Thiel's group is so small and insignificant that Dave can't even be bothered to mention it!  Too funny!  At least Dave is correct about Weinerdude Weinland.  Jesus is not returning on May 19th.  Weinerdude is nothing more than a common criminal.

Dave is not about to let all the ministers and splinter group leaders get all his flack, you dumb ignorant members are to blame too!  If you were not such ignorant blithering idiots then you would have had the sense to not follow these losers. Instead you would have come to Dave's group where glory reigns and knowledge abounds.  Dumb members, its all your fault!

It is a testimony to many brethren’s woeful ignorance of God’s “sure word of prophecy” that anyone—ANYONE!—would believe such unbiblical butchery as these men spew. The folly of their teachings, combined with their botched predictions, causes most to view their efforts as laughable—a bad joke. But others are swept up in them. What is not a joke is that the truth of prophecy becomes very difficult to recapture for their disillusioned followers, but also for others who are turned off by it all. This is the real danger of false prophets. They blur and undermine the truth of Bible prophecy. Over time, they cause people to forget what is the truth—when they may once have known it well.
Dave now wants all COG members to know that God is directly channeling through him all of this magnificent knowledge.  Be astounded.  Be amazed.  Come home to Dave.  He IS the man!

I have taught prophecy ­extensively—­and ­correctly!—the truth of established understanding—­for over 40 years, probably much, much more than ANY other pastor during this same period. I wanted people to know what lies ahead. So I taught very thorough ­class-­like workshops in every one of my Worldwide Church of God pastorates, covering all the basics and more, verse-by-verse through Daniel and Revelation, with a great many passages included from other ­books. (Here is but a partial list of what I have covered in sermons.)

But grasp this. I am a neither a prophet nor have I any self-prescribed “authority” to bring prophecies. What will be shown over the next weeks is entirely GOD’S prophecy—from HIS WORD—explained and conveyed through the only office He ever uses to bring biblical truth to His Church (Acts 2:42; Eph. 2:20). The Bible warns that “no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation” (II Pet. 1:20). But God does work through His chosen servants. In fact, He never reveals His Plan through anyone else. Therefore, finding the one He leads becomes crucial.

Dave then blathers on about Haggai and Zechariah. till he gets to this.  Like Weinerdude Weinland, Dave is referring to something significant to take place later this fall.  Is this when he expects the three splinter group leaders to die?

One more date-related point. Haggai and Zechariah are recorded with a series of dates attached to their message. This is unique and different from the writings of all other Old Testament prophets. Like Ezra and Nehemiah, Haggai is also centered around the sixth and seventh months of the sacred year, except that it also involves God saying things through Haggai in the ninth month (Keslev) in the Hebrew year. These months are crucial to recognize and understand because the very name “Haggai” means “My (God’s) Feast, pilgrim Feast or festival gathering.”

Dave then talks about HWA and his series of sermons on Haggai and Zechariah an dhow HWA understood he was Zerubbabel.  Then Dave, by slight of hand, reveals that he is Joshua.

An aside before continuing: Mr. Armstrong in time came to realize that he would die, and without knowing Joshua’s identity. It is not the immediate purpose here to identify Joshua. That will come later. But it is important to realize that Mr. Armstrong knew he was Zerubbabel and that Joshua would follow Zerubbabel and be revealed in his time. As with learning that he was Zerubbabel, and then teaching this to the Church, Mr. Armstrong obviously realized that Joshua would similarly learn his own identity and also similarly teach it to the Church. Of course, merely because of the apostasy, this would not happen in any way that Mr. Armstrong could have imagined. Mr. Armstrong’s last sentence will be touched on later.
After a long series of quotes from HWA and with Dave's  interpretations he gets to this:

Finally, a grave caution. Understand that your leaders will almost certainly race to defeat proper understanding of this prophecy. Some will claim that Mr. Armstrong taught something different about it. But you have seen his quotes. He understood that he was a type of Zerubbabel and left open who fulfilled the role of Joshua. You will learn why. The book of Haggai cannot be discussing the long-ago temple that the ancient Zerubbabel built 2,500 years ago. It is a PROPHECY for US TODAY! Will you let deceitful liars, seeking to hold on to power in their “houses,” defeat your understanding before the prophecy can be explained in all its glorious detail? Or will you REJECT their efforts? Ultimately, it makes no difference whether they believe this prophecy—or even whether you believe it. It will be fulfilled—and SOON.

So all the splinter group leaders are supposed to get pissed at Dave and start preaching against him now?  These pussy-boys are deceitful liars seeking to hold on to their own empires and are not about to let their members take their money and jump ship to Dave.

Dave then close with a hint that the most magnificent news is yet to come from him. Something big and powerful is about to be announced.  It has taken him a LOT of sermons to understand this and to get his point across, yet you ignorant unwashed masses out there are too dumb to understand him.  It's your fault you are in the splinter cults you are in!
This announcement has laid crucial foundation for all that will follow. There is much more to understand. Incredible detail is involved. God explains His Purpose from every possible angle. It took me many sermons—MANY hours!!!—to cover all that is involved. Thousands have heard and understand much more than you are reading. This series of articles is but an overview. Haggai 1:12 declares that “the remnant” not only “obeyed the voice of the Lord their God,” but also “the words of Haggai the prophet.” One must know Haggai’s words to obey them. The time for obedience is NOW for those who learn the truth of this prophecy. Sadly, most of God’s people are not even reading Haggai, never mind understanding or obeying it. This had better change fast.


Anonymous said...

Dave Pack is losing his mind. He is a fools fool and makes it all up as he goes to reach his deceptive ends.

Anyone who believes this blowhard knows whereof he speaks is also a fool and deserves what they get from following him.

Anonymous said...

"a full one third of the bible is prophecy"

This is bullshit. A full one third of the Bible is Midrash. If you don't know what Midrash is or how it was used to tell the story of Jesus and the New Testament, you will make some grievous mistakes in following Dave Pack who also has no clue what Midrash is.

If you believe and follow this butthead who has no real theological insite or education, you deserve your fate, both financially and spiritually

Douglas Becker said...

But, but, but!

Joshua to follow Zerubbabel?

Isn't Joshua ~ Yashua, which is Jesus -- the savior to come?

So then, if that were true, then Dave Pack is the antichrist.

Anonymous said...

Dave is making this all up to draw people to himself to enlarge and engrandize his church and himself. I know this man personally. He is a liar and manipulator who will find anything in the Bible to make himself look like some savior minister to the splinters. If you believe his line you are being naive and foolish.

Dave will spend hours wearing his congregants down with proof texting that always points to him and his views of himself. Wake up people. You are being used and abused.

Anonymous said...

He is losing touch with reality

Anonymous said...

Dave said: " It is not the immediate purpose here to identify Joshua. That will come later."

Well who the hell do you think Dave is going to announce as this Joshua? It is Dave. Skip church and realize it is Dave. David Joshua Pack the deluded idiot.

There is not Bible idiot quit as stupid in his understanding of himself as Dave. When a man sees himself spoken of in the Bible it is time for medication or a counselor. Those of you who fall for this reasoning and insane interpretation of himself deserve what you get.

I think I am Haggai spoken of in the scripture. No wait, Amos!. No....I kinda like Obediah or maybe I am Micah the man of Jesus.

What a fool

Anonymous said...

"But it is important to realize that Mr. Armstrong knew he was Zerubbabel."

Ridiculous. He wasn't "Elijah" or "Zerubbabel" or anyone else except for a narcissistic advertising executive from Des Moines. And Dave Pack isn't "Elisha" or "Joshua" or anyone else. He's just Dave Pack.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he is a fool, as was I for a short while when I almost joined his cult a couple of years ago. I thank God for opening my eyes when my prayers were answered.

Anonymous said...

Dave might as well start working on his closing lines, he's obviously going to need them:

"Hurry, hurry, my children, hurry! All right, let us not fall into in the hands of the enemy. Hurry my children! Die with respect, die with a degree of dignity. It’s nothing to death, it’s just stepping over into another plane. Don’t, don’t be this way! Quickly! Quickly! Quickly! Quickly! Quickly! Where is the vat? The vat, the vat...Bring it here, so the adults can begin."

Anonymous said...

Dave's newly built Temple to his Lord, now makes him a top candidate for the three COG leaders that are prophesied to expire in one month.

His wish is to play the hero Joshua, while naively thinking he can avoid paying the piper.

A powerful someone has taken a keen interest in Dave's building project, and has given their blessing to his restoration.

Anonymous said...

Dave Pack wrote: "...Some will claim that Mr. Armstrong taught something different about it. But you have seen his quotes. He understood that he was a type of Zerubbabel and left open who fulfilled the role of Joshua. You will learn why..."

Mr. Armstrong may have believed that, but his hands aren't going to finish anything.

Zech 4:9 says: "The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house; his hands shall also finish it..."

Why not just say that Zerubbabel and Joshua were to represent Christ and Peter, respectively, about 500 years later and let it go at that?

I won't wait holding my breath to hear who Dave Pack identifies as who represents Zerubbabel and Joshua, but it could prove to be interesting...if not absolutely stupid. Time will tell...


Anonymous said...

HWA is a false apostle. So all those leaders of his remnant churches are nothing more than false ministers. Wake up dudes. We were all taken for a ride . . . to a physical hell (with all those Old Testament prohibitions and three tithes) that will never lead to God's Kingdom. Don't put your salvation and trust on any man. These are all wolves in sheep's clothing. Don't be taken in by their smooth talk as they take advantage of people's inner and sincere desire to please and obey God.

Anonymous said...

Agree 100%

Anonymous said...

the scarey thing is....somebody will believe him, far too many "sombodies" will believe him.

this type of confusion will continue until Jesus gets back.

Anonymous said...

Dave condemns Weinland for being a criminal. The only reason Dave is not in jail himself is because his kind of scam is legalized, under the name of religion, and he was more careful than Ron. He's like a banker who runs a government approve scam to literally create/multiply money out of thin air and then loan it out at a profit (interest). If anybody else did it they would be in jail, but the banks can do it legally and profit from it because they are controlled by the same rich media barons and Zios that own the politicians.

Anonymous said...

Either Dave is going nuts or he knows his prophecy will fail, which means he must be planning to soon flee and go into hiding with all the cash he controls any extra he expects to rake in with these big predictions.

Byker Bob said...

Dave's building a huge bubble, at least in his own mind. To most of us, the bubble is like an inconsequential minor pimple, but I shudder to think of his mental condition when it ends up inevitably bursting. Humpty Dumpty will not be put back together.


Anonymous said...

John at 6:27 quotes Zech 4:9 about finishing the temple. Then it was said in old WCG days that he did not. Dennis, do you remember this? I think it was GW who spouted that and that if Zech had not finished it, then HWA was the Zecharias who would. Well, if you read either Ezra or Nehemiah, I am too lazy to find the reference, you will notice that it mentions indeed that Zechariah did finish the temple.

Anonymous said...

"Dave Pack writes in his latest Friday blog posting about the coming reunification of ALL 700 some splinter groups of Armstrongism. These groups are all scheduled to fall apart later this year, in addition to three splinter group leaders dying as Pack has prophesied."

Dave Pack: "Fly, my piggies, fly!"

DennisCDiehl said...

Believing that one can find themselves spoken of in the Bible or that the Minor Prophets were meant to have any relevance 2500 years after they were addressing problems of their day (all prophets do), is insane and the biggest COG mistake. It stems from a total lack of theological education and background.

Mere Bible reader stuff

Anonymous said...

"Brethren, think carefully about WHERE you send tithes and offerings. Remember that tithes (and offerings) BELONG TO GOD. You will want to ponder long and hard whether you want to send what is GOD’S to be poured down the drain toward NO GOOD END! Banking tithes because you are unsure of where they belong is not stealing them. Giving them to God’s enemies IS! You once understood this during a period of uncertainty in the Worldwide Church of God. Ask: Why would now be different?"

"Assume for a moment that what I am announcing is true—and it IS TRUE! So obviously, for God’s people to be together, ALL organizations but ONE must “go away,” meaning everyone must leave them to enter that ONE organization—the ONE Church that Christ built." From his news letters on 4/26/13

God have mercy on his followers.

Anonymous said...

"For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise."
2 Cr 10:12

2 Pe 2:1 But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

2 Pe 2:2 And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.

2 Pe 2:3 And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

Prideful Attitude...focusing on the failures of others.

Byker Bob said...

There you have it directly from David Pack himself. It's actually a sin to send your tithes and offerings to him, or RCG. No way are they doing God's work! His fruits are totally selfish, and also anti-Christian.


Anonymous said...

I came in contact with one of DCP's followers and he is so off on scripture. He stated to me that UCG had a perverted gospel and was never able to be honest about exactly was this perversion was. This is brainwashing of DCP's sermons and they are the ones leaving out Christ our Savior. He tells me I rejected the truth, because I rejected RCG/DCP. He is revering a man, instead of the Son and Father. I hope the Father brings all the curses DCP is wishing on others, so that all his followers wake up...for their own good.