Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ron Weinland: The Church Is Blessed To Hear From Me Again

Last week the imprisoned felon, Ron Weinland made a comment that he thought his posting last week would be his last ever.  Jesus Christ was coming and things were going to get nasty with persecution and poor Ron might not be able to write anymore.

Alas, the felon has found the wherewithal to write a letter again to his dwindling flock.

In the last post, I said I did not know if it might be my last in this age, but here is another one   another blessing we can receive from God as we willingly participate in God’s creation into Elohim through the continuing process of the transforming of our mind. Much of that transforming process is delivered in large part through sermons, posts, and other communicated information that God gives to us. The end result of such transformation is truly glorious, awesome, and far beyond our ability to fully comprehend, but what we do see is so incredibly exciting and inspiring.

Ron made the claim that the 2, 3,4th Trumpets of Revelation would have sounded by now and that Jesus Christ would return on May 19th.  So far has has been proven a liar.  Nothing has happened and no trumpets have blown.

Now Weinerdude is back peddling as he claims he has reached a new plane of spiritual understanding.

The reason I mention all this is because we are two weeks from Pentecost 2013 and no physical consequences of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Trumpets have yet been made manifest. To the normal human mind this can carry great weight and concern, especially if we consider May 27th of last year; but we are to put it into a proper perspective of what God is doing, along with the knowledge that God is in full control. So with that perspective and no burden of weight to carry, today I still wait and I look for those things to become manifested from those Trumpets before Christ’s coming. It is with this that I must pause and explain what I have been blessed to see over the past few weeks that has given me greater peace and a growing excitement on a spiritual plane that is beyond anything (in maturity) I have experienced in the past. Just as a few have written and stated the inspiration they have received recently as they have recalled Herbert W. Armstrong stating, “When it is all said and done, we win.” He explained how he had good news because he had read the book (the Bible) to the end and it says (paraphrasing the Bible) “we win.” It is within this context that I am going to explain the excitement and inspiration I have in terms relating to where we now are in time.

Because Ron has been such an epic failure in all of his predictions he has to create a new category of end time witness not even mentioned in the Bible:

As we focus on what we have gone through during this time of witness and then this additional prophetic Day of the Eternal, there are patterns and truth (reality) we can draw upon to see and learn much more, for we have been living what God has given to His Church. Before this period of time of the final witness even began for God’s Church, God began drawing larger numbers into it to become part of His work and witness in this final time of the Day of the Eternal, as well as being part of the witness (living it) of those first 3 1/2 years. Over this period of time, God was going to do something new (a special witness) and mold (build and fashion) something new that has not existed in the same manner or to the same degree as in the past. Look at our recent history.

Although we have not fully understood it, it was given to us from God that we had come to the end of Laodicea once we had come to the time that the 3 1/2 years of final witness were to be fulfilled. God revealed that we had entered a different time for God’s Church, not one identified as one of the seven eras, but one that would be part of God’s final witness. It really is so awesome when you see it! What did God do?

How in credibly dumb can these members get to continue to sit there week after week listening to all of these excuses?  Weinland's members are proof positive that some COG members are blithering idiots and fools.  they will swallow anything and everything unconditionally without questions.  These morons deserve what is going to happen to them!

Like any good COG leader, Weinland claims his little group started out small and then grew tremendously to huge numbers and influence.  That is just about as stupid as the claim Dave Pack makes.

The remnant out of Laodicea   those brought to repentance from that era   remained small and of similar size for years, even as there were continuously those who would leave and others who would come. Then something changed. God began to stir up interest in a book entitled, 2008-God’s Final Witness, and through that process God began to draw larger numbers to live into that time of 3 1/2 years of witness and still more were called once it had begun. We grew so fast that in our current state of organization (at that time) we were overwhelmed and began to address needed changes that led to a much stronger means of caring for God’s Church, including those who were being called to participate in a powerful witness about this age of mankind.

God enabled us, as a very small group, to be able to send out approximately 750,000 books into almost every country of the world, with another 1,500,000 books downloaded from our website, which have all been translated from English into six other languages. We cannot know the number of people who have read these books, but it was all about God’s witness and a matter of His work. God could have chosen a much smaller number to be sufficient for that portion of His witness (testimony), but this is what He did. It is God’s work.

Then Ron's god, ever the joker it is, pulled the rug out from under Ron and numbers began to drop.  Ron's god decided he did not need to call anyone anymore.  Screw humanity they aren't worth saving!

Just before we entered the time of the final 3 1/2 years of witness, and then increasing even more toward the beginning of that period of time, there is a pattern that reveals God had strong purpose for increasing our numbers in a manner of giving incredible growth in size, and then just as abruptly God decreased that pace dramatically by calling fewer and fewer the closer we came to the end of this 3 1/2 year period. There are awesome things to be gleaned from all of this, but the primary one is to recognize and remember that only God the Father does the calling, and it is evidence of that which establishes a pattern from which we can learn much as is being covered in some of this post.
 Never before in human history has a work such as Weinerdude's been as powerful with COG members as spiritually mature.

What is being said here? There has never been a time in history where people have been given so much spiritual insight as they are now, nor over such an incredibly short space of time. Not only are the tools available to quickly and easily dispense such a large amount of knowledge from God, but never before has so much spiritual knowledge (truth) been available to God’s people. God’s plan being carried out through progressive revelation has been to bring the Church to this time and prepare us for the most incredible time of all   the time for the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth and a new age for mankind in the Millennium.
 Of course that big bad boy Satan has to enter the picture and cause Weinerdude problems.

As it was with the apostasy, Satan believed he would destroy us, especially over this period during the past five months, when he and his demonic army were allowed to have power to wreck havoc, pain, and torment upon God’s people. Why would our Father who loves us so very much allow, and not just allow, but open the door for Satan, giving His permission to do this to His own people? To understand this is to become even stronger in faith and gratitude for living at this time to witness (to live) this to God’s great purpose. As for Satan, as always, he does not get it. He does not understand the power of spiritual faith that God can mold and fashion in the mind of those with whom he is transforming.
There has never been a group of COG members who have been so intensely persecuted, mocked and ridiculed as his people have, particularly by other COG members.

How much more could be stacked against a people so that they could so easily be scorned, ridiculed, and mocked by the world, so easily scorned by God’s Church that was scattered after the apostasy, and so easily scorned by Satan himself?

He then continues on attempting to justifying he and Laura's position as the first husband/wife Witless Witnesses.  Most COG members think it was to be two men doing the final witness, but NO!!!!!!  It';s a husband and wife! A raving lunatic and a money thieving wife!

Even before we entered the time of our “witness,” it was openly declared who the two end-time witnesses were. This revelation alone painted a giant target on ourselves because this sounds so outrageous and preposterous to others. Yet that was minor compared to the fact that one was a woman, and then secondly, that they were husband and wife. In the eyes of others, how “far out” does that sound? Then before it had actually begun, God revealed the truth that Jesus Christ would be returning on Pentecost instead of on the Feast of Trumpets as we had believed, and it was then announced that all our timing was now pushed forward by about eight months. God could have revealed this well before, but for the very purpose of what He was working out concerning His Church, He revealed it later.

So how could god's great Witless Witness then be sitting in prison? Ron explains how:

We could list many other things that are seemingly preposterous to others about what we believe (as with women ordinations), what we have taught and followed, but you should get the point of all this by now. Yet there is one more thing that needs to be added. The “topping on the cake” or the crescendo to all of this is that the one leading this group is in prison, having been convicted of purposely evading the payment of taxes to his government, which is so very untrue, and those items picked out to prove the case were twisted, untrue, and conjured up to paint a picture that was also false. This has happened throughout time to God’s servants and even to His own Son. So yes, we have been made an easy target for the Church that was scattered, for this world, and for Satan himself. But that is exactly what God has purposed in order to reveal the Seventh Thunder in a manner that will, in God’s time, shake this earth!

Ron's god loves his Church members so much that he deliberately has sic'd Satan on them.  For a god that loves them "so dearly..." is sure is a twisted god!  What does it do when it is really pissed?

Considering what has taken place over these past five months with Satan attacking God’s own Church, and that God gave him free reign to do this to the people He loves so dearly, reminds me of God’s conversation with Satan when He said to him, “Have you considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one who fears God, and eschews evil?” (Job 1:8). God then allowed Satan to move against Job in a very devastating manner.
 Ron blubbers on with a lot more paragraphs of silliness and then gets to his conclusion.  Brethren, be prepared that god might just delay things happening and Jesus Christ might not return on the 19th.  Well duh! We all know he's not, why cant you figure that out?

Today, as I continue to write this post, it is now two weeks to Pentecost. In the back of my mind I have had concern about how well God’s Church would do if there is more that will be revealed to us (more to learn and have molded in us) if Christ does not return on this Pentecost. Today, I am not concerned, but I am bolder, more confident than ever, and filled with the strongest faith yet concerning God’s perfect creation that He is working in His Church. We live by “what is” and we do not panic and we do not fear the “what if’s.” We know we are on the road to Pentecost and that Christ will return on Pentecost   “a” Pentecost   whatever Pentecost God so determines. My hope is that it is still this Pentecost of 2013, but I also know we could be given more from God   much more   that we do not yet have.

Yes brethren, Jesus Christ might not return on the 19th but don't worry, god is going to allow Satan to refine you even more! Fun times are ahead!

What I see today in God’s Church truly moves me and excites me so much so that whether Christ comes now or later, God’s people have awesome times before them. God has not only strengthened His Church with powerful faith, but He has refined it by making the gold more pure by removing the dross   both done in the same refining fire!
Brethren, it is easy for the natural carnal spirit that seeks self justification to find fault with prophecy and those things written in 2008   God’s Final Witness. All prophecy is written in such a way that it lends itself to being picked apart with human reasoning, but it is from God and it is based first upon that which is spiritual and only God can reveal what it means, just as with all truths that God must reveal to the human mind by the power of His spirit. All prophecy will come to pass in exactly the way God purposes to fulfill it, and it will come to pass in His time. We learn from that process as we do in the revelation of all truth. We have lived the 3 1/2 years of witness God gave for His two witnesses to establish in that final witness. Is our job over (of the two witnesses)? Not yet. How long will it go? My hope and present belief is it will continue up to May 19th, as far as living in this physical life, but on that day our work will certainly continue on in greater purpose and power, regardless of being human or spirit.
The world can easily move into WWIII before May 19th, requiring God’s intervention to prevent mankind from self-destruction. I still watch (physically and spiritually) and wait upon God to fulfill His word and His promise of Christ’s coming. For the sake of this world that is held captive and is in bondage to Satan’s ways, I hope and pray Christ returns this Pentecost of 2013. If it is not, we will go forward and God will reveal far more to us about the greater purpose He has as to what we are to live.


Anonymous said...

Ron seems to be coming to grips with his reality now by inches. Giving out 2,250,000 copies of misinformation and bad Bible study seems like no major feat but whatever cells...sells.

He was a difficult man to have as your pastor from WCG days and into the recent past. As was and is Dave Pack.

"The Apostacy" really ruined Ron's mind and he refers to it often. I am sure it sent him over the edge with more to come perhaps. He seems unwilling to own his current situation and when it's all said and done, I can't imagine what his quiet time moments with himself must be like. Maybe he doesn't have any.

Anonymous said...

Ron says, "The “topping on the cake” or the crescendo to all of this is that the one leading this group is in prison"

"the one" means Ron has still not connected himself to the jail experience. Only when he can say "I" can the man begin to heal his life in the time he has left. He is in massive denial.

Assistant Deacon said...

"...but here is another one -- another blessing we can receive from God..."

Somebody, please make him stop. My sides hurt.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone can already see the writing on the wall. We'll probably be blessed with 2 or 3 more prison epistles in the next 10 days, as Ron prepares his little flock to disappointed by jesus once again blowing him off on May 19th. They'll have to once again be shown why it is such a blessing from god that he keeps making fools out of his prophets and breaking his word. Srsly, it's not really Ron's fault. Stupid lying god!

I think Ron's jesus might be "dipping into the holy spirit" when his father isn't looking, if you know what I mean. I think he's an alcoholic or a drug addict. He always needs cash and he never keeps his word. If you had a non-imaginary friend who kept blowing you off like Ron's god, if you ever did see that "friend," you'd tell him off because he was such a friggin asshole. Jesus! They have 12-Step groups for that. When he finally does show, everyone's going to say, "Go home, jesus, you're drunk."

Joe Moeller said...

The "Mork and Mindy" show had better plot lines than this guy.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Allen C. Dexter said...

This is such a circus. How can anyone take a joker like this seriously? There were some weird guys in WCG, but even Gerald Waterhouse couldn't hold a candle to this clown.

Allen C. Dexter said...

I really think Herbert saw through old Gerald but kept him around just to show his contempt for the "dumb sheep."

Anonymous said...

Twelve Pack is suffering a mental breakdown. He wants so bad to be the most persecuted COG leader (Satan always goes after the top leaders of God most). Twelve Pack is going to have to pull his stupidest stunt yet to bring that persecution on himself now.

Anonymous said...

"I can't imagine what his quiet time moments with himself must be like. Maybe he doesn't have any."

You're never alone when you're a schizophrenic.

Byker Bob said...

Good graphic! If ever there was a braying jackass, Weinerdude is it!