Saturday, May 11, 2013

New Blog Poll Added

To the right of this page under the nation’s flags is a new poll that I have been asked to start. This first one starts with God's most highly favored man, who runs the world’s most incredible Church of God ever to exist in human history, that publishes the most astounding booklets, and produces the most mind-boggling video broadcasts ever. All of this occurs in the City of Wadsworth, Ohio. This is now the city that God now highly favors above all other cities in the world.

Dave Pack predicted in a sermon recently that three prominent Church of God leaders would all die on the same day later this year. Even though he recalled the sermons tapes immediately, word spread like wildfire. After these three well known Church of God leaders die, Dave says that all the membership of these three churches will come immediately to the Restored Church of God.

 So, the question is: 

 Will you soon be joining Dave Pack and the Restored Church of God?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely !!

Anonymous said...


Good idea who ever recommended it.

Anonymous said...

I can't vote because you left out one category I do belong to (and many others for other people). I'm an unaffiliated Christian who believers only in the true Word of God as recorded in the scriptures. As far as I can tell, and I have researched it far and wide, there is no church here on earth that complies with and acts upon that state of belief.

Anonymous said...

No, been there done that!

NO2HWA said...

Sorry Anon 5:25 I was trying to think of different categories to add and that one slipped by me. I thought about it, but then the poll kept deleting categories and it got frustrating! Perhaps another round.

Head Usher said...

There is nothing that makes public statements from spreading like wildfire than trying to stamp out all record of it.

I managed to escape from the clutches of Armstrongism, voted with my feet, and checked agnostic. That means I don't have to join Dave's stupid and abusive cult, right? If there does turn out to be a god after all, I'm fine with that, but if he tells me follow Dave, I'm committing suicide.

Douglas Becker said...

Join David Pack?

Why, is Davey coming apart?

I have some old superglue -- could fix him right up and put him together again.

Do not guarantee that random body parts might not be stuck together....

Anonymous said...

Living within an hour of Wadsworth would make it convenient; just replace SeaPack with a hot conservative woman like Katie Pavlich, and I'm there.

Joe Moeller said...


I have evidence that illegal aliens are voting in this poll, and that people who are not registered to vote are voting, and that votes from dead people are being tallied as well.

This poll is going to lead to a "Constitutional Crisis" on BANNED , and will have to be resolved by the SUPREME COURT itself!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Joe Moeller said...

NO2HWA was born in KENYA, and his birth certificate is also a FORGERY!


Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Corky said...

Little does Dave know that he is one of the prophesied three who will be culled. There will be a Flurry of activity and then everybody will flock to Weinland.