Monday, July 29, 2013

Dave Pack and Gerald Flurry: Engage in the Battle of the Zechariah's

On Friday, July 26, Dave Pack releases his second to last letter before the Great Reunification.  In it he compares himself

The many sermons I have given, including much of what you have read and will read, bring GOD’S interpretation of phrases, symbols and terms that He uses, not my private opinions. The reader will find that Zechariah 11 is in code. But nothing within it is complicated. Each verse has a clear explanation if we just allow the Bible—meaning GOD!—to interpret the meaning through other scriptures. The “code” it is written in becomes easily unlocked.

Dave continues on explaining he alone is the only person on the entire earth that is capable of interrupting Zechariah, because he is the ONLY human God is using - much to Gerald Flurry's indignation.

...few ever think through that someone has to teach the MEANING of what the prophets recorded. Otherwise, the secret remains a secret. False prophets and false teachers never get these secrets right because God is not using them. He works through the servant that He IS using, and the explanation is both correct and makes sense against ALL related verses. The bigger the prophecy—and this one is GIANT—the greater the importance for God to “reveal His secret,” but then only to His people, not the world. Recall that Haggai himself is called “the Lord’s messenger” who brings “the Lord’s message” to His people. Haggai contains BIG secrets. Thus, at God’s selected time, someone—think about this—SOMEONE, from somewhere—has to explain this “Lord’s message” to God’s people or Haggai cannot be a messenger—to anyone. It is that simple. This is MY role.
 Dave then goes on to whine that even HWA did not talk about Zechariah:

We are ready to begin examination of Zechariah, specifically chapter 11. This chapter was never openly discussed in the Worldwide Church of God. I never heard Mr. Armstrong talk about it even once. Since the apostasy, there have only been a few crazy opinions about Zechariah 11, but all of them have been disproven.
Dave needs to realize that may be there was reason HWA did not talk about it!  It wasn't relevant. 

He then jumps on Gerald Flurry's back and knocks him down about the "crazy opinions...that have been disproven."

In a  swift response Gerald Flurry hit back this weekend with this:

This prophetic book of Zechariah has only now been fully understood! The book of Zechariah contains prophecy about two end-time churches of God. One church is doing God’s work. The other church, which is Laodicean, fails in its commission to do God’s work. The key to understanding these churches is a flying scroll. It shows us what God is doing today and where it is all leading.
So who's going to come out on top with this tit-for-tat?


Byker Bob said...

Well, three choices. Heads it's Flurry, tails it's Pack. Or you could simply acknowledge that even flipping that coin is going to get you exploited by indistinguishable charlatans, and just throw it away.


Anonymous said...

Has there ever been a worse broadcaster than Six-Pack? Wow, the guy is just terrible. Wanders all over, searches for words. Painful to watch.

Corky said...

Religious belief is people pretending to know things that they don't know. That's just what Pack is doing, that's what they all are doing.

Actually, it's painfully obvious, it's just that people don't want to see it. That's all it has ever been...people pretending to know things that they don't know. is people following people who are pretending to know things they don't know.

It's all a delusion...some people snap out of it, some don't.

Anonymous said...

Flurry states at the end of his video: "Christ suffered and died and was butchered! God came down to this Earth as a human
being and died for your sins."

This one statement along, should show the absurdity in mainstream religion.

God cannot die, He is “immortal,” which means “not subject to death,” but Jesus died.

Anonymous said...

yeah..I want to bet my theological and financial well being on a flying scroll. Makes perfect sense. The god of the prophets was one poor communicator of such terribly important things. Codes, puzzles, symbols subject to whacked out ideas on their meaning. The Deity must have discovered Ayahusca or DMT

Allen C. Dexter said...

What a contrast to HWa who was a spellbinding orator in his own right. The wannabees are laugable.

Anonymous said...

Both flurrious Flurry and fxxxxng Pack are sickening. I have no time to listen to their discourses. They can hoarse themselves to preaching, they are nothing more than sick minds looking for audience to listen to them. Who wants to listen to the insane? Nothing but play of words. Forget about their simile to any Biblical personality. These are just imaginations of sick minds.

Byker Bob said...

In some circles, it is taught that when God has a job for someone, then He gifts them with abilities which will ensure their success. Actually, it's also a Biblical principle. Of course, sometimes people born with certain gifts will also falsely use them to convince others that they have been sent by God. Surely, discernment comes in at one point or another.

However, not a single orator or broadcaster for the ACOGs has been gifted on an HWA/GTA level, and that is precisely what would be required to get Armstrongism back to the levels of the past. I believe that speaks well as to whether God is working through any of them whatsoever. Again, all roads seem to leadmback to Gamaliel, don't they?


Britain W. Stevenson said...

Gerald Flurry stated we must think like God. Isn't God LOVE?...outgoing concern for his fellow man? This is not in the Philadelphia Church of God!
Flurry keeps talking about MOST PEOPLE when he says they don't get it! Does Gerald Flurry GET IT??
I'll tell you a well kept secret that the PCG don't key word that Christ emphasized throughout his teachings on this Earth...C A R I N G!!