Friday, July 12, 2013

Davey Pack: COG Ministers Have One Last Chance To Repent And Join My True Church

Davey lays it on the line for ministers in the various COG's.  Don't assume when you leader dies that you are going to waltz over to the Restored Church of God and start giving sermons.  You will be sent to RCG's reeducation camp like Dale Schurter was subjected to.  You have to repent on bended knee with trembling lips, just like Raymond Buffy McNair had to do at Rod Meredith's feet.  You will need to kiss Davey's feet and wipe his ass for many months before you are even allowed to assume any position.

God forbid if you were ordained AFTER the the COG breakup in the 1990's, you are lower that the snake that crawls on it's belly!

For those ministers that refuse to receive correction Davey's god has a special warning for you.  You are nothing more than bastards because you are illegitimate in his god's sight (Hebrews 12:7-8)

Consider this, and how it relates to your ministry today: If a minister left God’s Church in the 1960s, 70s or 80s, could he later return and immediately re-enter the ministry? Of course not! There would be a transition back into service, and only then if he had not permanently disqualified himself. Also, if someone were ordained outside God’s Church his ordination would not be accepted in the Worldwide Church of God. Why would these things be different today? Now add another factor: the man was gone from the Church for decades. If brethren must be reinstated into the Church, so must ministers into the true ministry. (Again, a series of questions later in this announcement will explain this process in more detail.)

Christ is about to bring all those with His Spirit out of the other groups. He has a plan to gather His scattered flock. But what has not yet been covered is the crucial role that YOU can play in this gathering. Before full reunification of God’s people occurs, you will have one last opportunity to repent from a degenerate spiritual condition in order to assist Christ. It will take a jolt to awaken everyone to their condition—literally worse than wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked because this describes people inside God’s Church, and they have not yet even returned. Read Hebrews 12:7-8 and remind yourself of how God describes those who will not receive correction. Soon you will either help with Christ’s regathering process, or you will hinder His work. There will be only gatherers or scatterers. (Read Christ’s words in Matthew 12:30.) When the opportunity to do the right thing presents itself, do not blow it!


Anonymous said...

If anyone had permanently disqualified himself, I would think it would be Davey Joshua Pack. Too bad the COGs are all bogus including his, so all his grandeur is totally delusional.

Byker Bob said...

My only question would be where this hypothetical regathering might be taking place. There would need to be massive correction of contaminating doctrines, such as British Israelism and the other extrabiblical theories introduced by HWA, and God would certainly, in His love for us, choose someone who was NOT a certifiable asshole to lead it all.

That means several things. 1). It just won't happen with the idolatrous worshipers of Herbert W. Armstrong acting as gatekeepers. 2). Some angry, harsh, megalomaniacal, money grubbing, empire building personality will not be presiding over it. Jesus own words indicate that He works through those aspiring to serve fellow man, not someone who demands the seat to the right of His throne in the KoG, and then assumes absolute power over the rest of the sheep.

Dave has certainly set himself up as a judge figure over the years. He's even commented in the past that the two witnesses, when they become known, will have to pass through RCG so that he can personally train them. It comes as no surprise that he considers himself the arbiter as to whose ministerial status remains valid. While he is pondering their credentials, he might should consider the validity of his own ordination as an apostle, and whether his precious HWA would have found that to be proper back in the day.


Joe Moeller said...

Dave Pack...

There are but a few that I have made this proclamation to, but you are one of them.

You are PERMANENTLY BANNED and NOT WELCOME at the ranch for Beer , Steak and Beans.

Offer still open to all other readers of Banned, of all stripes, creed, color, sex , national origin and current belief, just as long as you wipe your boots at the door.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY