Friday, August 2, 2013

When You Talk to Someone and Their Voice Rises, it is Because a Demon is Influencing Them....Because They are Borderline Commandment Keepers

In the never ending weirdness that is Armstrongism, here is another one for the file cabinet:

Quite a few times I have heard of Church people lying. Both side affirm that they are telling the “truth”.

Some of this can be explained by people being tired and mixing up words. Plus misunderstandings.

For a few months after my Heart Attack, I was quite bad with putting sentences together backwards. Giving the opposite meaning. When questioned these types of mix ups are always corrected.

The lying that I am bringing up is about Demonic Lying. I have talked to people who have been excited about a certain subject, suddenly there voice changes tone or pitch. They say something completely offbeat and wrong. I sharply correct them. Then they carry on with what they were talking about.

At times (a few/too many) COG people and Ministers who have sin lurking, and slipping more and more away from the Ten Commandments. Have Demons lurking in certain thought layers of their brain. When the Demon takes over they have no knowledge of it. After the Demon has had his say. They carry on knowing nothing of what they just said.
These situations cause all sorts of very bad evil troubles in the Church.

My advice to anyone, who has COG people tell them that what they have just said is wrong is this.  Go back over what has been said and try to work out any misunderstandings.  We as Gods people should never completely reject correction. We need to heed and look into our lives to see if we are slipping away from the Truth.

Take note of pragmatic (hard headed) liars. Usually there voice will change tone or pitch. Usually they will be borderline Commandment keepers.  They will not understand what is going on. Lots of demonic troubles will follow them.  

Best to stay away from them.


Anonymous said...

Demonic lying. Another gem.

"...have Demons lurking in certain thought layers of their brain."
I know all about all the "thought layers" of the human brain. You can see them quite clearly on an MRI. Some people call the demons that lurk in them "thetans." Of course, I don't have any demons lurking in the "thought layers" of MY brain.

"I sharply correct them."
I don't always correct other people, but when I do, I do it sharply. Because unless I'm accidentally putting my sentences together backwards, I'm always right.

"My advice to anyone, who has COG people tell them that what they have just said is wrong is this..."
Don't you enjoy unsolicited advice? Hey! Don't ignore me when I'm talking to you! I'm always right.

"We as Gods people should never completely reject [my] correction."
"God's people" LOL. How could "god's people" have demons lurking in their brains?

"These situations cause all sorts of very bad evil troubles in the Church."
Or, how about maybe 1) they aren't "god's people," and 2) they consequently don't need to have demons lurking in their brains, because the troubles in the COGs merely reflect the troubles of HWA and society at large.

"Best to stay away from them."
Best to shun everybody you're not sure about.

Another fine example of Armstrongism having turned yet another disciple into a superstitious, self-righteous, douche.

Byker Bob said...

Seems like superstition is an automatic byproduct of Armstrongism. Once you swallow the basic package of weirdness, it opens up some bad gateways.


Anonymous said...

Demons live in the right brain and cannot cross over the bridge between the two hemispheres. That's why they stand on the left shoulder whispering in the human ear as the right brain handles things on the left. If they get into the left brain through some sort of magic or defect in the brain, the victim becomes a member of the Restored Church of God

James said...

Sounds like he's babbling about someone with asperger syndrome.

Typical cog asshole.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Another fine example to prove that the Cult of Herbert Armstrong has absolutely positively no concept of science in any way.

The Universe doesn't work that way, bucko -- you are absolutely insane.

Yet another brain dead victim of Herbert Armstrong replete with distorted perception.

And there's a DSM-5 App for that.

Anonymous said...

Interesting...Thanks! this explains a lot and makes sense. I see this a all the time. Have had some experience with Armstrongism through internet and the loudness in writing comes clear and they shun you when giving verses to dispute their false beliefs. What a shame!

Anonymous said...

This is where we get the phrase, "come out of her thou foul spirit, you son of a pitch..."