Friday, September 20, 2013

Are You Obsessed With HWA To The Point of Madness?

Another intelligent post by Anonymous.

Anonymous said...
The Bible, not hwa, said that the jews would return to the land of israel, but you continue to pretend that hwa said it.

You people are obsessed with hwa to the point of madness. All you can do is puppet the same cliche lines over and over.

You are not even 100 years old yet you think your point of view to be above a prophecy that foretold an actual event several thousand years in advance?

How about offering a coherent rebuttal instead of a bunch of giggles, farts and cliche insults???
September 19, 2013 at 9:24 PM
Even the mainstream media recognizes that HWA was a failed prophet, as does a large percentage of COG members/ex-members.  His prophesies failed, lain and simple.  All the cliched insults by loyalists trying to defend his reputation show how blind some people allow themselves to be.

Notice Anon makes no mention of the idolatry, giggling and farting that Ron Weinland, Gerald Flurry and David C. Pack  do about HWA.  It's OK for these men to prostitute themselves to a memory that was filled with a swath of destruction that ruined tens of thousands of lives as they continue that legacy.



Corky said...

I think most of us have dismissed HWA as being anything other than an infamous religionist con man.

The so-called "return" of the Jews to Palestine in 1947 was in no way a fulfillment of any prophecy, anywhere.

To make things worse, the British Israelism of the cult of Armstrongism would have some mighty big nations going home to Israel. In order for Israel to return to Palestine, all the Anglo-Saxons and most European nations except Germans would have to return to Palestine according to the Armstrong theory. Ain't gonna happen.

Not even the Jews desire to return to Palestine. It was the pipe dream of the Nazi holocaust victims to escape to Israel...they didn't make it, it was the Zionists who brought about the state of Israel. The same Zionists who helped cause the holocaust by refusing Hitler's demands that led to "the final solution".

The Zionists do not represent the return of the Jews by any means. There are more Jews in New York City than in all of "Israel". A lot of Jews of Muslim countries have had to return to Palestine because of persecution caused by the Zionist but they didn't return willingly.

Byker Bob said...

I believe that our anonymous visitor has not read or digested the materials presented here in other than a haphazard or superficial manner. We certainlly have the types of drive-by mockers he describes here, but some of us have consistently gone into great depths in our discussions of prophecy, Hislop, British Israelism, the calendar, HWA's early influences, the man's character, the age of the earth and the processes science indicates that God used to create it, Josephus, Eusebius, and the Antenicene Fathers, and many other relevant factors.

Anonymous's criticism doesn't indicate any sort of depth whatsoever. It's as if someone said to him, "Dude, they're attacking our Apostle over at the Satanic Banned by HWA blogspot" and he responded by cobbling together a stereotypical and shallow loyalist response, possibly based on having read a few short comments that some of our own drive-by doofusses post. In short, he's the one guilty of what he is accusing us for allegedly doing.

Anonymous, whoever you are: There are a lot of Armstrongism recovery blogs, and I would advise you to read widely. If you truly yearn for a serious discussion of HWA's prophetic prowess, the "As Bereans Did" blogspot has an incredible current article actually quoting what your apostle stated as fact, in Jesus' name, in Plain Truth articles of the 1950s and '60s, leading right up to the debacle of 1972-75. The article was written by a Christian. If it is truth and depth you seek, please take the time to read it in its entirety.


Corky said...

Most folks aren't interested in what's true, Bob. They are much more interested in defending their position. It's a natural thing to do, of course, and we all want to be "right" and that's why the scientific method was invented. Yes, because we can very easily fool our own selves by what we want and how we want things to be.

Well, I left this in the comment box for nearly three hours... Had to go to the hematologist and then get a phlebotomy...not one of those things that I wish to be true but the reality is I produce too many red blood cells. No pun intended whatsoever.

James said...

I deal with the HWA idolatry fan club every week. Check out these deniers:

Anonymous said...

Harumph, next you heathen will be saying something like MR. ARMSTRONG isn't actually directly descended from Queen Elizabeth and King David. If MR. ARMSTRONG said it, that settles it! La-la-la-la-la!

Byker Bob said...

Corky, you'll be in my prayers. Isn't it wonderful that we know enough these days to actually consult with highly educated medical professionals?


Corky said...

Indeed it is, Bob, indeed it is.

Anonymous said...


Case studies in persuasion: Cult indoctrination

In 1993, high-school dropout David Koresh used his talent for memorizing Scripture and mesmerizing people to seize control of a faction of a sect called the Branch Davidians. Over time, members were gradually relieved of their bank accounts and possessions. Koresh also persuaded the men to live celibately while he slept with their wives and daughters, and he convinced his 19 "wives" that they should bear his children. Under siege after a shootout that killed six members and four federal agents, Koresh told his followers they would soon die and go with him straight to heaven.

The foot-in-the-door-phenomenon

Unlike other street solicitors on behalf of the poor, Jones's operators would ask passerby merely to "Help for just five minutes at work by folding and mailing a few envelopes." Having done so, Jones explained, "they came back for more. You know, once I get somebody, I can get them to do anything."

Once into the cult, monetary offerings were voluntary. He next inaugurated a required 10-percent-of-income contribution, which soon increased to 25 percent. Finally, he ordered members to turn over to him everything they owned. Workloads also became progressively more demanding. Former cult member Grace Stoen recalls the gradual progress:

"Nothing was ever done drastically. That's how Jim Jones got away with so much. You slowly gave up things and slowly had to put up with more, but it was always done very gradually."


Stop and think about Gerald R. Flurry quoting Adolf Hitler as saying that a clever conqueror will impose his will in instalments, and think about all the changes that Gerald has made over the years, including claiming to be "That Prophet."

Stop and think about David C. Pack and all the changes that he has made over the years, including his August 30/31, 2013 predictions that he had read into Haggai and Zechariah, which have now turned out to be wrong.

Yes, stop and THINK.

I am not saying to reject the Bible. Just think about how cult leaders contradict it. They start off pretending to be wheat, but as time passes and they grow more wicked it becomes clear that they are weeds.

Britain W. Stevenson said...

Anonymous said...

Harumph, next you heathen will be saying something like MR. ARMSTRONG isn't actually directly descended from Queen Elizabeth and King David. If MR. ARMSTRONG said it, that settles it! La-la-la-la-la!

September 20, 2013 at 2:39 PM

I don't recall HWA providing any PROOF he was of the line of David. Gerald Flurry is claiming he is from the line of David without showing any proof and that lying Regional Director Brian Davis of the Philadelphia Church of God must be teaching his kids they are of the line of David because his son whom is my son's age told my son..."I'm from the line of David"

I believe Brian Davis is trying to be next in line to the throne of the "False Prophets".

Anonymous said...

First off, that was only directed at the comment just prior to mine. Nevertheless, I don't dispute that there were MAJOR mistakes made by hwa and the subsequent satellite cults; my contention is that you don't just throw the baby out cuz the bathwater is dirty.

Whether you acknowledge it or not, what the Bible says will happen has indeed happened, whether it is about the false prophets of the end time, like flurry, pack or weinland, and their abusive actions towards their followers, or the prophecy of judah returning to the land of israel as Isaiah 11:11-15 says.

Those words were spoken before england was a nation or a notion, so hwa has nothing to do with it. Only those who want to will believe those words, and those who don't won't.

And frankly both sides accuse the other because both are obviously guilty. One side is self righteous in their belief, and the other in their unbelief (yeah, scoffers also were prophecies about)

Joe Moeller said...

It is virtually impossible that anyone who has European ancestry is not descended from a "royal line".

We are ALL therefore in a "Kingly Line" and therefore it is a very common thing.

To use such as some kind of "mantle" or concept of privilege from the Creator to be the head of a church is madness.

In fact virtually all of us have a common ancestor, including everyone who is reading this page, within the last 1000 years. In the end, we really are all cousins.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Corky said...

Yep, the remnant from "Assyria"...a country that no longer exists. What few Assyrian people escaped the slaughter by the Babylonians are still a scattered people today. The Assyrians themselves are only a remnant.

Byker Bob said...

I was at Walgreens last weekend, and noticed some young Middle Eastern looking guys at the counter, in sweaty athletic clothes, purchasing some beverages. Upon closer look, I noticed that their jerseys all read "Assyrian Soccer League".

I had encountered Assyrian people in our community before, in fact a young lady who works in our neighborhood BofA had invited me to their church (they are predominantly Christian).

Still, I couldn't help but ponder what might have happened if these folks had shown up at a Walgreens near an ACOG Feast of Tabernacles site. Ignorant comments would probably be made about how they didn't even look German!


Anonymous said...

There goes the tired "baby and the bathwater" fallacy again. It requires the assumption that a baby existed to begin with.

At least it isnt as overused as "David was a man after gods own heart and he sinned too". Those folks forget their god killed davids newborn kid as punishment. Wheres their dead kid?

Anonymous said...

Amazing how "Ephraim" supposedly means Britain here, where elsewhere in Isaiah the writer is referring to the northern kingdom (such as chapter 7). But those who can hallucinate a baby will hallucinate anything.

Anonymous said...

HWA idolatry? Oh you mean the Painful Truth? Yeah they place HWA in some Christ like figure, he must of(by these people) took on everyone's sins. Sad that Worship of HWA is rampant. They just deny, deny, deny that they do. It is Just SICK!

Anonymous said...

I used the baby bathwater analogy to describe how you people reject the word of God simply because a preacher of that word had serious flaws.

Fact is the word of God has stood on it's own merits for thousands of years and even after we most surely will become maggot buffet that word will still exist.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

You people are obsessed with cult figures??? Well, u should obsess on the Word of God instead. Which one of you can disprove and/or invalidate the Word of God?

None, which is why you instead try to associate the Truth with the liars who have historically profaned the Truth.

HWA and the like have become a distraction to you people, but Jesus was indeed correct in describing you as the 5 foolish virgins; when calamity suddenly comes upon all mankind your insolence, your intellect will not fill your stomachs or defend you against the evil doers who seek to eat your flesh.

Scoffer are like bumps on a log; they run their mouths, but they offer no solutions.