Tuesday, September 3, 2013

James Malm: It Is OK To Touch Living Unclean Animals But Once They Are Dead It Is A Major Sin

True followers of James Malm's god are to immediately STOP wearing anything made with the skin of an unclean animal.  To do so is to commit a major sin against his god.  No more unclean belts or shoes.  No more unclean leather jackets or leather biker wear.  You can not sit on unclean leather seats in your vehicle or that leather chair at home.  God forbid if you happen to eat some jello!  Damnation and Armageddon fire for you!

We must not trust the apostate from Moses rabbinate to be our guide.  It would be far better to trust the scriptures themselves and learn to discern between the clean and the unclean for ourselves.  As far as source labeling, look for gelatin made from sea weed like Agar gelatin.  Vegan vegetarian labeling is far more credible than kosher  such matters.

God separated certain animals as clean and others as unclean, to teach us the object lesson that there is a difference between the holy and the profane.

Living “unclean” animals are not unclean to touch and neither is the hair or wool sheared from living animals; it is the DEAD animals that are unclean and not to by eaten or even touched.  That means that the skin and furs of dead unclean animals is not to be touched.


Anonymous said...

With Rabbi Malm, the Simplicity that is in Christ is way complicated.

Sweetblood777 said...

Another one that has lost his mind.

By his nonsense, everyone should throw away their bibles because guess what, if you have a good quality bible, most likely it is covered with real skin, commonly called leather.

Corky said...

So, how did leather get to be 'unclean'? It's the skin of cows (steers, mostly), which is a clean animal. What? You thought your shoes and car seats were made of pig skin? Bzzzzzt!! Wrong. Not even a football, called a pig skin, is not pig skin. They only call a football a "pig skin" because it's actually made of leather but is in the general shape of a pig.

Sweetblood777 said...

If a fly, an unclean insect, were to land on my Bible, does that mean that now it is unclean and I have to throw it away?

How far does one have to carry this?

I think James needs a brain transplant, its either that, or he has too much blood flowing to that other place while he exercises his hand. Which is it? Is he typing with his other hand at the same time?

Let me other of here, I'm having a mental breakdown....

Byker Bob said...

If Malm smoked, he'd be looking all over Canada for Kosher cigarettes!

The only leather product I ever saw advertised as pigskin was Hush Puppy shoes.