Friday, October 11, 2013

David C Pack Says The "Enemy's Of All Good" Are Accusing Him

Dave quotes HWA:
“Emphatically, if we—in our dedicated enthusiastic zeal to get God’s warning of the end of mankind’s world before this sick, sick world—do, even though we intend not to, appear to set a date, I feel I do not need to apologize! No one but the enemies of all good will accuse!
Then goes on to say that he is begin persecuted by enemies for his August 31, lie:
There are plenty of “enemies of all good” accusing God’s Church today. I see them exactly as Mr. Armstrong did—as no more and no less.
“…Making a mistake is not any evidence at all that a man is not being used of God. But these men [speaking of Moses, Abraham, David, Elijah and Peter] corrected their mistakes! AND SO HAVE WE!..”
“The big point is—we have been getting the job done—and no one else on earth has!”
Mr. Armstrong’s words are as true for God’s Church now as they were in 1972! Despite misunderstanding one element of timing of the Haggai/Zechariah prophecy (to be clarified momentarily), God’s Work is today exploding in size!


Byker Bob said...

Measurable standards are the only ways in which we can judge certain things. When someone provides a date, they are setting up a hard and fast standard. Further, if leading up to that date, they express faith and confidence in that date, and expect others to highly modify their behavior based on that date, then it rings hollow when they later claim that they really didn't set dates and expect us to believe that their enthusiasm for preaching the gospel accidentally ran away with them.

Dave, you're a liar!


Anonymous said...

ummm, seems to me that DCP is the one throwing accusations around.....

Anonymous said...

David C Pack Says The "Enemy's Of All Good" Are Accusing Him

Yes, they are.

And not only are the enemies of all good talking, but also the enemies of all evil are saying something about DCP's bad behavior.

Also truly accusing DCP are the enemies of false prophets, and the enemies of those who misuse God's name [see Commandment #3] to steal [see Commandment #8] the money, retirement savings plans, houses, and everything else that they covet [see Commandment #10].