Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Unrepentant Impure Sinners Wear Mixed Fabrics

For many decades now the Church of God has flipped through the Old testament picking and choosing what they wanted to keep and what they conveniently ignored.

Every opnce in a while in the church area I grew up in some diehard legalist would start spouting that we were required to not wear mixed fabrics.  The wish that people did this soon turned into a "command" that was usually followed by a "threat" that God was going to punish those who wore the mixed fabrics.  This would last for a short while to more sane minds told people to not worry about it.

Enter again into the fray, prophet James Malm.  Who else but Malm would be attempting to enforce such rules today in the 21st century.

We are not to mix seed or fibers in cloth, or to mix kinds of animals.  The focus on this is PURITY.  The spiritual lesson is to keep ourselves PURE and unspotted by the false doctrines and prophecies of false religions.  We are not to allow our white linen garments of righteousness to become mixed with the fibers of unrighteousness and error, of impurity and defilement of false ways.
Laws that were given specially to the Israelites to help form their separate identity from the Canaanites that surrounded them are not rules that carry over to Christians or anyone else today.


Byker Bob said...

It's pure irony. Keep ourselves pure from false doctrines and prophecies of false religions???? The information which has come out over the past decades and the non-fulfillment of Armstrongite prophecy has most certainly changed that perspective.


Anonymous said...

Ok, so what about wearing woolen cloaks over linen clothing? Is that an abomination too, or only in the same garment?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long it will be before Malm realizes that every time he eats a cheeseburger he is taking a real risk of violating other statutes that are just as binding as the mixed-fabric one?

Head Usher said...

Why does Malm go the whole hog for things like this, but still decide to pick and choose whether to follow other "commandments" such the clear, explicit, and obvious one to build and stay in a booth during the "feast of booths" NOT a cheap-ass motel room? Not only is he insane to preach adherence to such idiotic "commandments," but he's irrational too, abrogating other idiotic "commandments" which is inconsistent.

Anonymous said...

Some Bibles have leather covers and pages made from paper pulp. I.E. mixed fabrics.