Sunday, November 10, 2013

David C Pack Continues His Downward Spiral

With David C. Pack's recent abysmal prophetic failure on the "great"reunification of all the Churches of God under HIS leadership, he has been fairly quiet.  Expect of course in his sermons each week. 
Unless you have a family member or friend part of his cult you will not hear much about these sermons.  Members cannot record sermons and if a recording is played in church it must be destroyed or returned to Wadsworth immediately afterwards.  Because Pack says such weird and off the wall stuff, he has to cover his ass and not let his off-the-cuff remarks get disseminated to the heathen apostates or the world.  After getting burned and ridiculed for his "Clarion Call" sermon, Pack has been in cover up mode ever since.

There was a letter recently on Silenced from a person who has a friend in Dave's cult.  Dave is apparently sinking further down the rabbit hole with the following:

I asked my dear friend (the one drowning in the Pack church) how Pack is dealing with this issue of being a false prophet. Apparently Pack is now telling his sheeple that he misinterpreted the dates and that it will occur, but not right now. Nothing more, hang on and keep sending in your money, just more vagueries and BS as they move on to other topics. Recent topics in their “sermons” (Pre-recorded garbage broadcast on the web so no one can think for themselves) has been to try and dictate how and what people in the church eat and how they view food. More garbage about pork, most of which is an outright lie. Also in these sermon sillies are edicts about food and how it is bad if you are eating any food that you have not grown yourself.

Interesting timing that this is all being spewed forth just before Thanksgiving to further encourage the sheeple not to celebrate thanksgiving, or any other personal holiday, with their families. They are told that they should only associate with those in the church. Why do these people not recognize that the sole purpose in most of this spew is to alienate them from their families, friends and all others who are not “with the church”? Classic mind control techniques. Trust no one. Trust nothing. Only the special people can be trusted. Jeez. Astonishing that people can allow themselves to be controlled in this way.

I wish there were some way to talk sense into these people, but they are so completely brainwashed that they can not tolerate any common sense or find any truth for     themselves. 
Kevin then followed up with this comment about how Dave is telling church members to stay away from doctors.

I forgot to include one other tidbit; the recent sermons are also (yet again) reminding the chosen fools that they are not to use modern medicine under any circumstances unless it is a dire emergency. “Pray on it, and God will take care of you” is their suggestion. I suppose if the flock really adheres to this mandate there will be far fewer of them in the next few years since many are elderly and infirm.
Great will be the day when the vermin that run these splinter cults are gone.   Sadly, once these men are gone there will be another whack-job that will take their place and the sheeple will surrender themselves once again.


Unknown said...

Revealed here is the weak underbelly for Pack, at least legally.

Should ANY child be left without medical treatment or medicine, both the parents and Packs church should be identified as endangerers to those children and the authorities notified.

Should a child die without proper medical attention, the bereaved, and/or relatives should bring lawsuit against Pack's church for damages.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Unknown said...

One more thought ...

Any elderly or marginalized senior who is being pressured by Pack to give money, is now protected by "ELDER ABUSE" laws.

If you should know of such a case, again, please report Pack and his church immediately for intervention and legal enforcement.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

DennisCDiehl said...

Kevin notes:

"“Pray on it, and God will take care of you” is their suggestion. I suppose if the flock really adheres to this mandate there will be far fewer of them in the next few years since many are elderly and infirm."

Dave is merely trying to hurry some of those who willed their worldly goods to Dave along a bit faster so he can collect. Don't think he's not capable of it.

DennisCDiehl said...

PS besides...Dave will change the advice and rules whenever he gets in need of professional medical help no solved by vitamins and carrot juice.

It's what COG guru's do when THEY need help. God reveals new truth on healing at that time...

DennisCDiehl said...

I can see it now..."Expansive New Elements and Truths on Healing" by David C Packstrong.

Byker Bob said...

How humorous. This is yet another example of pick and choose. Seems like Pack is not relying on the final configuration of HWA doctrines for this.

Wouldn't you think that if these guys really wanted to be so "Old Covenant" they would at least study the Talmud to determine how the priests interpreted the law? The Talmud would reveal that there was considerable latitude allowed the individual in matters of self-preservation. Unfortunately, in Armstrongism, HWA was the sole WCG equivalent of the Talmud, and he always took the most extreme position, labeling that "Philadelphian". The rabbis did not.


Anonymous said...

Maybe if Dave had sought treatment sooner for his now deceased wife Shirley, she would not have died from the cancer that ate up her insides; guess Dave just couldn't quite anoint enough nor place enough hands on her, now she's dead. But the good news is (for Dave) that he got a fresh young wife out of the deal; the nurse that he had in the house taking care of Shirley was apparently taking care of Dave too. Then, about 9 months after Shirley died, Dave married her and moved her right into the bed. Dave is such a common scumbag.

DennisCDiehl said...

How awesome that Dave goes from the absolute truth of Haggai speaking of him as the true fulfilment of Joshua the High Priest for the Grand Unification that had 24 absolute reasons why it HAD to be August 31, 2013, to what would Christ (Jesus) eat and would he see his family doctor.

This would indicate to me that he is desperate to get back to typical COG topics as if he never made the fool out of himself he did and does. "Nothing to see here folks...keeep moving."

Of course the "prophesy is still 'on'" It has to be else Dave would have to admit he was wrong and is wrong about many things. You can't make people send in their resources, pull big triggers and sacrifice for some fantasy theology and then cancel it. Dave is not about to return any funds he took in the name of the Haggai and Joshua debacle anymore than he would admit that finding the property he wanted just happened to coincide with his Clarion Call to "finish the work."

Pathetic really...

Former PCG/RCG said...

David Pack sounds more like his older brother Gerry(PCG)everyday. They have most of the same policies in place.

They are both pathological liars that should be avoided like the plague.

Anonymous said...

This past weekend someone told my wife, "My father keeps complaining about his bad physical problems, but he won't go to a doctor because he's in the UCG."

Byker Bob said...

I wonder about the members. Don't they expect some sort of judgment or punishment for following, enabling, and financially supporting a verifiable liar?

If they believe that God is inspiring and teaching their "apostle", how do they account for the huge "misunderstandings", blunders, and failures? How efective do they believe God's guidance is?

I guess it's like the old John Cougar Mellencamp song, "I Fight Authority, Authority Always Wins!" ( and the accompanying video!)


Unknown said...

Anon at 10:28--

The UCG has no restrictions at all about seeking or obtaining medical advice or taking medications.

Ministers are regularly instructed to not attempt medical advice or treatment advice, but rather to defer to professionals at all times.

Are you sure you did not mean some other group besides the United Church of God. Pack's and Flurry's churches are against modern medical treatment and service.

Your Friend,
Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

DennisCDiehl said...

WCG and most COG splinters have put the "if any is sick among you, let him call for the elders...and the sick shall be made well," into the mind so firmly that no matter what splinter on leaps to , the die is cast. While the "Church" may not say that members should not seek medical help, there are individual members that will never get that meme out of their heads or beliefs.

In the 1970's I sat with a man who was having a terrible kidney stone attack and simply would not seek help. I told him it was ok to go to the ER. It was not a problem to get help. He simply would not do it as he felt God had to heal him. Of course the stones passed but at great agony to the member. Nothing I said would convince him to get help. He probably thought I was the one without faith.

One member believing or not believing , doing or not doing a specific thing does not mean the Church stands by that perspective or endorses it.

Anonymous said...

As a former member/associate of the RCG for nearly 7 years I can attest that some of this is overblown. Healing is taught by the leader, and modern medicine is viewed as poison, however, the official position is that it is up to the individual to determine whether modern medicine is used or not. In fact, the leader himself sought treatment for skin cancer a couple years back----and admitted it to the flock.

Thanksgiving is not a holiday which is forbidden----in fact it is actually encouraged. I was encouraged to by my minister to honor God at Thanksgiving with my "worldly" family (none have been "called" out of the world).

The leader does teach certain natural foods and vitamins that, I think, are based on his background in the natural health food industry. But, also, that it is not a commandment that can endanger ones spiritual eternal life.

I was a one man congregation for a number of years and never did have my cd's seized. And I was pretty free to come and go as I please. There are a lot of people in congregations that do not like ministers involved in their personal affairs----and speak privately about it. They stay because they believe in the theology and don't see anyone else within these COG groups that offer this "truth" better than RCG.

But after the leaders wife died he has become increasingly unhinged. After he declared that Christ commands all worldly goods of members to be given to the Church, he came out with a series of sermons entitled "Days of the Son of Man" which stated that we did not have to worry about or prepare to flee physically. That Michael and the angels will miraculously take us to the place of safety-----presumably on "their wings". So no need to set aside a fund for that purpose.

He also stated that we will know who the two witnesses are in the Church because they will be given the capability to breath fire out of their mouths-----literally.

He has also stated that God has built this new HQ building in such a way that he can see miles upon miles in the distance----which is an illustration of his God-given role as the "watchmen". Which, presumably, is proof that God has wanted the HQ building and provided funds for it.

Unless you are at HQ and benefitting from the tithes, offerings, fundraising and position of authority, there is not a physical benefit from being in this Church. Now they sell the spiritual benefit----but the more the leader goes down this road he believes God wants him to go, the more faith that he is putting on the brethren, the more he undermines the spiritual selling point.

His theme of "Pray as if everything depended on God, but act in a way in which everything depended upon you" is a bit conflicting and produces confusion amongst the brethren.

The leader thinks that this confusion comes from lack of faith and not being close enough to God.

Anonymous said...

My Parents are in RCG, And I can tell you nothing in this post is factual. In fact I was invited to keep thanksgiving with them recently. I understand people dislike RCG and David Pack. But making stuff up to cast a bad light seems despite.
-Dave (not "the" Dave)

Byker Bob said...

Pack has so much "authority" because those who follow him allow it.

I think something Jock Ewing said to his son Bobby on the old Dallas evening soap is appropriate here. Bobby had claimed that Jock didn't back up the power he had given him against JR at Ewing Oil.

Jock's reply was, "Son, if I ever told you I had given you power, I lied to you! Power is not something that is given, it is something you take!"

Hold ACOG ministers accountable, folks! Past, present, and future!
Always do your due diligence.

BB, lifelong rebel against arbitrary authority.

Anonymous said...

He also stated that we will know who the two witnesses are in the Church because they will be given the capability to breath fire out of their mouths-----literally.

At times I've wondered what vocation the Head Stooges of Armstongism may qualify for in the real world- Flipping burgers? Lawn care? Porn star? Wal-Mart Greeter? Tea-party candidate? William Tapley's BFF?

Now I'll add "fire-breathing circus performer" to the mundane list. Maybe they'll make friends with the sword swallowers under the big top.