Monday, November 18, 2013

OSI House of Yahweh: Women, WHO Can You Turn To? Certainly Not Mary, Mrs. Claus or Mrs. Easter Bunny!!!!!!!

Here is a creepy video from the House of Yahweh.  House of Yahweh members homes are getting broken into and the OSI crime team is on the scene. Something just doesn't smell right!

There are criminals on the loose!  A cross is involved!

It's Mrs. Claus and Mrs. Easter Bunny's committing the crimes!  But they are part of a more sinister plot which has a bigger ring leader that is directing them to commit these crimes.

It's Mary, the Queen of Heaven, who is pissed off that the Pope is not carrying out her instructions to the extent she wants.  She is the person ultimately committing the crime.  How did they figure that out?  She had a cross on her!

Get behind me Satan!  I am not of your house!


James said...

That is fucking insane. If someone was to join wild bills cult by accepting the premise of that crap, they deserve what they get.

Anonymous said...

Once again we see how incredibly stupid Armstrongism is at its core.

Byker Bob said...

I just read an amazing quote on one of the other blogs Gary features to the right side of the screen. It is something I've often stated in different words to illustrate the primary fallacy of Armstrongism, which is how they use the Old Covenant to interpret, filter, (and actually nullify) the New. Here it is:

"Christ is the heart of the Scripture, and its sole axis of interpretation." ~Cal

If this Buffalo Bill character, amongst others, understood this, they would not be making all of their ludicrous, unchristian, and irrational pronouncements. All of the stupid, self glorifying prophecies and just plain weird doctrines would suddenly dry up. Good fruits and love would replace all of the abuse. Their belief system would suddenly cease to be thinly veiled God aversion therapy. What a concept!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mr. Hawkins knows that Jesus will be doing the Bunny Hop in the Kingdom- with Mary, Jesus, Ron Popiel and the Pope in the front of the Bunny Hop line!