Monday, January 6, 2014

Bob Thiel Declares: I Am A Physical Leader!

Good ol'Bob, fresh back from Jerusalem, or was that his back yard with a Jerusalem green screen, is letting the world know that he is the ONE TRUE COG leader.  Unlike LCG, UCG, PCG, and others that are run by robots or automatron's, Thiel is the REAL thing!  It's true!  He says so!

As most readers now know, I am the physical leader of a group called the Continuing Church of God.

Bob then goes on to compare himself to Polycarp.  Polycarp was a real leader in the Christian church unlike Bob Thiel who is a self appointed wanna-be upstart that has become the laughing stock of COGland.

A few of the beliefs that Thiel claims he holds as did the early church are these:

  • God’s Six Thousand Year Plan for humankind to rule itself was believed by early professors of Christ.

Thiel then says this:

We in the Continuing Church of God are striving to best represent the most faithful remnant of the original Church of God that began on Pentecost in Acts 2 (c. 31 A.D.) and we believe and teach the doctrines of the original apostolic and faithful post-apostolic Church of God, and in particular, the Philadelphia-era of the Church of God.
A bastardized "gospel" message, such as what Thiel proclaims, that is unfaithful, denies Jesus, grace, justification, and mercy is not worthy of being followed.


DennisCDiehl said...

Bob is so sincere it hurts. He is blind evidently to his ineffective and hard to take seriously self.

If he was in Jerusalem, I certainly hope he has much more to offer his tithe paying members for the money. His video was like going all the way to China to tell everyone you ordered Chinese food at the take out back home. Let's turn here...let's turn lets go over here in Revelation. You don't have to be in Jerusalem to play proof text bingo.

He is fast becoming the "I don't get no respect" Rodney Dangerfield of the Churches of God.

Byker Bob said...

He should be saying, "I am a pariah!"


DennisCDiehl said...

That 6000 year plan of God thing has got to go. With a 13.7 billion year old universe and 4 billion year old planet, it means the Deity spent a very long time twiddling her thumbs.

Head Usher said...

"Come on, dad, can't we just fast-forward to the end?"

"You got a problem with trilobites?"