Thursday, January 9, 2014

Eric King's 2014 Predictions Claim White House May Need To Be Moved

Eric is out with his new prophecies for 2014.

Among the many things he predicts is the following:

On the world scene we will witness many assassination attempts and assassinations in the year 2014. This is all due to major global power shifts which will begin to occur in 2014 due to how the world economy is being affected by population, weather changes, and natural disasters. Record heat temperatures in 2014 all around the globe to be expected. I have warned about earth shaking events…including literal earthquakes. As our weather continues to do funny things so will the surface of our planet. A major volcano incident is likely occurring in 2014 as we watch our earth shift. The animals in our oceans will exhibit strange behavior.

I will continue to share more as God directs throughout the year 2014. I would like to share one more issue with you: The White House will face new security issues and we will perhaps see talk of relocating the White House. These are just some of the sad facts due to the result of the fallen human condition as we approach the Second Coming of Jesus Christ our LORD.


Byker Bob said...

Seems like Eric reads widely, and has a vivid imagination. No doubt he has been studying about the garbage collecting gyres in the center of each of the major oceans around the world.

I wonder if his comments regarding the White House indicate that he knows about the secret underground facilities for key officials from the US Gov't.

No mention of the shifting magnetic polarity of the earth?

All of this is nonspecific, and gives no indication of any special insights. If he knew anything, he might make a remark like on February 24, the president of India will be assassinated by India's military, and the world will go on alert for possible nuclear strikes. (I just made that up, so please nobody take it seriously!)


Black Ops Mikey said...

In 2014, Ewwww King may be relocated to a secured mental health facility.

Or not.

We like to keep our options open.

Corky said...

Do these nut jobs actually make predictions in an attempt to make people think they are "prophets"? And, they still have followers? Bahahahahaha