Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Van Robison on Mind-Slavery to WCG Splinter Groups

Mind-Slavery to WCG Splinter Groups

The mistaken belief that God requires human beings to follow the religious teachings, of a religious
overlord, is mind-boggling.    There is not one preacher, ordained that is not self-appointed.  Ordination is a human idea.

Every head or group of church leaders are always self-appointed. Not even the original disciples of Jesus were appointed to be rulers over others, instead they were merely to  speak what Jesus told them and convey the love of God, as opposed to being church lords of control.

The organized church system is not for the benefit of common people, but is designed for the vanity and ego of the human lords of control and their pocketbooks.    Anyone who stands in a pulpit and speaks dogmatically, as if they speak for God, and proceeds to tell you that you "must" observe days and times and perform religious rituals, is a complete fraud.

Common sense should tell people that God is not really as complicated as the WCG splinter group gurus, would lead the naive to believe.    All WCG splinter groups are FEAR based, as are all religions and all church groups, if they make God out to be feared.

Why fear God, if indeed God is love?  Makes no sense.  In the human realm you sow and you reap, but until God Himself speaks to you Himself and tells you otherwise, your life is your own, and it does not belong to WCG splinter group dictators and tyrants who pretend to be authority
figures.  That is all 100% hot-air.  Nor does the salvation of any human being depend upon the false leadership of any WCG splinter group head and his false teachings.

Virtually everyone who follows any WCG splinter group head, lives in false fear, because there is no valid reason to sacrifice your life and the lives of your children to the religious nonsense of any religious group.    If God wanted you to know something, why would He not speak to you
personally?  Rest assured, God has not spoken with any church head either.  Neither did God "inspire" the words attributed to him in all the papers penned about Him and compiled into one volume.  That is all hearsay and intentional fear-mongering.

All WCG splinter group heads attempt to attract followers and for what real reason?    Hmmm!

Van Robison

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