Monday, February 24, 2014

Ron Weinland: Creation Will Be Completed When My Followers Are Birthed Into Elohim's

The longer Ron Weinland sits in prison the crazier the dude gets!  His latest missal is all about control of his few remaining followers by promising them that if they remain  true to his teachings then they will become Elohim's.

...thus, such a person is ready for birth into Elohim, even though they may have several more years of human life remaining. That amount of time depends on God’s purpose for further “work” He may have for them to accomplish. God may also give them longer life in order to mold and fashion them to fit into a specific place of function within His Family.

Of course these few chosen to be Elohim's are the chosen by got out of all of Christianity to be part of the 144,000.  Throughout the ages since Adam there have only been 144,000 loyal COG members who have been chosen to become Elohim's.

This has been the state of every person who has ever been “sealed” as one of the 144,000. At some point in their life they became sealed, which means they became spiritually “set” at-one with God, and then they lived, or are living, out the remainder of their life in that state of guaranteed birth into Elohim in the first resurrection.

When Ron's followers (only those followers whoa re part of the 144,000) have reached a higher level of consciousness then they are "set" and will be Elohim's and creation will have been completed

Indeed, this sealing of each one of the 144,000 was a “sealing” into Elohim, although they may have had many years of physical life remaining after they became “set,” or “sealed”. Once a person became sealed (when the mind became set in spirit), this marked the completion of a spiritual creation – the completed transformation of the human mind from carnal motivation to spiritual motivation as a result of a “set will” being at-one with God, in full agreement with God.
Then to scare his followers he lets them know that if ANY of them go against him then they are NOT "set" and their salvation is at stake.

The spirit in man does not become instantly “set” when someone chooses to go against God by disobeying and/or living against God’s way, even if by ignorance (no knowledge) of God’s truth.
The spirit in man can become “set against” God as a result of personal choice at some point following begettal (usually much later). There are people who have been begotten who have made the free-will decision that they do not want God’s ways and prefer to live out their life in opposition to God’s purpose and instead follow the way of pride, selfishness, and lust.  
Weinland has had a huge serious of defections over the last year of his prophetic 3 1/2 year prison sentence.  Long trusted "elder's" and long time members have left or are in the process of leaving.  The more Ron's wife -the second Witless Witness - his money laundering daughter and Beamer loving Jeremy travel around the world at members expense the more angry people are getting.

One has to wonder which Elohim's Ron's cult members are being birthed into.  Elohim was prominent in pagan tribes before the Hebrews used it.  Also, pagan nations had lot's of "El's" running around before the Hebrews appropriated that name too.


James said...

What Ron is really running is an abortion factory. There are no survivors in his cult. Only losers.

(minushorny)old EXPCGhag said...

Is there something wrong with this guy or what? lolll. Give it up Ron!

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Why don't any of Ron's remaining dumb sheep ever question what happened to the prophetic dates contained in his failed book "2008 God's Final Witness"?

Oh that 's right - it was all meant to be taken spiritually. The dumb sheep will believe anything. Just send more money into headquarters.