Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Proof That Polish Cherokee Is The True COG Leader: He Played Dress Up in 1970!

The great Polish Cherokee Indian, Latter Day Prophet, and Church of God Leader Eric King posted a picture over the weekend as proof that he is the legendary Koga of the TRUE Church of God who's lineage has directly descended from the bloodline of King David through the Cherokee female line of Nanye-hi Hialeah (Goes About Beautiful Meadow) the wife of the great warrior Degataga Gawonii (Standing Together He Is Speaking).

The last part is made up, the picture is not.  The problem with "Little Koga" above is that he never received that name till he started playing Cherokee dress up as an adult.  The rest just illustrates the idiotic logic that COG leaders come up with to justify their standing as a leader.  Little Koga is now writing about how the Cherokee traditions are compatible with Christianity.

Watching the mental melt down of Eric King, David C Pack and Bitter Bob Thiel is a fascinating experience.  Sadly what we are  witnessing may only be the tip of the iceberg.


Chief Yuckum Up said...

Big Chief Egg on Face is more like it.
I personally am the descendant of David through Chief WaccaWaccaFlimFlam, which means Warrior with Poo in Pants Stands downwind of tribe.

Byker Bob said...

Occasionally, I wonder if these guys are for real. Some people I've met in the past have believed that if they deal enough in shock value, and deliberately present themselves so that others can't figure them out, that other people will assume that they are intelligent.

Unfortunately, this "entertainment" is not innocent or harmless play. There is always the chance that the insecure, the less fortunate or less blessed ones will glom on to these guys, pattern their own lives after them and make sacrifices for them. Later, when this is revealed to be baseless exploitation, disillusionment and bitterness will be the consequences.

You'd think that by now, everyone would have learned the primary lesson of the Armstrong experience, but apparently not!


Connie Schmidt said...

King as a little kid was known as ...


old EXPCG hag said...

"Cherokee dress up"


Hi yi yi yi, Hi yi yi yi

Heap Big Bunch of Crap!

Anonymous said...

BB, you are not for real. BB means bitter Bob.

Anonymous said...

Is this site getting stale? We keep hearing about the same assholes. Why, when there are plenty of them out there? Why not pick on this asshole for a while?