Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Church of God of the Prophet Muhammed, The Bible Sabbath Association and Robert Taylor

What would this world be without ANOTHER Church of God popping up?  In this case it may be a group of one, but it is still masquerading as a Church of God.

This new "ministry" is being led by Robert Taylor, the previous head of the UK version of the Bible Sabbath Association.   The Church of God of the Prophet Muhammed

I remain as a Sabbath believer and Holy day Believer. Accept Muhammed as a continuation of the prophets of Israel. But reject the religion of Islam since it has abandoned the "covenant" of Israel. I am a monotheist. This means I believe in ONE God with Jesus Christ being human and not necessary divine, but certainly not the Son of God. Jesus is a Messiah or Prophet for the tribes of Israel. Wade Cox, of the Christian Churches of God whom also believe in Muhammed and the Quran use it promote Unitarianism (they still maintain Jesus is God's Son). Sabbath keepers can be Trinitarian, Unitarian, binitarian, or monotheist. We have been fighting over these issues for over 2,000 years, and I suppose it isn't going to end any time soon. 
In 2013 Taylor wrote:

I am another follower of Herbert W Armstrong, accused of being one of the Two Witnesses, have a laser beam placed on me, radio waves and synthetic telepathy beam to the head 24/7. Every day voices are talking to me and do not rest even on the Sabbath. They are targeting people everywhere now, a silent persecution of people whom have different religious and political opinions. Some they set up, others are killed, some they just drive crazy by putting them on mind control programmes.
The future is transhumanism. A technocratic dictatorship under Aquarius and Uranus--the planet of technology. Technology will enslave mankind for the "beast" system. They are doing this today. We need to wake up before it is too late. God heed the day. May Jesus Christ return and smash the final resurrection of the "beast" system (Rev 19:11). 
On Herbert Armstrong:
Allah is the God of Israel. In fact many of the writings in the Quran confirm Herbert W. Armstrong type doctrines.
On the Quran:

The Quran is a book that was sent down by angel Gabriel. And it covers the existing scriptures of the Bible. God sent it down to make clear the Bible and correct any misconceptions that have happened. The Jewish origins of Islam has been investigated by a Jewish scholar, Charles Torrey and his research is independent.
Taylor started hearing voices telling him to kill himself, set fires and other Christians things. Then he started hearing voices talking to him and was being bombarded by radio frequencies and laser beams. The UK government and Zionist Jews are to blame.

He writes:
Set with car problems, the car would not work, clicker stopped working and indoor car lights kept flashing on and off for a short period. The car is a new second hand one, the other one had its engine blown up, put down to no water or oil, but it is likely to be some interference from the laser beam. The new car had a flat tyre on the second day, this makes four flat tyres in a period of 4 months. The car is the third replacement under satellite surveillance. Electronic problems with a light on the first car, was scrapped, replaced by a Vauxhall corsa encountering three flat tyres and problems with steering, later engine blowing up. Now, I am on a Mercedes, the very next day, had the usual flat tyre, and the ignition will not start on occasions with the clicker failing to work some times. The mechanic put it down to a part which will be replaced on Tuesday, 26th November 2013. Now, if ignition problems continue, it will prove to be the electronic surveillance. Yesterday the car decided to pack up on a junction, although not very busy, I told these people, I would inform the police about the satellite surveillance if they are called or turn up. Yes they will think I am crazy, but at least it will make me feel better. I will keep up a blog of events because you will not believe your eyes, what happens to me on a daily basis. 

The lights in the house have also gone on and off with the light completely stopped working. In addition to continual problems with the electric boiler requiring many switch changes and problems on occasion with the hot water.

The usual chatter filtering through to me during work to tell me to kill myself, the police are on to you, voices being Israeli (they say they are from MOSSAD or British accents from a computer generated machine. They enjoy causing as much disruption to myself and causing financial loss through all the problems, eating up savings and continuing to destroy my faith by telling me to work on the Jewish Sabbath and eat pork. Honestly, would a bunch of Zionist Jews tell me to eat pork? These are just some of the things I endure on a daily basis. I will keep praying and hope God intervenes, and these miserable people get what is coming to them.

Readers here might remember Robert from these stories that I did on him previously:

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Byker Bob said...

Armstrongism was nuts to begin with. This takes things to a new, even more ridiculous level. This stuff should have simply died a quiet death in 1975.

I don't understand why people can't just work at being the best they can at doing what their talents dictate. Like computer science, or managing a store, or doing graphic design. Why do people attempt to become gurus based on things where there is virtually a guarantee that nobody is going to follow?

Some mainstream Christians believe that the attempted universal religion will be "Chrislam". If that is true, then where does this leave Robert Taylor and Wade Cox? Well, suffice it to say that in their cases, the acronym AC has a completely different meaning!


James said...

Robert Taylor needs the type of help that PTSD victim's do. A long sabbatical from armstrongism AND SOME MEDS!

This guy is not the first. It is now a short path to his decline and fall.

Others will always follow and once again they will be in the news and linked to armstrongism. This is why armstrongism should be linked and labeled as a mental disorder.

Anonymous said...

I'll have what he's smoking.

Wait, what did I say? I meant to say was I'll have anything but what he's smoking.

Anonymous said...

Universal religion is the big lie that all other religions agree when they don't.

old EXPCG hag said...


This guy is the funniest COGer so far!

Even funnier than Timmy!

Byker Bob said...

Only one more day until Saturday! Wonder if we'll be treated to the Kitchen Show again this weekend!

Wasn't that a hoot last weekend?


Anonymous said...

One can only hope that somebody in this guy's life has alerted the authorities about his lunatic rantings. This is the kind of guy who goes completely bonkers one day and kills people.

seekingtruth7 said...

When I was a child, my Mother told me that if you study the Bible too much, it will drive you crazy! This is all too true for way too many!

Anonymous said...

Schizophrenia and religious zealousness have always gone hand and hand. The OT is full of mentally Ill humans who were fascinating and ended up being considered "prophets" for their weird and strange behavior. Also, their "prophecies" rarely came to pass but who cares, they were interesting