Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Elijah Passover Pack: I Will Be The Most Attacked Person In 6,000 Years

Dave lives in his life of privilege and wealth 
while real Christians are being slaughtered. 

Elijah Passover Dave is being attacked on all fronts.  He is the most persecuted human to exist in the last 6,000 years!  The Christians being slaughtered in the Middle East are insignificant blobs of worthless flesh in the eye's of God's most important human ever!

There is a special place in hell for Passover Dave!
 I may turn out to be the single most attacked human being ever in six thousand years. It's pretty easy to come up with the rationale for why that might happen; well, just start with Malachi 4:6, the very last words of the Old Testament, start with that. And then think about how the god of this world doesn't want to be unseated. He doesn't want Christ to come and restore all things, and he doesn't want somebody to be a forerunner restoring everything in the Church before that and getting the last group ready, filling all the empty seats for the wedding supper. I must be stopped at all costs – I mean at all costs. I get hate mail, you wouldn't believe it. There are people that literally drive into my neighborhood and put hat mail into my mailbox; I don't know who they are. I get stuff on a regular basis. Got another one just the other day, all anonymous – I understand. Christ was attacked more than I will be. I mean, just think of who I confront. What do think Rome is gonna do? They're coming over and over, brethren, and reading things on our website; they know who I am. They don't know that I'm Elijah, heh, I'm not saying that, but they know what I say about them; they can read my booklet Who and What is the Beast of Revelation, and so forth, they can see all of that.


Anonymous said...

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Anonymous said...

There are people that literally drive into my neighborhood and put hat mail into my mailbox

Stetsons? Fedoras? Propellers?

Anonymous said...

Because hate mail is so much more deadly than beheadings, crucifixions, disembowlings, etc.

Anonymous said...

"Most attacked"? By which he means what?

Most attacked because he deserved it? Or attacked unjustly? Whatever "attacks" Dave Pack gets, I'm pretty sure he deserves them all and then some.

And how does one determine whether or not one is "more" or "less" attacked than some other person? Whether or not they end up assassinated? The number of pieces of "hate mail" they receive?

Whatever he means, he's clearly saying that he thinks he's more attacked than Jesus. And it's not hard to imagine that Dave Pack's distance from reality will soon grow large enough that he will declare himself to be Jesus Christ. Of course, anyone who believes that has to be a real shithead. Even moreso than those who believe what he's saying right now.

Byker Bob said...

How strange! Apparently, he has given up on receiving attention for positive reasons. I shudder to think of what might have happened if his life had taken a couple of different turns, and if he had ended up on a Harley Davidson. He probably would have been the one that started all the trouble for all the people he rode with.


Anonymous said...

I have an idea on how to attack these charlatans and get em where it hurts, and do it on national television,
exposing their Greed and Lies.
Anyone want to go in with me?

EX-RCG said...

Pack you have brought most of these "attacks" on yourself. You are a laughingstock to most current COG members. Many still don't even know who you are.

I guess you couldn't teach the Bible truths, because you never understood it in the first place. Now, in your interpretation...the Bible has become so much about you.

Anonymous said...

Dave Pack is proud to announce the publication of his biography!

Anonymous said...

Attacked, yes. But, it is kind of like the swimsuit guy in the cage at the fair who taunts the crowd to rent baseballs to throw at a target. If they hit the target, the support from his perch unlatches, and he gets dunked in the pool. That would be Dave!

-~Miguel de la Rodente

Black Ops Mikey said...

I suspect that I'm the most hated person in the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia.

Does that make me better than Dave?

An important question, since I'm a nobody and that would make Davey less than a nobody.

Anonymous said...

“Elijah Passover Pack: I Will Be The Most Attacked Person In 6,000 Years”

When Gerald Flurry wanted to teach that he--rather than Jesus--was the prophet referred to in Deuteronomy 18:18-19, Gerald first warned everyone that he had some wonderful new truth that had been revealed to him that was so wonderful that he was going to be attacked terribly just for teaching it. The idea was to make everyone feel sorry for the poor, little, drunken runt. In hindsight, the PCG members should have felt sorry for themselves!

When David Pack wanted to teach that he--rather than Herbert W. Armstrong--was the one who was prophesied to come in the spirit and power of Elijah to restore all things, David warned everyone that he was going to be the most attacked person in 6,000 years. Just looking at the facts, it looks more like DCP's followers are going to be the most attacked people around--personally attacked by David Pack himself. And not just attacked, but robbed--of everything!

This is getting to be a very old and dirty trick played by raging impostors.

Whenever some raging—and I do mean raging--impostor wants to pull off one of these identity thefts, he warns that he has something really wonderful to say that is so wonderful that Satan will hate it so badly that he is going to be attacked terribly just for teaching this wonderful new truth that nobody had ever heard of before. Then, the RAGING IMPOSTOR always goes on to VICIOUSLY ATTACK his trusting, unsuspecting followers like they had probably never before ever seen anyone attacked in their entire lives.

Someone once complained that Gerald Flurry and his PCG turn men into cowards. PCG members live in constant fear that they have to go along with everything they are told or else they will be expelled from the PCG. Though the PCG never had anything to do with the truth (other than trying to hijack it and torture it) people there have been conditioned to fear that getting expelled from the PCG would mean they will “fry in the trib.” in the near future and then finish cooking in the lake of fire--or at least be totally cut off from all contact with all their so-called “friends” and family members in the PCG right now.

Now, David Pack also is turning his followers into fearful cowards, liars, and fools. They had to supposedly prove to themselves from their Bibles and believe that HWA was Elijah, and now they have to turn on a dime and quickly (well, over the course of about six hours of noise) prove to themselves from their Bibles and believe that HWA was Moses and David Pack is Elijah, and that it was all very humble of DCP to elevate HWA even more to the office of Moses and take the relatively lowly office of Elijah for himself. However, notice that DCP has now also said that he himself has now sat in Moses' seat for umpteen years as the leader of the RCG. DCP is a real up and comer, and more (self-) promotion could be in his near future. Any RCG members who are not mentally and spiritually flexible enough to make this latest speedy u-turn, and who still want to think that HWA was Elijah, are now actually being accused by David Pack of being “idolaters.” The rhetoric appears to be heating up. DCP's past victims were just called “bums.”

Gerald Flurry's victims who fled the PCG's doctrinal and sexual abuse hoping to seek shelter in David Pack's RCG might now be starting to realise that the situation is much more complex than they had ever suspected and that Satan had more than one psychopath waiting for them in the splinter groups TO VICIOUSLY ATTACK THEM!!!

Anonymous said...

"There is nothing that can cause a religious man to act as if he were insane quite as much as the delusion that he is right." --

Monnie said...

Wow! I and I assume many others at AC back in the day knew him to be highly egotistical, but this is astonishing!