Sunday, February 28, 2016

Herbert Armstrong: TO BE ENFORCED! Ruling On Women's Dress

Herbert Armstrong writes:
And I want to say, before quoting from the former article, that God’s ministers are quite frequently embarrassed, while preaching in the pulpit, by women wearing too short skirts that do not cover their knees, sitting with their knees spread apart at least eight or ten inches. Usually the careless ones are middle-aged or elderly women. Just once, I believe, have I personally noticed this inexcusable carelessness on the part of a college girl. This happens REPEATEDLY. Personally, I have not wanted to publicly embarrass these women. But if, after this article has appeared in print, such carelessness occurs again in my sight, I shall personally reprimand such women regardless of the painful embarrassment it may cause them
Apparently the "men" who masqueraded as ministers were having issues with elderly women spreading the legs in front of them during sermons.   What kind of nonsense is that?

To show these apostate elderly women who is in charge, HWA says that they are to be told ONCE and then punished if they do it again.  Armstrong was like most other patriarchal men when it came to women in the church.  Women were nothing more than "children" in his sight, under contestant need to be controlled and disciplined. Women are too stupid to know right from wrong and need a REAL man to tell them what to do.  Of course only real men could be found within the Church of God.
In our teaching on child rearing, based on God’s Word, we teach parents to speak plainly JUST ONCE-and then punish. The women guilty of this neglect are old enough to know better, but they are our spiritual children, and I am instructing all ministers to PRACTICE WHAT WE PREACH, and ENFORCE this ruling! 
Herbert was especially disgusted by women's knees.  What could be more revolting?
It is embarrassing to me, personally, when I see a woman in constant embarrassment tugging away at her skirt while she sits, to make it cover her knees when it simply is not long enough to cover them. Or, as so often happens, now, because her skirt comes merely to her knees when sitting, but leaves them completely exposed, she continually tries to pull her skirt tightly around her legs just above the knee, fastening the skirt underneath. between her legs and the chair.
So what was a poor woman to do in the church?  Herb has the answer: 
Women who care more for what GOD thinks than what this rotten, filthy, doomed WORLD thinks, will immediately let out any skirts shorter than that. Those who care more about what THE WORLD thinks than God will mark themselves as PART OF THE WORLD and NO LONGER MEMBERS OF GOD’S CHURCH. 
So what else ticked off HWA?  Tight skirts!  Women who wore tight skirts deserved to be SPANKED! Now we know here Spanky Meredith got his deviate passion from.  Meredith frequently bragged about how he spanked his wife and daughter when they were rebellious.
Since the last article on this subject, the Ruling has been so flagrantly ignored or disobeyed that the time has come TO ENFORCE this Ruling. God’s Ministers are instructed to act accordingly. 
By that, I mean these skirts taken up just below the hips, so they FORM-FIT the buttocks, clinging tight behind and under the place where they OUGHT to be SPANKED! I know that nearly all skirts are made that way today. 
It seems that HWA thought most women in the church were walking harlots. 
Candidly, when I see a female with a skirt tight enough to call attention to the shape of her hips, especially when tight below the hips and under the buttocks, I know that she is either care- less and needs sharp admonishing or else she is wearing it deliberately to attract male eyes and arouse lust toward her in men’s minds. 
 It's not the men's fault their tongues hang out in lust, but the women's fault for making the men sin. 

HWA continues with his desire that women be spanked because they are nothing more than common  prostitutes:
Do you want to know my personal reaction when I see such an example? It makes me feel that such a girl or woman needs either a good lecture driven home by a sound SPANKING of what she so brazenly displays, or to be classed as a fallen woman and a common prostitute. 
THAT IS PLAIN LANGUAGE! I mean it to be plain, and I want the women in God’s Church to know it is coming from God’s Minister, who speaks by Christ’s authority!

Recently some of our girls and women have been wearing skirts that are entirely TOO SHORT! Often I have felt I ought to speak personally to some of you. If this article does not quickly correct this EVil-AND IT IS A N EVIL! -God’s ministers will be instructed to begin speaking personally and in a manner that ought to cause a deep sense of shame and produce a very red face on any girl or woman who invited such sharp rebuke from a Minister of God! 
Even Herbert's god is embarrased by those knees:
When many of you women wear skirts as high as (and now above) the knee, and which completely expose the knees when sitting, your skirts are an abomination in GOD’Seyes. I wonder, frankly, if God doesn’t blush when HE sees you! Are you women who do this, deliberately trying to tempt men into breaking the spirit of God’s law against adultery? Are you trying to make yourselves adultresses ? Are you not breaking the very spirit of that law, yourselves? 
Again, its the women's fault, not the poor over-sexed men.

Lest we think Herbert only looked at knees; he also was disgusted by breasts.  It must have been a real struggle for him and other ministers to have to preach every week looking out at all of these spread legs and boobs hanging out of dresses.

More than once I have seen a few of our women, in evening dress, exposing entirely too much female breast-with neckline cut so low as to show a goodly portion of breasts, with a crease in the middle. On one or two occasions, I have instructed Mrs. Armstrong to speak to such women, telling them plainly that their necklines are too low. 
Women’s breasts, in plain language, were designed by God to nurse babies- not to be flaunted immodestly to arouse lust in men. 

Can you imagine the catatonic fit HWA would go into today when he saw a woman nursing her baby!

Herbert has this final thing to say:

In the matter of too-tight skirts around the hips, the excuse often is that the girl has taken on weight-and she protests that she cannot help it. But she can help it, and if she is to remain in God's Church or enter into God's Kingdom, she must-one of two ways: either don't remain over weight (fasting and proper diet will cure that quickly). or let the seam out.
It is the over-emphasis of lust-arousing portions of the female body that MUST BE CORRECTED.

The only over-emphasis that I have ever seen in the church has come from the top down.  Men who can't control their lusts or perversions.

Male cult patriarchy it its finest!

You too can read this absurd article here: TO BE ENFORCED Ruling on women's dress


Anonymous said...


That guy sounds like he's born in 1892 or so.
Or speaking only 50 years after the introduction of universal suffrage.
In a minute you're going to tell me this person wrote a manual on seckjual behavior and all....

Coco Chanel felt perfect skirt must cover the extremely ugly knees of women. She also believed trousers served to liberate women.

Fashion passes by, style remains. And how ugly were the seventies in style both in clothing and make up.

I favor the sixties smoky eyes....


Anonymous said...

The Wanderer says...incredible...just incredible.

I think, and I hope you all do to, that common sense is needed when it comes to dress. By that I mean we know we as a society will follow trends for dudes and dudetts. Remember Twiggy? Mullets? Outrageous long haired Beatles? (By the way their hair was short considering). Granny dresses and minis or what ever. What bothers me and I apologize ahead of time is that I see males and females still dress like the freaking Duggers on the COG fashion circuit. Am I nuts? Remember, a jury of twelve needed. One time I wore a black tie to services once and an elder looked at it an said..A black tie? Really? Really??The more I hear about Herbie and The Blue notes the further I want to run now. When we see or many of you have been directly impacted negatively (understatement) by Armstrongism and I bring it up to other COGers...all I get is...Well...we all make mistakes. No one is perfect and so on.

This one is beyond stupid. Sorry for the rant but it is stupid...I just said that.

The Wanderer really wandered into this one but so glad you posted it!!!

TM said...

I was going to bring up the subject of niqabs but when I scrolled down to the bottom of the posting I saw you got there first.

On a different but related topic, did anybody ever count how many times HWA told us, while the Equal Rights Amendment was struggling to get passed (in the end it failed), that ERA really stands for "Eve Rules Adam"?

Anonymous said...

As an ex-member I will say that HWA had some decency, which is more than I can say for society today. Good for him. It was because he held us to a standard that we could be proud of that some of us came along in the first place. At least he did us some good. Sadly, some people learned nothing at all from the good things he taught us. This article is not an attack on HWA but on decency. It's also distorted.

Connie Schmidt said...

HWA had a lot of sex hangups. Although a lot has been written about his sick relationship he foisted upon his own daughter, I wonder how many even realize that his wife, Loma, was actually a cousin of his as well, giving even further meaning to the term "all in the family"!

This "Beaver Hunting" expose post just reinforces more of his sex hangups. HWA had relationships with prostitutes in his early traveling salesman days, as some close HWA associates have witnessed HWAs confessions to such occurrences, including HWAs own loss of virginity.

Apparently , every time a woman was dressed attractively, wore makeup, or looked stately, it generated a lust within him. Just like the Prostitutes he patronized in his younger days. Being the narcissist that he was, he blamed his inordinate feelings not from his own lack of character, self control or converted-ness, but rather the doings of "wicked" outside Jezebels undermining him with temptation.

Spanking??? an adult woman?? What a bizarre, weird, grotesque and backwards man HWA was.

itstimecog said...

It's disgusting what those two young ladies are wearing. Just imagine how hot those boots must be on a day such as that.
What is that doing to their skin and with those high heels, well, their posture will suffer for sure.

God didn't create me blind but he did create me with inherent desires, it's our lusts that distort the wholesomeness of what God created.

Learn to control our lusts and issues such as those brought forth in this article, will never be a problem.
While we bemoan the abuse suffered, let's not overlook the fact that it was and is done for a reason.
Mark 13:22 For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.
Think you're going to fall for that WCG et al non-sense again? It's not likely!

You're fighting the "false Christs and false prophets" and that tells us that God classifies you as "even the elect".
Don't let the warped doctrine foisted on us deter any from recognizing just who we are.

Anonymous said...

@itstimecog, Yep I totally agree, how dare those two ladies go out in public on a hot day wearing those boots. Have they no shame. lol

Anonymous said...

Those hot ladies in the first photo are the AC coeds prior to the HWA's article. You can see why GTA had a hard time keeping his pants zipped.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Connie,

As in bible exegesis, all that is written should be considered against its cultural background also.


DennisCDiehl said...

Well you will be happy to know my seat buddy was Secret Service working the SC primary n he let me go

Anonymous said...

2.01 PM GTA even had a hard on in his casket.

Anonymous said...

Hahah Dennis,

You're sure he didn't check in after you posted your first message. :-)


DennisCDiehl said...

It did cross my mind nck

Anonymous said...

Why leave out my comment about G(can't keep it zipped)TA having a hard on even in his casket? I thought it funny.

Byker Bob said...

Years ago, when I used to occasionally spend some time at the gentlemen's clubs, even the gals who did their stage acts and provided lap dances didn't wear anything like the short skirts in the art work accompanying this entry.

Some behavioral scientists have noted that religious prudery makes both men and women especially susceptible to temptation in cases where those of the opposite sex are either scantily clad, or wearing tight or revealing clothing. Those of us who have walked other paths are perhaps somewhat desensitized. If I were giving a lecture, and one of the female members of the audience had a skirt on with her knees exposed, I probably wouldn't bat an eye. If I could tell that she had no underwear on, that would not only distract me from the material in my lecture, but I would probably also be restricted to remaining behind the lecturn. If the knees did the same for a member of the clergy, I can understand a little righteous indignation. It's all in the perspective. But then, how many ACOG ministers were ever taking a little school teacher on a midnight ride on their Harley, and suddenly at a stop sign had their throttle hand guided back to discover a missing top and bra?


Anonymous said...

"when I see a woman in constant embarrassment tugging away at her skirt while she sits, to make it cover her knees when it simply is not long enough to cover them."

When I read that, my first thought was that these poor women did not have the money to buy new outfits to obey the cult code because they gave HWA all their cash. My next thought was that they were tugging on their skirts to cover up as much as possible because they were aware that Pervie Herbie was ogling them.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

All I can say is, where were these young ladies when I was young growing up in the 1960s/1970s Worldwide Church of God???


Anonymous said...

A wowan that attended the church in the early 1970s,(before my time) told me that the women were required to have their skirt lengths measured with a ruler. The Taliban would approve.

Anonymous said...

HWA complained, "...women wearing too short skirts that do not cover their knees, sitting with their knees spread apart at least eight or ten inches. Usually the careless ones are middle-aged or elderly women."

Obviously, his complaint was that there weren't enough younger women spreading their legs for he forced his daughter to do!

Remember that song by the Ramonas?

Twenty twenty twenty four hours to go,
I wanna penis implant.
I can't control my fingers, I can't control my brain
Oh no oh oh oh oh!

Twenty twenty twenty four hours to go,
I got a date with Dor-thy.

I can't control my fingers, I can't control my toes,
Just need my fav-rit Dot!

Just get me to the airport, and put me on a plane,
Hurry hurry hurry, before I go insane!

G2 whisks me there so quick,
Swiss doctors fix my dick!

It will en-hance,
The Daddy/Daughter love experience!

I can't control my fingers, I can't control my brain,
My next Co-Worker letter is due by June nine-tain.
Oh no oh oh oh oh!

I got a date with Dor-thy,
I'm such an awful prick!

I can't control my fingers, but her lawyers aren't slick,
So she surely needs a little more,
Of this Apostle's dick!
Oh, go go go go oh!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 12:40 PM said...

“As an ex-member I will say that HWA had some decency, which is more than I can say for society today. Good for him. It was because he held us to a standard that we could be proud of that some of us came along in the first place. At least he did us some good. Sadly, some people learned nothing at all from the good things he taught us. This article is not an attack on HWA but on decency. It's also distorted.”

I agree. There is such a thing as proper modesty and decency, even though different people will go to different extremes on both sides of the matter.

Today, when some television show is about to take the viewers on another tour of the sewer, there will sometimes be a warning that the content is intended for a “mature” audience. “Mature” has come to mean “voyeur” and a lot of other bad things.

Some people talk euphemistically about “gentleman's magazines” and “gentleman's clubs” because it sounds better than saying that they like “pervert's magazines” and “pervert's clubs.” The word “gentlemen” could get a bad reputation, with some people even taking it as an insult, and preferring to take off their shoe, bang it on the table, and shout that they are not a gentleman, but rather something better, such as a communist.

Another trick that some perverts like to play on young women is to try to get them to think that they can be just like the guys, or that they can show that they are “emancipated” or whatever, by going topless. A recent survey in France indicated that not as large a percentage of women today were falling for this old trick as had fallen for it in the past.

Anonymous said...

If there's one thing I learned in WCG, it's that it's entirely appropriate to assume the worst of a person's character based on how they attire themselves. Whenever I see a man in a suit and tie, I assume they are looking to embezzle from a retirement fund or engage in securities fraud. Imagine standing up in front of a congregation dressed like a common white collar criminal!

Anonymous said...


I share the thrust of you posting.

However, you have no concept of European women.

Quoting Cornelius Tacitus in Germania

"It stands on record that armies already wavering and on the point of collapse have been rallied by the women, pleading heroically with their men, thrusting forward their bared bosoms, and making them realize the imminent prospect of enslavement -- a fate which the Germans fear more desperately for their women than for themselves."

"More than this, they believe that there resides in women an element of holiness and a gift of prophecy; and so they do not scorn to ask their advice, or lightly disregard their replies"

"The woman must not think that she is excluded from aspirations to manly virtues or exempt from the hazards of warfare. That is why she is reminded, in the very ceremonies which bless her marriage at the outset, that she enters her husband's home to be the partner of his toils and perils, that both in peace and war she is to share his sufferings and adventures."

The women often wear undergarments of linen, embroidered with purple, and, as the upper part does not extend to sleeves, forearms and upper arms are bare. Even the breast, where it comes nearest the shoulder, is exposed too.

It has only been for Christianity that they have been surpressed until Brigitte Bardot made "Et Dieu Crea la Femme" n the sixties.
And yes at the moment European women are wrapping up because of the Muslims.
Another reason has been the recent crises. Women in general tend to dress more modest in times of crises.

Hence the end of the "Sex and the City" series. These type of series do not appeal to womens tastes in times of crisis.

And yes the "Germans" Tacitus speaks of later moved to France adding injury to insult for the isaacsons.


Anonymous said...


You are being crazily obfuscatious in describing whatever the hell you're trying to describe.

Please provide picture(s). (But no porn pics, please.)


Anonymous said...


my posting was a reaction to 9:41 last paragraph. In that paragraph it is suggested that European women go topless on beaches because men have seduced them in thinking they can be like the guys. This is completely besides the truth. I was quoting Tacitus who, in 98 ad described the "natural pre christian" state of european womanhood to prove this.

Take pictures yourself and you will be slapped on the southern beaches and perhaps strangled by two on the northern shores. To observe the behavior of the more northern kind, turn south.


Questeruk said...

Maybe HWA should be concentrating on the sermon he was giving, rather than worrying about looking up elderly ladies skirts! I wonder just who they were – any time I saw HWA speaking the front rows were filled with ministers and their wives – was that who he was referring to, 'top' ministers wives?

HWA writes:-

“When many of you women wear skirts as high as (and now above) the knee, and which completely expose the knees when sitting, your skirts are an abomination in GOD’Seyes. I wonder, frankly, if God doesn’t blush when HE sees you!”

An amazing statement - HWA claimed to believe the Bible literally. Did he never read about Adam and Eve. They were wandering around stark naked, and there was God teaching them.

Does HWA really think that God was red with embarrassment while Eve sat there exposing far more than her knees!

Hardly – HWA’s comment is portraying God a man, presumably with the sort of thought processes that HWA had, rather than a supreme Creator, and the designer of both men and woman’s anatomy.