Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dave Pack: We Are Christ’s Leadership Team; Woe To Those Who Ignore Us

The leader of the worlds most superfantabulous Church of God to ever exist has his concluding video up on his series foretelling the awesomeness of his work.

 A few of Dave's comments are:

Great prophecies discussed in this series will soon unfold, world conditions virtually DEMAND Christ’s first dominion.
 Rev 10:11  Pertains to the Restored Church of God.  Herbert Armstrong reached nations and countless leaders.  That work came to an end. Now it is time for the RCG to do it again.  Dave Pack says he and his little crew will take this mind boggling work even further than HWA did.  Jesus told his disciples before he ascended to heaven that Dave Pack’s church would be doing a global encircling work that will lead before the tribulation and afterwards.
 Isaiah 40:9 -10   Dave Pack’s “work” will proceed Christ’s coming.
 Luke 14:16-17   Woe to those who ignore the Resorted Church of God.
True followers of the church must forsake house, brethren, or sisters or father, or mother, or wife, or children, in order to have everlasting life.  Its not an easy path but the reward is beyond imagination. 

Is Dave preparing his dwindling membership to forsake family and friends in order to send in as much money as possible and move to Wadsworth?  That's part of the reason he is buying so much land.  Hundreds of new employees will soon descend upon the Wadsworth campus in order to take Dave’s work to the world.

Luke 14:21 is about Jesus Christ being angry at those who refuse to follow Dave, so hundreds of thousands from around the world from very nation will join Dave’s church to make up for the disbelievers.  The reason this will happen is because Dave will need some extra leaders in Christ’s first dominion.  A bleak future awaits those who do not come to Dave’s side.
Dave warns us to be very careful in dismissing his work. 
Jesus told him to tell us that.

Dave says:
Expect a gigantic earth rattling work.  One so far reaching it will stagger the mind.   It will never be fully comprehended till it is seen.  Those that hear about it won’t believe it.
So be prepared to see amazing things to soon happen in Wadsworth.  His magnificent campus will be so mind boggling amazing that the invading German/Chinese/Muslim armies will stand in awe when they see it.  They will all know that the most awesome Church of God in history has a work here.  They will be amazed.  As you should too!


Anonymous said...

Wolfgang says..."True followers of the church must forsake house, brethren, or sisters or father, or mother, or wife, or children, in order to have everlasting life. Its not an easy path but the reward is beyond imagination."

If we did that, who would we have left to love? Truly, you can't even get along with others. So, forsake yourself and maybe you will see the light. And seriously Dave, why does YOUR god fail at conflict resolution other than submitting to YOUR grand scheme of things which suggests people to forsake and hate and despise "loved ones"? In Dave's bible it says "He is going to pay back his enemies and reward those who have loved him." Well, that sounds mightingly narcisstic of him and by the way, I thought God was supposed to teach us HOW to love. Its NOT about entitlements. This is getting worse and worse. Everlasting life, the greatest rewards, Heaven's Gate, and YOUR awsome way to take that ride.

I hope that more people learn about your contaminated food supply, less and less people will come to your grand dinner party and for those that still show up will most certainly suffer from food poisoning.


Anonymous said...

“Dave Pack: We Are Christ's Leadership Team; Woe To Those Who Ignore Us”

Ha! That's nothing!

WOE!!!, WOE!!!, WOE!!! to those who do NOT ignore Dave.

Anonymous said...

“A vast library of literature, cutting edge web sites, initial staff and ministry, headquarters campus, buildings, immense infrastructure of all kinds and more;
an amazing campus, so stunning, so visually beautiful as to stagger the imagination has been built. This truly magnificent campus is almost complete- at just
under a 100 acres, its central features parallel Pasadena and Big Sandy with even some reminders of Bricket Wood: it can comfortably handle over 100 more employees

An extraordinary video filmed last Fall introduces what will soon be everyone’s headquarters- as gorgeous as the campus was then, it has advanced far beyond what
the video reveals. The last polish phase should be done in a couple months; any final buildings would come later.”

How many times does this have to be restated before you people get it?


Mark Towbridge said...

For the Splintered Church of God it is all about threats, bad news, intimidation and woe unto you.
There are no happy sermons about the joy or peace of Christ. Nothing about how to remain positive despite Christ's declaration to think of the pure,the good, etc.
No, not these churches. Everything is ugly and full of woe.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pack will soon be homeless, since he will take his own advice to forsake his home. 99.999999999999 % of the world has never heard of David Pack. Most WCG members and ex members have never heard of David Pack. He is a legend in his own mind. The only golden throne he sits on is where his poop goes down the drain.

Minimalist said...

In Campus video, the Administration building's Gold & Mahogany Elevator has strange "Lock Out" key-controlled switches for various floors. What is this paranoia all about?? Is this for when the anticipated world leaders visit they get an express ride to the top executive level?? Who gets to have an executive elevator key? Probably only Big Dave himself.

See it here at the 2:47 mark

Anonymous said...

Like many church members, Dave is flushing his eternal life down the toilet bowl. It would have been useful when I started attending church services, if someone had informed me what the church was really like, and all the informal rules. I learned everything the hard way, which looking back, was dangerous.

Connie Schmidt said...

First there is LCG , the church of NO.

Now RCG , the church of WOE!

When will there be a COG that can be called the Church of GROW??

Anonymous said...

Ronco said...
"An extraordinary video filmed last Fall..."

Was that the one with no people in the video?
When I watched that, I got scared thinking that Dave's Rapture had actually occured!

Anonymous said...

Connie Schmidt said...
"When will there be a COG that can be called the Church of GROW??"

Armstrongism can't grow that.
It's a proven fact.

Opinionated said...

I'm kind of offended that you used an upstanding human being, meaning Don Knotts to use in a article about that low-life piece of crap con man davy pack.

Anonymous said...

Earth-rattling... could it be? I do hear a rattling, alright..

No, wait, it's just Dave throwing another fit, must have thrown one of his toys out of the crib again.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 7:42 AM said...

“Like many church members, Dave is flushing his eternal life down the toilet bowl. It would have been useful when I started attending church services, if someone had informed me what the church was really like, and all the informal rules. I learned everything the hard way, which looking back, was dangerous.”

I hear you.

I'll try to post a quick summary of DCP and his RCG below for those who do not yet know about it.

Anonymous said...

The Plain Truth about David C. Pack (DCP) and his Restored Church of Fraud (RCG)

You can waste your time reading David Pack's two-volume Authorized Biography online, or you can read two pages right here and learn some of the really important stuff that it will not even tell you.

The David Pack story is the story of someone who started out in life wanting to be something as overrated and useless as an Olympic athlete, but who ended up becoming something even more overrated, useless, and expensive: A COG FALSE PROPHET.

David Pack became a Worldwide Church of God (WCG) minister, but got fired by the Tkaches. Next, David went with the Global Church of God (GCG) splinter group, but got fired from that too. So, he started his own Restored Church of Fraud (RCG). Now David Pack gets to fire other people like crazy.

David Pack started off by causing great trouble for Donald H. Tiger, who was trying to put all of Herbert W. Armstrong's writings on CDs and give them away for free. David Pack wanted to be the hero to restore Herbert W. Armstrong's teachings as of the time of HWA's death in January 1986. But David was too broke, and too slow and late, to buy the copyrights to HWA's writings, and it turned out to be illegal to just reprint them. So David rewrote them himself (though others claim that they did much of the work). This was passed off as some sort of proof of David Pack's great sincerity and determination to hold fast to what HWA had taught.

When all the strictly enforced but regularly misappropriated tithes and offerings were not enough to pay for David Pack's dreams, he instituted a policy of having everyone in his RCG do fund-raising continually. When even that was not enough to satisfy his covetousness, David Pack conveniently (for him, not for his followers) “restored” the doctrine that you must “obediently send 'common'--or no salvation if you don't.” In David's version of “common,” what is his remains his, and what is yours becomes his, and it all gets used by him and for him, and none of it gets redistributed to anyone as they have need, even though many people will have much need after David gets done draining them. Some people now recall having had a bad feeling about it when David Pack first started to hang out with that Prince Money Seminar guy from Nigeria.

Be careful not to request the RCG's supposedly “free” literature. David Pack became angry (a common theme with David) and shouted about people “stealing” his church's literature. David now wants former WCG people to read his ever changing Splinter Explanation Package (SEP) online rather than request hard copies. This will make sure that he stays firmly on the getting side of things and does not inadvertently end up giving anything away.

All the ranting and raving for more money was accompanied by stories of numerous, invisible, unverifiable, and unprovable miraculous things supposedly happening to faithful RCG members. Vans with unconscious women drivers would supposedly pass through huge trucks unharmed. No doubt, David hopes that these miracle stories will make RCG members feel better and keep them from grumbling about David's thefts and massive doctrinal changes. However, the only thing that can be confirmed with any certainty is that David Pack has taken a lot of money from his followers.

Continued below...

Anonymous said...

...continued from above.

There is no stability in the Restored Cash Grab. Continual change is the only constant. David Pack will not do the things that he said he would do, but he will do the things that he said he would not do. About the only thing you can count on is that your financial “obligations” will continue to increase relentlessly. Do not think that you have done all you can by merely giving all you have. David could still send you out to try to effectively rob banks by borrowing all you can from them with the assurance that according to his latest sure-thing calculations, supported by dozens of “proofs,” you will flee to a Place of Final Abuse before most of the money becomes due and repayable.

Giving himself the promotions that he never got as a WCG minister has worked out really well for David, but not so well for his followers. David Pack quickly rose from minister, to apostle, to Joshua the High Priest, to Elijah the Prophet, and now That Prophet. Other RCG people just go from ordinary member to fired and expelled “bum.”

David Pack has now started to teach that a Temple will be built in Jerusalem before the return of Jesus. It remains to be seen if David Pack's video series about this will turn out better than David Pack's “crucial” Friday announcement postings throughout the summer of 2013 that led up to the disappointment of August 31, 2013. You might recall (with some regret, if you handed over your house at that time) that David Pack's 24 given reasons + 32 not given reasons = 56 total reasons for why something would happen at that time were not enough to make anything actually happen.

One year, RCG members were supposed to be solid as a rock in their belief that HWA was Elijah, but the next year they had to be flexible enough to believe David's “130 PROOFS” that HWA was wrong, that HWA was actually Moses, and that David is Elijah. The booklet by David that had proved that HWA was Elijah got deleted and replaced with six hours of noise that said that David Pack is Elijah. One year, RCG members could read one of David's books that proved that Jesus was That Prophet, but the next year that book was gone too and replaced with some video noise that made David out to be That Prophet. These things happened after years of David Pack criticizing Roderick Meredith for supposedly wanting to be the Elijah, and of criticizing Gerald Flurry for claiming to be That Prophet.

No discussion of David Pack would be complete without at least briefly mentioning his misuse and abuse of numbers and his mastery of using deceitful and misleading statistics. There was an old saying that there are plain old lies, and then there are damnable lies, but worst of all there are statistics. Now, statistics have been clearly supplanted by David Pack as the most deceitful and dishonest thing of all.

The sudden, massive, continuing, doctrinal changes that David Pack HIT his followers over the head with in recent years do not exactly promote stability. They will lead to more burned out, destitute, homeless people without retirement plans who suffer from instability issues.

The problem with all self-appointed leaders like David Pack is that you really do not know what all crazy ideas they will come up with in the future, even when they tell you what they supposedly believe at the start. For example, the original idea that HWA was the Elijah who was prophesied to restore ALL things was supposedly a great “wall of defence” against doctrinal changes, according to one of David Pack's own books. Notice that it has not stopped raging Dave Packman (the devourer of everyone's house, not just the widow's house) from changing whatever he wanted to.

David's mother ought to be ashamed of what he has become and what he has done. She should have taught him to respect other people and their property rather than let him grow up to lie and steal like a psychopath.

Anonymous said...

8.42 PM. Excellent post.

Anonymous said...

March 18, 2016 at 8:32 PM
March 18, 2016 at 8:38 PM
March 18, 2016 at 8:42 PM

Amazing synopsis! also great wpm ;)

Anonymous said...

March 18, 2016 at 10:08 PM and March 19, 2016 at 3:36 AM,

Thanks for the compliments.

Now I feel bad that I did not take the time to do a better writeup. ;-(

Anonymous said...

@Opinionated; I agree, Don Knotts picture should not have been used in this article to describe a low life scumbag like David Pack. Don Knotts had more class and morals in his little pinky when he was alive than Davey has in his entire body. Even in his grave Don Knotts still has more class than this lowlife piece of S***. At least Don Knotts left a great comedic legacy that we can still enjoy, what legacy will Davey boy leave when he becomes worm food?

Anonymous said...

Ah, I see that the "miraculous god saved a female" lie changed from going through a tree to going through a truck, from when I was in COG# 3,358. Got that one from a minister's daughter.


Is anyone still telling the "I played with a ouija board and a demon apologized because I invoked god" story? Got that in Worldwide, too...