Friday, November 30, 2018

Church of God Pedophiles and the Cover Ups.

I have been asked to repost this because certain COG groups are denying that there were pedophiles in the church.

For many decades the Church of God has had a string of child abuses cases that were quietly hushed up by the ministry and the administration.  Only when the police or child protective services got involved did the stories ever make headlines.  "What child abuse cases" you may ask, "I never heard of any."  There is a reason for that.

Negative publicity was anathema in the Church of God.  No one dared bring ridicule or scorn upon the church.  The ministry and the administration made that well know.  Those that did so were immedialty put out of the church for doing so.  This included families who reported the child abuse.  Somehow it was their fault it happened.

The Jehovah's Witnesses are reeling from child abuse accusations right now that involve cover ups of the abuses by their ministry and leadership.  The excuses are the exact same ones the COG  ministry used and STILL uses.  This should not be surprising since we all share the same religious heritage dating back to the Great Disappointment with William Miller in 1844.  That is the root of our religious heritiage corruption.

Over the last several years I have reported on several of the high-profile cases on this blog.  Click on the links under the pictures for the previous stories.

KENNESAW, Ga. -- A pastor was sentenced to prison Thursday when a jury determined he molested at least two young girls and took "no responsibility whatsoever" for his actions. 
Jurors deliberated half an hour before convicting 78-year-old John Aubrey Pinkston of two counts of child molestation. Pinkston is the founder and former leader of Congregation of God Seventh Day in Kennesaw. 
"Mr. Pinkston, you've been convicted of the unforgivable sin of molesting the most vulnerable members of your flock. You've taken no responsibility whatsoever," Cobb County Superior Court Judge Robert D. Leonard II said before sentencing Pinkston to 20 years with 10 to serve in prison.

A former Auckland teacher posed as a God-fearing churchgoer but behind closed doors molested children while reading passages from the bible, a court has heard.
Stephen Gough - who can be named for the first time after name suppression lapsed - was jailed for three and a half years at Waitakere District Court yesterday after admitting nine sex charges.
The 79-year-old man, who propped himself up in the dock with the aid of a walking stick, committed "persistent, relentless and repeated" offences against three girls and a boy between 1976 and 1987.

The Eastbourne Herald is reporting about a former deacon in the Worldwide Church of God who was convicted  for child molestations. Koeneke is a minister in the Church of the Eternal God, also known as Global Church of God in England and the Church of God, A Christian Fellowship in Canada.  He has ties to Raymond McNair, Wray Zehrung, Rod Meredith,  Norbert Link and Ed Pope.  He has also co-authored bookletspromoting the myth of British Israelism and the supposed prophecies in the book of Revelation, among many others.Abused in Everyway  in the Worldwide Church of God
United Church of God and Church of God a Worldwide Association 
A former UCG member who jumped ship to the Church of God a Worldwide Association (COGWA) has been sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of raping two little girls.  The judge in the case is quoted as saying:
The judge also told the defendant the sexual abuse was similar to a life sentence for      the girls. Binette said he took into that consideration plus a woman's testimony who alleged Wagner abused her decades ago -- and possibly at least five other victims -- when he decided the defendant's sentence. Child Rapist Gets Life Without Parole
Binette, according to the Sandusky Register, told Wagner he groomed the victims "in your own sick ways" and made his bedroom "a torture chamber for those two children."

Worldwide Church of God

The court was shocked yesterday by at the presentation of an audio tape, recorded in secrecy by the oldest son, in which the six year old daughter was allegedly beaten severely with a fiberglass tent pole with a knotted cord dangling from it for over two minutes, while a voice of a woman, identified as Robyn Kay Drown chatted in the background. According to the tape, at no time during the beating did anyone come to the defence of the little child who screamed and cried while her father called her "rebellious" and mentioned "the promised land". There also appeared on the tape to be at least one other child present during the beating. 

Robyn Drown was indicted with her husband Graydon Drown on 25 counts of second-degree assault and criminal mistreatment of nine of their children. Alleged weapons of abuse include a metal pipe, a switch, 2-by-4 boards and other household objects such as a fiberglass tent pole with a knotted cord, and wooden spoons. 

Wanted Fugitive

  • Description: Caucasian man; 5-feet-11-inches tall and 175 pounds; brown hair and hazel eyes.
  • Last Known: Kennesaw, but Dean owns Imperial Medical, a business in Cartersville.
  • Accusations: Dean is wanted to stand trial on aggravated child molestation and 12 additional charges. Authorities say he avoided the first trial by "running from the courtroom," an offense for which the judge issued a bench warrant. Dean is out of jail on a $75,000 bond.  
Anyone with information on Dean's whereabouts should call  BCSO's dispatch, non-emergency line at 770-382-5050, option 7. Cartersville-Bartow County Crime Stoppers accepts anonymous information on its tip line at 770-606-TIPS (8477). It gives cash rewards for tips the lead to an arrest in some cases. 

Click on the above link to the story on Silenced and how UCG covered it up.
Several years ago there was an entire UCG congregation in West Virginia which seceded from the mothership after a local elder molested a young lady in the congregation. The local elder had a history of doing this sort of thing. He had repeatedly been admonished by church leaders to stop, but as is so often the case, he didn't because he knew they would never discipline him. Keep in mind, this was back around 2004 - 2005 when all the leaders of COGWA were still running United. Doug Horchak, Jim Franks, Richard Pinelli, Clyde Kilough, etc., were all aware of what had taken place with this elder and how he had molested a young girl. 
Nathan Albright, who is not shy about publicly addressing problems in the COGs, sent Richard Pinelli an email about the problems created by the Council's lack of action to resolve the situation: 
Dear Mr. Holladay and Mr. Pinelli The attached message concerns a lively thread about the alleged fondling of a young lady in [...] by a local church elder. The situation has led to a lot of discussion, not all of it friendly, and the situation needs to be dealt with, as some people are threatening to call the police on the situation. Some of us know some (or all) of the parties involved in this particular situation, and I hope that the case is dealt with fairly and faithfully (and, at this point, quickly). Nathan Albright

Worldwide Church of God 
and present day leader of the House of Yahweh Cult

The House of Yahweh compound in Abilene, Texas has been in the news countless times for child abuse and bigmay accusations.  Pedophilia has been reported to be rampant on the compound.

The House of Yahweh is referred to many times as the "Sex Cult."  In fact, Yisrayl Hawkins himself was arrested for bigamy.  Hawkins first wife Kay Hawkins has written a book about her life in the HOY and how Hawkins,  a serial adulterer, took another wife before casting her aside.  See The House of Yahweh: My Side of the Story.

The few public cases presented here are just the tip of the iceberg of what really has went on over the decades.  Child abuse was rampant in the church and yet was little known because church leaders covered so much of it up.  It still goes on to this day in most of the larger Church of God splinter groups, including UCG, PCG, RCG, LCG, COGWA, CGI and others.

All of this from a church that claimed to be the "restored faith once delivered."  We mocked and ridiculed "worldly" churches because of their scandals, yet we were just as sick, if not more so.


Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised. When the founder of Worldwide was guilty of raping his own daughter and his son, Garner Ted, committed wholesale adultery with every coed and other vulnerable female he could schmooze, it comes as no surprise to me, but it would have back before 1974. We were so deluded and starry-eyed that we never guessed what was rampant in our midst.

Predators, especially those who prey on childdren and young adults, know that their most fertile hunting grounds are places like schools and churches. If they can worm their way into positions of prestige and authority, they have it made. No one wants to believe that dedicated so-and-so is really a monster in hiding and those who don't want the financial boat rocked will say and do anything to supress the facts.

Anonymous said...

“'Mr. Pinkston, you've been convicted of the unforgivable sin of molesting the most vulnerable members of your flock. You've taken no responsibility whatsoever,' Cobb County Superior Court Judge Robert D. Leonard II said before sentencing Pinkston to 20 years with 10 to serve in prison.”

With all due respect, I must say, respectfully, that the judge does not seem to understand right and wrong as actually practised in the so-called professing COGs.

First of all, preying on the vulnerable is just what perverts do, especially in the professing COGs. It is not unnatural at all for perverts to behave that way. Next, molesting children is not “unforgivable” at all, especially in the professing COGs. It is commonly done, hushed up, and forgiven by the perpetrators. The victims need to learn to forgive too, just as the perpetrators have forgiven themselves long ago, and might forgive their victims too if they keep quiet, but not if they talk. The only “unforgivable” thing would be for a victim or anyone else to simply tell the truth about what had happened. That would be “trafficking in other people's sins” according to GTA and would almost certainly doom the talker to the lake of fire.

Of course the sinister did not take any responsibility whatsoever. Why should he? He is not responsible. He is irresponsible. Duh! He is too irresponsible ever to be found responsible. What was that “unjust judge” out there in “Satan's world” thinking that he would punish someone who was not responsible? No leader in any professing COG would ever punish him. In their view, he has done nothing worthy of punishment. In fact, he might not have done anything that they have not done themselves. He just needs help and understanding in hushing things up. It is his victims who talk that need to be punished, and would be in any of the so-called professing COGs.

The world sometimes seems to do things differently and backwards from what the professing COGs actually practice. It is a strange, strange world out there, but sometimes I like it!!!

Anonymous said...

Pedophiles are an extremely rare occurrence in the Church. Those that were found out received counseling by God's ministry and repented. Those that did not repent were kicked out. End of story, Many of those that claim to have been abused brought it upon themselves by their actions which were not always godly.

This is sensationalism its best.

Anonymous said...

"Pedophiles are an extremely rare occurrence in the Church....This is sensationalism its best."

What a blind, totally deluded apologist you are! I would have said the same thing prior to 1974, but I soon learned to my horror that some of those coeds I regarded as sisters had been brutally used by the second in command of "god's church." Soon revelations about other revered ministers, like Lowell Blacdwell, forever banished the blinders from my eyes. Worldwide was a moral cesspool when it came to some of those at the top and much the same is true of the splinters.

Byker Bob said...

The pervasive use of pain compliance in the rearing of children produces a general desensitization towards childrens' suffering. Once this desensitization sets in, it would hardly be surprising that it would manifest itself in any number of ways. After all, cruelty towards animals has been known to morph into severe pathologies such as torture and mass murder of humans. Inability to empathise with people suffering pain facilitates cruelty. This is, of course, another way in which Armstrongism kills some of the innate goodness which is naturally present in the human soul.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, Blackwell. Forgot about him! They eventually let him back in and let him preach again. Sicko

Redfox712 said...

May all those guilty of criminal behavior of this sort within the COGs and in the rest of society be exposed and brought to justice before the courts of law.

It is shameful that when things like this happen so often those in power choose to overlook the criminal perpetrator because the criminal happens to be more powerful and more friendly with those in power than the victim.

Anonymous said...

Complete rubbish. The elders turn a blind eye to it all. I will never forget the time my 6 year old daughter was grabbed in front of me and a speaker an old man started tickling her by bending her over and putting his hand right down her back. This happened last year....

Redfox712 said...

Latest issue of PCG's recruitment magazine now out.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Gary for putting this blog entry together. This is an important aspect of the church that [pedophile] Herbert Armstrong built, aided by his [serial sexual predator] son Garner Ted.

The examples you've given are surely the tip of the iceberg, if the examples I knew about in my local WCG congregation(which were all hushed up and never publicized)
are a microcosm of events in WCG's macrocosm.

This is one of many realistic counterpoints to some twisted comments I've noticed here in the past few months- Such as someone suggesting that many of the greatest things in our present time are because of HWA's efforts, and also others suggesting that HWA was a veritable reservoir of godly truth.

Frankly, the "truth" of the church that Herb built is actually quite sinister!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Pedophiles are an extremely rare occurrence in the Church....This is sensationalism its best."

Sensationalism?? Oh Really?? How about the word Tragedy?!?!?!?
Excuse Me . . . do the ruined lives of children mean that little to you?

ONE is ONE TOO MANY... Sorry!

My wife and I knew a slimeball[oh, he was an "elder"..] from old Worldwide group in North Georia which became "Grace Communion International" . . .

Multiple Y.O.U. kids knew him as a predator! And one of their Parents told us about him. It was known...

We reported it, it was covered up ...just like like they all do!

Transformed by Truth, Huh?

James said...

Anon wrote: Many of those that claim to have been abused brought it upon themselves by their actions which were not always godly.


Otherwise, its the victims fault. Typical blame game the cog's lay on the members feet. Sick!

Anonymous said...

One of Rod Meredith's right hand men that helped start Global Church of God and Living Church of God molested numerous church and Imperial boys at Camp River Glen. He thought he was the most perfect Christian ever. He treated his wife as a servant meant to do everything he commanded. Degenerate man, yet Meredith kept him in his inner circle.

NJ Senior Citizen said...

Anonymous says: "Many of those that claim to have been abused brought it upon themselves by their actions which were not always godly. ".

Are you a pervert yourself that you defend these predators?
Also you wouldn't know "godly" if it bite you.
Your creepy molester supporting/enabling comment shows just what you are and how far from God you truly are. There is no God or godly in or about you.

Do you really think a 5 year old child brings on their own molestation?
How about older women and young boys. Do they bring on their own molestation?
How dare you blame the victim you horrible little puke.
NO one deserves to be molested or taken advantage of. NO ONE!
People like you are beneath contempt.
Do you blame the Armenians for the genocide against them? etc, etc etc.
Of course you probably do because you are a self righteous creep who crawled out from under a church rock.
Go back under your rock where you belong.

RSK said...

Oh, of course, the victims asked for it! And these godly men and women were instantly swayed!

Pull the other leg while you're at it.

Anonymous said...

14.4% of girls and 5.8% of male children in Canada have suffered sexual abuse according to a study by the Canadian Medical Association Journal,

This is a societal problem.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

We were told in the Worldwide Church of God that "God calls the weak and base things".

In reality, the Worldwide Church of God attracted many of life's losers along with the good ordinary people who just wanted to follow bible truth like my own mother and like many other Banned by HWA blog readers' mothers. Take a good look at the photos of the pedophiles on this page and what do you see? LOSERS!

So when we were told that "God calls the weak and base things to confound the mighty - what we now know is what the Worldwide Church was really talking about was pedophiles, perverts, tax cheat felons, con men, religious frauds, blasphemers, etc. etc. In other words, LOSERS!

The mighty were not fooled, nor were they confounded by the LOSERS!

By their fruits you shall know them!


Anonymous said...

"This is a societal problem."

So here we go again. It's a societal problem and not a church problem. One more of the excuses that the church leaders used. So what if a few people were pedophiles, it was not a church problem. They were not converted.

Stephen said...

Anon 1:33PM wrote:

"This is a societal problem."

Yes. So? If this was intended as an apologetic, it fails miserably.

Question remains, if Armstrongist churches are the greatest thing going since 30 AD, as some still seem to think, why are their criminal statistics no better than the "worldly" society they love to rail against? Since the churches aren't better, when they damn "the world" aren't they condemning themselves too?

Frankly, if any decent self-respecting god had anything to do with Armstrongism, you wouldn't find any incidence of this kind of thing at all, would you? Wouldn't the "holy spirit" nip such serious problems like this in the bud?

Since that's not what is happening...

Monnie said...

Anon, why didn't you punch the daylights out of him!

NJ Senior Citizen said...

Societal problem?
The question is not whether it is a societal problem or not but if it is a church problem.
And it truly is a church problem because it is not addressed with quick resolve and vigor. It is allowed to go on.
Paul was aghast that a congregation in his time allowed a pervert to remain among the members.
But the churches today don't care who stays or who goes really. It's all the same to them as long as money is paid.

Yes, society has problems with people who are evil and self centered in the extreme and believe they have the right to use others for their own purposes, no matter the devastation left in their wake.
But we are concerned here with this kind of person in a church setting. We are concerned with elders who knowingly allow it to continue and even protect the felon and silence the victim,'
Since child molesters and perverts rarely change, they must be taken out of the congregation and charges must be pressed against them,
If this isn't done, the church is complicit in the crime!
They are aiding a abetting a felony.
At that point their tax status must also be revoked and charges pressed against the church.
If one would like to bring up not taking a brother to court, I submit that a brother does not molest children nor do brothers aid and abet felonies committed against brethren.

Byker Bob said...

The ministers were never shy about checking peoples' cabinets for white flour and white sugar, or checking tithe records by computer. Those were certainly never written off as being societal problems. These are churches that regularly disfellowship for "bad attitudes"!

What if the criminal sitting in the congregation were a thief who stole from the brethren or minister, or a dope dealer who sold illicit street pharmaceuticals to the teenagers? You had better believe that something would be done about that type of criminal, pronto! Where is it written that a pedophile should be accorded the special satus of being treated any differently? Learning to become rulers and to judge angels indeed!


Glenn said...

This all makes me wonder what type of crimes committed by members WOULD Be reported to civil authorities by the church. Murder? Arson? Bank Robbery? Elder Abuse? Embezzlement? Fraud? Would they report anything at all or would they attempt to sweep everything under the rug to protect the reputation of the church? I doubt they would report anything at all...just keep quiet and hope nothing came out publicly.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it's also a "societal problem" ...

However, when churches cover up and hide these crimes, it makes the problem worse, allowing for the sexual abuse of minors to continue. By covering up these abuses, the churches are aiding and abetting, and furthering the continued sexual assaults on children.

Exacerbating the problem are members and leaders in these groups who see themselves as part of a movement which has a divinely inspired mission. There's a pressure on them to insure a squeaky clean group image is portrayed. In succumbing to this pressure, the most vulnerable among them are thrown under the bus.

IOW, by trying to keep the group looking good, they actually are growing some of it's most terrible aspects.


Anonymous said...

The WCG had embezzlers in its midst and never reported them. Ray Wright was caught embezzling over 100,000.00 and all they did was lay him off and then a few years later rehired him back in to take care of the money and he did it again! He should have been in jail.

Anonymous said...

My pointing out that the issue of child molestation is a "societal" issue is not meant to be an excuse for anyone anywhere.

But if one is trying to make a case that the WCG was "full" of child molestation or that it was somehow dangerous because of that - you would have to prove that there was significantly more abuse in the WCG than without.

I grew up in the WCG. It was a rare incident according to my own experiences.

The numbers I gave from the Canadian Medical Association study are startling. 14% of girls in the general population have been sexually molested.

Nor am I trying to in any way condone "cover ups" for offenders by authorities. It is not uncommon for authority structures to close ranks around an offender rather than admit one of their number committed a hideous crime. That's the way of human beings - not exclusive to the WCG.

I'm simply stating facts. Facts are friendly and have no agenda.

Lad of 50 said...

We've said that the only thing people are really usually put out for are bad attitudes, lack of tithing, not listening to the every word of the ministry or questioning doctrine.
Can we be somewhat certain then that the reason they don't put out the felons is that they identify with their evil and therefore have more compassion for them?
Perhaps they also look down on the average everyday member who they view as weak and base anyway and not worthy of their help.

DPR said...
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Anonymous said...

A pedo attacked my daughter and other kids in UCG around 2004. I had to stop bringing my family there because the minister let him come back. And all the elders knew about it as well. No one did anything about it.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget this pedophile from WCG.

Anonymous said...

Do we have any information that this is going on today? If we do we need to make this information to the proper officials. It does little good to paint a picture assuming that all churches have the same problem in an effort to destroy all the churches good or bad. AB

Anonymous said...

Molesting children is certainly a serious problem in any human society. The fact that this happens in organizations that are supposed to be practicing "Gods true religion" underscores the hypocracy of Armstrongism. If this is "Gods true religion" then you would think there would be none of this going on and if it did it would be swiftly dealt with. The fact is that all churches are human organizations ruled over by humans and some of the people they attract happen to be perverts because there seems to be way to many of them in society at large. One would think that "Gods true religion" however, would not have this problem.

Anonymous said...

You shall know them by their fruit! Look at the fruit people! They cover-up perverted behavior!

Byker Bob said...

Children are valued as less than adults in Armstromgism. It's as simple as that. Compassion for actual repentant felons is all well and good, so long as it isn't at the expense of innocent children. Whenever convenient, Armstrongism blames the victim. That's just plain wrong.


Anonymous said...

Too bad there are so many false allegations these days. Nobody really knows what to believe. So they just believe who they want to.

Anonymous said...

It is not unusual for people to confess to things they did not do, because that way they know they will get a lighter sentence.

Anonymous said...

"Children are valued as less than adults in Armstromgism"

Even when in the cult, I never believed that, and I don't know anyone else who did. I guess that was YOUR interpretation (attitude).

Anonymous said...

"The ministers were never shy about checking peoples' cabinets for white flour and white sugar ..."

Nobody checked my cabinets. Nobody even asked. Nobody said I can't use white sugar or white flour. I think you're making stuff up.

"1-EX- sheeple" said... he wasn't making making stuff up. I heard too much of that practice to discount
it. We had a pedophile way back in the Omaha congregation that was the ministerial assistant.
name of Gary(?) Castle. Was messing around with a members' 16 year old daughter. the family
finally moved out of state this was way back in the early 70's or so. He got transferred to
some other location if I remember this correctly. Pedophiles need to be castrated. But how do you castrate such a perverted mind?? The body easy, the mind???

Anonymous said...

I had brown sugar in my bedroom, and a bad attitude, too.

I now thank Jesus for them!

Without those blessings, I could still be stuck in a cult.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really believe that the "Children are valued as less than adults in Armstromgism." statement is false?

At he Feast in parking lots, it was not unusual to see a child bent over the bumper of a car being given "Godly discipline" per GTA's child beating booklet, as happy cult members drove past, honking or smiling in approval.

And with the church's "Satan's around every corner" approach, where do you think the adult members were taught to - or tended to - think Satan's entrance point that needed fending off would be?
The kids!
Certainly, the adults were too "spiritually mature" to have that be an issue.
So, for the kids it wasn't just Feast parking lots or ladies rooms. It was year round horror at home, keeping Satan away.

nck said...

"Pedophiles need to be castrated. But how do you castrate such a perverted mind?? The body easy, the mind???"

I do not condone the behavior of the associate pastor you mention, however PUHLEASE Half of the American West was 16 and eligible for marriage at 16 back in the days.

Is it Texas where the laws states 14 as of today, can't remember?

Maria was 15.
The empress of Austria was 16.

Of course with parental consent that is.


Anonymous said...

Spanking is not child beating. Equating the two is lying.

Anonymous said...

When I hear obvious lies like "GTA's child beating booklet" I would be an idiot to believe any claims the haters on here make without a lot of PROOF. Usually, the proof is lacking, though rumours and allegations abound. So I don't believe any of it ... until I see PROOF.

Anonymous said...

" old man started tickling her..."

Tickling? How cruel and sadistic! Kill the old creep and all his in-laws!

Gordon Feil said...

"Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof." Yeah, it's part of society at large, but when people claim to be coming out of the world, they ought to change or stop claiming.

Byker Bob said...

To understand the effects of a booklet, you have to be familiar with the oral teachings which accompanied it. The “child-beating” booklet, if an outsider happened to pick it up, seems innocuous enough. It’s the oral training in closed services which amplified it into the parking lot horsewhipping situations, and later “mothers” rooms and tents, as well as daily abuse and torture in the homes, calculated to break the spirit of the children. It’s not fun to watch the accumulated welts on your younger siblings’ butts open up to bleeding cuts with repeated whallops with switches, belts, and kitchen spatulas over relatively small issues.

On the other topic, the problem with pedophiles in an ACOG, is that it is presumed that adult church members are converted, or they wouldn’t have been invited to services in the first place. So, pedophile adults were misperceived as having a special gift in relating to children. You also have to ask yourself how a child would regard an anomalous kind adult when he or she was accustomed to severe beatings at home? Seems like there would be an open door ending up with an entirely different level of abuse. Denial because of the presumed conversion of the adults would result in catastrophic damage to a number of church kids before the horrific magnitude of the damage was even uncovered. The problem with this type of abuse is that a large percentage of victims later turn and become predators. So even if the pedophile is put out of the church, the disease has already taken effect, and is a cause of continuing infection to your congregation. This is one sin which must be dealt with harshly and decisively. It must be treated as the pathology which it is, and not as an accidental lapse into a single episode of sin. You would think that allegedly Spirit-filled ministers might have had the wisdom to develop an effective set of preventative measures so that WCG congregations would be a safe santuary for the children.

I would submit that when an institution’s children are abused in one way (such that the child’s emotional needs are not even considered, let alone met) then it naturally follows that a slightly different type of abuse would not be treated with an appropriate level of seriousness. This would seem to be axiomatic when that institution’s founder was the author of both types of abuse.

Armstrongism is a defective product in that when used in accordance to the guidelines of its manufacturer, it does not work, and can result in great harm to the user. This is yet another nauseating example.


Anonymous said...

Byker Bob wrote:

The problem with this type of abuse is that a large percentage of victims later turn and become predators. So even if the pedophile is put out of the church, the disease has already taken effect, and is a cause of continuing infection to your congregation. This is one sin which must be dealt with harshly and decisively. It must be treated as the pathology which it is, and not as an accidental lapse into a single episode of sin.

When you read this carefully, it is monstrous. Whether he realizes it or not, BB is advocating that victims be put out of the church along with their victimizers, in order for the continuing infection to be removed. That's a dangerous line of reasoning, especially when you consider that it applies equally to other kinds of sin. People become liars after others lie to them, so why not put liars and their victims out of the church? That approach might have saved LCG years ago, but how many innocent victims would have been hurt, just as BB proposed to hurt the innocent victims of child abuse, so that they won't grow up to molest other church members?

Byker Bob said...

So, how would you control it, 11:35?
This is a very different and much more devastating sin than lying. (Hell, you could say the entire church lied about the Germans coming!) Any victim of sexual child abuse needs to be carefully monitored and counselled for a wide variety of reasons. There are many long-term consequences which fall short of victim turning predator, not the least of which involve the individual’s continuing mental health.

It is not being compassionate to pretend that the abuse never happened, to sweep it under the carpet, and to believe that the child will somehow self-return to normal. It we were comparing this on the relativity scale to respiratory ailments, this is not catching a cold. It’s more like contracting tuberculosis! The response has to be appropriate.

There is a confluence of problems in play here. One is the undetected sexual predator who victimizes God knows how many children until caught. Another is the Armstrong system’s untrained clergy, totally unprepared for these sorts of events, and unschooled in any sort of effective counselling. And, remember, these ministers would not refer the victims and parents to outside counsellors such as psychologists or psychiatrists who were actually schooled in this field, because the church never did permit outside counselling. Counselling was the exclusive domain of their ministry.

This is another area in which the only possible solution would begin with Armstrongism disbanding.


Anonymous said...

Anon 5.00PM You are a sick troll and i can guess who you are.

Tessa said...
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Tessa said...
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Anonymous said...

Having grown up in the church, I personally know of three more cases in the Pasadena area which were only dealt with privately and never became widely known. I only know of these because I was close enough to members of the families involved. Who knows how many other cases existed just in Pasadena area alone which I don't know about because I wasn't close to those families? I have no doubt these high-profile cases are a drop in the bucket.

Anonymous said...

In reply to Anon 8:10 Dec 1 2018, You dont know what your skitting at.
He grabbed her and spread eagled his legs. He quickly in a matter of seconds put her between his legs, put his crotch over her bottom, bent her over and tickled her on her bare skin beneath her dress.
He appeared from nowhere. It happened on a holy day. Our UCG Pastor and his Wife where there and i looked over for help in desperation. But they stood there as if they were in a trance or simply did not care.
Should have gone to specsavers ??

He did it again months later grabbing her legs touching her under the table from being sat opposite her at another holy day only months later. It was Pentecost.
In a restaurant on UB Holy day he again appeared from nowhere as my daughter was bent over talking to her sibling in a baby chair. Again like the speed of lighting he rushed up from nowhere and put his crotch directly over her bottom whilst smirking at me.
That was the last straw and we deliberatly stay away from the congregation on Holy days as the pervert cannot control himself.
The Pastor is neither use nor ornament and is too busy arguing with brethren on social sites like here.
This is true and im sure far worse is going on elsewhere.
If Victor Kubic knew how bad it's been for brethren he would be shocked. But does he have a heart to care ?

Anonymous said...

Angela Story, on Google now, eh? Yes, I still have the stuff and it can be traced through discovery,"Hi Linda, THanks for getting back to me. THe problem is of a man who molested his two daughters who are now about 45 or so. His wife told me recently of this and that the two daughters are very angry because he has dismissed the molestation as being "no big deal" I told our "minister" who first of all tried to fob me off with well it was so long ago, and they must have got over it by now. I have been worked in child protection and am well educated in these matters so I told him, you don't just get over it and that the man is showing great interest in a little female child at church. He took some time before he bothered to do anything about it and then got back to me saying that the man admitted to one incident which was harmless. THe minister would not interview the wife or the daughters whom he knows. The man said that they'd had a family talk about it and everything was fine and "pleaded" with him not to talk to the girls. The man discredited his wife, the source of the complaint saying she wasn't having her medication when she made the complaint.
THe minister then said that he would handle things from now on and that I should keep out of it. He used the word harmless in connection with the matter.
Now the fact that the man admitted to one offense to me means it's probably the tip of the iceberg and the fact that the minister won't ask the wife or the daughters is very suspect. He has let the man run the whole show and the minister says I must leave it up to the church, by which he means himself. He has no idea that he is not the church.
I have warned the parents of the little girl that this man has been cultivating and they are absolutely amazed that the minister can't be bothered protecting her and any other children.
The minister doesn't even know that I have warned the child's parents. I was waiting to see if he would bother to.
THe church is ucg . The minister also told me he has a registered sex offender in another congregation and they just "keep an eye on him". The members no nothing of any danger they or their children are in. Having been in wwcg and ucg nothing these ministers do surprises me anymore. I warned the minister that the man in question may have molested church children over the years and that one day it may all be revealed. He believes the man that he has done something like this only once. Knowing the man and how he has physically and emotionally abused one of their sons and seeing his rudeness and highhanded behaviour, I can easily believe that he would take advantage wherever he could. THe man is 70 but he still seems to be pursuing this little child at services, grinning at her and making eye contact with her all thru services and hanging around her afterwards.
Recently a 79 yr old cog man was sentenced to jail in Nz for molesting children at church over many years. It all came out, finally. I told the minister this and he really couldn't give a toss.
So that's a snapshot of the situation here, I just wonder what the history of ucg and wwcg is in regard to dealing with these matters. Herbert A's own incestuous intercourse with his daughter is the elephant in the room but the minister in question is very pro HWA having received a hefty salary from him all his life.
Would value your thoughts ideas etc. Am pretty disgusted with the situation. THanks very much in advance, Linda. Angela
2/11/16, 6:59 AM"

Anonymous said...

And Angela,I also have the correspondence of our mutual 'friends' who are also complicit and will be exposed as well during discovery.


Anonymous said...

The message to Garcia is, hey, Jesus Christ is leading this. The lawyer who lied to me, yes, you did, now is the time to come forward. All the ministers who covered up, I don't think it will be covered up much longer. It can all be traced through discovery. Now is the time to take it to God and ask God what He would have you do to make things right. Because now it is those who lied, and covered up, and allowed the sexual misconduct to continue so many years that are dishonoring the Great God of Honor. All credit goes to Jesus Christ, who leads the 'discovery' of the ongoing saga of PS. And yes, Jesus Christ can strengthen and use, 'just a woman' to righteous ends....that the sad trail of tears left to so many girls and women by just this one man, PS, might be made right, according to the laws of restitution in the word of God. God does not lie. And neither should those who say they are his ministers.

Anonymous said...

Considering the writings of this thread, it is obvious that PS is having a fight with himself to create a smoke screen.

He got careless.

Anonymous said...

I may post the stuff I have from Pepper, who scared a dear childhood friend of mine to death. This is also can be traced through discovery.

Anonymous said...

Here is a partial conversation that was sent to me. My facebook account was accessed and my friends were contacted by a person I have never met named Pepper, but of course, this is just another fake name.

My friend sent me this, "Sent an email but wanted to make sure you get this info, someone by the name of Pepper sent me a instant messaging about you that was mean and disturbing. Just hoping all is well. Take care hon.
9/22/16, 7:53 PM

9/23/16, 4:28 AM
I'm so sorry to hear about that. ..and I deleted the message, it was vile and hateful and I got rid of it before I really thought about it. ..part of it I remember said you were an abomination before God and used the church to do evil. was crazy and scarey at the same time, and I have no idea how he found me. ..please be careful. ..I care about you and still hope that we can have a time to laugh and reminisce together."

This can all be found through discovery. All of it. It was meant to scare me. I wonder what the legal authorities call this?

Anonymous said...

I post here because there needs to be a public record of how this progresses. This is a new path with only Jesus Christ leading. This time, there is no Church of God org to silence me. This time, there is no pastor or evangelist threatening to silence me, because Jesus Christ has removed me from the influence of men who do not follow His will. This time there are no friends or family to deter me, because the heavy hand that has been systematically applied to me does not have any effect on me. I know where the abuse is coming from, and why. This time Jesus Christ leads me. Step by step as the actions and steps of the men who call themselves ministers of Christ respond. Are these 'brave' ministers for the women and girls/boys so shamefully harmed by pedophiles in the past going to continue to cover it up? Or are they going to cooperate in letting the women and girls who were molested have say and restitution from the predator that has been protected for so long? Will they, in secret, advise the victims of the past of PS to not come forward and seek restitution from PS? For all these things are not hidden from the eyes of God. If the ministers in the various Churches of God would actually struggle to be a 'king and priest' in the Kingdom of God, as they publicly profess, then they MUST HAVE THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CONGREGANTS IN MIND AND NOT THEIR ORG OR ORG LEADER(S). What is done by each minister individually they will be held accountable before Jesus Christ for what they did, and why they did it. If a little 9 year old girl can be exposed to a pedophile then those who had power to stop it will be held many times more accountable. May those who walked in the shoes of Eli have the same judgment fall upon them.

It does not matter if you have a Ph.D. in psychology like David Antion. The title can be used to serve or it can be used to abuse. Anyone who endorses a known pedophile, with the training this man has had, is such a disgusting billboard to the world of who Jesus Christ really is. This man's actions are NOT what Jesus Christ would do. Yes, coming from 'JUST A WOMAN' who no longer knows her place in the crazy world of sexual misconduct coverup in Church of God land. David Antion has put his put himself at grave risk professionally. Being older is no excuse. If age is an issue, he should recuse himself from leading an organization that pretends to model the standards of Jesus Christ.

How dare any of you 'ministers of God in the Churches of God' dare to model to the women in the congregation that you model how Jesus Christ protects them from evil. Jesus Christ is nothing like what you have collectively modeled to the women. Your actions attack the very core of their Christianity, teaching them that Jesus endorses pedaphilia and sexual assaults on women by ministers or leaders in your org. Jesus Christ does NOT endorse fighting these victims in court when they strive to gain restitution for the harm done. Your collective inaction to protect little girls (as young as 9 in the case of PS) shows the cowardice of the past. Now, what will you do? Continue to beat down the adult victims? Are you going to ignore them in their pain? Are you going to let them fend for themselves? Will there be no apology to the victims for your past collective stupidity? Why do you think victims of sexual misconduct in the church leads victims to suicide? It is because you 'ministers of God' modeled to them that they were worthless. That God did not deal with them the same as the sexual deviants. The sexual deviants were to be protected and the the little girls and women were to fend for themselves. You modeled to them that God was a God of duplicity, in favor of the perverted ministers. It is because you lifted your organizational power to destroy those who spoke up. It is because you knowingly decided the victims were acceptable collateral damage.

Jesus Christ is not like you. Jesus Christ is not like you. Jesus Christ is not like you.

Anonymous said...

If a Church of God representative does not cooperate with a just cause, in my eyes, the organization endorses the stand, and this makes that Church of God open for legal recourse. No more lies. No more cover up. Let this be a class action law suit against PS, or join PS.

Anonymous said...

To cowardly anonymous who appears to be attacking angela storey. What is your point. You seem to be a pathetic individual hacking into people’s private correspondence. Are you a paedoohile. Your posts make no sense oh fearless wonder.

Anonymous said...

Linda leave Angela Storey alone.

Anonymous said...

I expected a post from Angela. Instead, a couple of anonymous posts. Well, as in Truth or Consequences, will the real Angela please come down?? :o

Anonymous said...

Sex offenders in the Churches of God who are leaders/ministers have historically hidden in secrecy. It only takes a quick search of the Internet to find out that sex offenders thrive in a culture of secrecy and hiding the ‘delicate’ nature of the offence.

Here is what the results of a sex offender, especially a minister, does to the women and children he violates. He models and teaches them to sin against God. This effectively teaches the victims that God is lawless. It also cuts them off from God, as God does not hear sinners as stated in the Bible. This is talking about practicing sinners. They simply are not heard. Thus, the connection the women and girls/boys had with God is severed. The ministers who cover up for the sex offender by saying he has repented and giving the sex offender a place to hide/or giving him access to yet more women and girls, are as complicit in the crime as the sex offender.

Letting the victims fend for themselves as the leaders/ministers in the various Church of God organizations distance themselves from the victims is no different than the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Church, which the Churches of God have historically condemned for their sex scandals, are indeed the very role model that the leaders have followed in the Churches of God. To this very day. The victims can fend for themselves while the ‘elite’ so called ministers of God still continue to draw their salaries and benefits from tithe payers and distance themselves from the terrible effects their cowardice has created in the lives of the victims.

As in the days of Eli, may the same judgment come down on these ministers who make the same judgment to do nothing to stop the sick sexual encounters with women and children in the Churches of God.

Message to Garcia….read what happened to Eli and his children/family. Eli did not stop the continuance of sexual misconduct by his sons. Ministers in the Churches of God did not stop the continuance of sexual misconduct by known pedophiles in the Churches of God. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. God does not change.

This needs to be spelled out explicitly, because somehow, the ministers in the Churches of God do not understand this. Even though they may have a Ph.D. It seems that many ministers in the Churches of God do not understand basic Christianity 101. Following in the same conduct as the Roman Catholic Church in its coverup and sending the minister somewhere else, so has the Church of God done.

Of course, I am sure Jesus Christ is going to embrace these ministers and leaders as His agents to the world of how the Kingdom of God will be administered. : o

Anonymous said...

Carla van Dam, Ph.D. (2019) states, “4. Be inoculated against the spell “offenders use to access children: Inoculating communities from having their children abused would prevent harm just as washing hands stopped the spread of disease. Child sexual abuse is a virus that flourishes in secrecy and isolation. The best antidote is open communication. To protect children, the adults who experience concerns and who have doubts must do something. What can be done will need to continue to be expanded on, with endless opportunities for new information, ideas, and successes that can be beneficial to all. But to begin with this includes talking to friends and family, talking to therapists, talking to sexual assault experts, an Just as there is no shame in being exposed to germs, there is no shame in having sex offenders circle around children opportunistically hoping to gain access / entry anywhere adults fail to intervene. The embarrassment and shame should be squarely placed on those who molest. Being vigilantly aware and openly able to discuss the topic, like washing hands, benefits all but the intrusive invaders whose conduct should not be tolerated. It is time adults learn to say “NO,” and to tell and to place the shame and blame squarely where it belongs, on those who molest.he d talking to the authorities. Talking about concerns breaks the cycle of secrecy and isolation, with adults working together to manage the issues and to thereby clearly convey the message that child sexual abuse will not be kept secret and will not be tolerated. By openly talking about it, by clearly setting boundaries, and when in doubt by removing access to children, the eradication of child sexual abuse can truly begin. Remember, child sexual abuse flourishes in secrecy and isolation. The antidote is open communication.”

Carla van Dam, Ph.D. (2019) further states, “Just as there is no shame in being exposed to germs, there is no shame in having sex offenders circle around children opportunistically hoping to gain access / entry anywhere adults fail to intervene. The embarrassment and shame should be squarely placed on those who molest. Being vigilantly aware and openly able to discuss the topic, like washing hands, benefits all but the intrusive invaders whose conduct should not be tolerated. It is time adults learn to say “NO,” and to tell and to place the shame and blame squarely where it belongs, on those who molest.”

The leaders/ministers in the Churches of God still do not know this. They think putting the shame on the victim and silencing the victim through ministerial edict is the solution. I know. I lived it. Ministers told underage victims not to report to the police while lay members strove to report the crime and get criminal charges brought against PS.

If a minister makes a sexual pass at a boy or girl underage, this should be reported to the authorities to stop the pedophile. Claiming repentance is a stupid cop out. Letting the ‘repentant’ minister, even if defrocked, to continue in attendance in the Church of God is a crime. It is against the laws of God and man.
In this area, ministers in the Churches of God have absolute rule. The government has not yet researched the sick practices of the collective Church of God ministers in covering up for their own. They are in charge of the tithes and directives of their church/followers. The followers support the edicts of the ministers as if they are god. They are not God. They, the ministers, are ignorant, willingly so, and collaborate to hide the sickness of some of the ministers in their presence.


Reference: van Dam, C. (2019). Stopping Sex Offenders in Their Tracks. Retrieved January 5, 2019 from

Anonymous said...

This is copied from the article Church Liability and Registered Sex Offenders. The URL is

"When it becomes known to the pastoral staff that a registered sex offender is attending, the church can choose one of the following three responses:

Do nothing. Unfortunately, this is often the approach taken by many churches. This response is not recommended due to its associated legal risks, which include the following: risk that the offender may molest a minor, liability to the church if the person will be working with minors, punitive damages for reckless or gross negligence, liability for board members who failed to implement appropriate safeguards, negative media publicity, and the risk of a potentially uninsured claim (intentional or criminal misconduct is not an insurable risk). Bottom line: in choosing to do nothing, you carry a high risk of harm to minors and of being sued for negligence."

When the leadership in the Churches of God actively counsel minors not to report sexual misconduct by leaders in their church so that the offenders can become registered sex offenders, I wonder how the civil authorities would respond to this????

When the collective ministry of the Churches of God 'protect or keep secret' the shameful acts of peers, what is that called? Being complicit in the continuance of crime/evil? Just like the driver of a criminal act such as murder is considered just as guilty as the one who commits the murder???

Anonymous said...

The following information is taken from a website that gives information on how churches can avoid legal risk/criminal risk.
Richard Hammar (2012) states,

"CASE #1: Criminal liability for
failing to report clergy child abuse
• Philadelphia jury convicted the “secretary for
clergy” of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia of one
count of child endangerment for allowing a priest
to take a new position involving contact with
minors after learning that he had had sexual
contact with at least one other minor.
• 3-7 year sentence
• may prompt prosecutions in other jurisdictions
CASE #2: $28 million verdict in a
child molestation case in CA
• $7 million compensatory and $21 million punitive
• national entity pays all of the the punitive and 40%
of compensatory
• policy required elders in local congregations to keep
reports of child sex abusers within the congregation,
and not follow civil reporting obligations
• enabled a sex offender to remain in a congregation
and molest a 7-year-old girl
CASE #3. $6.5 million settlement in
failure to screen case
• An Area Agency on Aging paid $6.5 million to four
young girls who were molested by an 81-year-old
volunteer at a Head Start preschool. The plaintiffs
claimed that
• the background check on the offender only went
back one year;
• the offender had been in the US only one year, but
the defendant failed to investigate his prior life
CASE #4: Importance of References!
Denominational State Office App. 2012
• “Church planting” pastor, funded by Convention.
• Molested child in FL church.
• Convention performed extensive criminal records check,
which disclosed nothing.
• Failed to contact two prior churches (in AL and MD)
where the pastor was employed – in both he molested a
young boy, though criminal charges never filed.
• Failure to contact prior churches was negligent.
• Implications.
• Liability of MD and AL churches for not reporting?"

Clearly, for the Churches of God, the most important consideration is their liability for monetary liability for not reporting sexual misconduct and covering it up. Also, those who have knowingly engaged the sex offenders in positions of leadership in their orgs can be criminally liable, with prison sentences handed out. Especially when it can be proven that they were forewarned of the sexual deviance of the person in question.

Hammar, R. (2012). Five Key Liability Risks for Religious Organizations. Retrieved January 6, 2019 from

Anonymous said...

Considering reporting of sexual abuse of minors by ministers in the Churches of God, Hammar (2019) states,

Child abuse is of epidemic proportion in our country. Ministers often learn of incidents of abuse in the course of counseling or from reports they receive from nursery or youth workers. It is essential for ministers to understand clearly their responsibilities under state law to report known or reasonably suspected incidents of abuse. In many states, ministers are "mandatory reporters," meaning they can be criminally liable for failing to report. Several states now permit a minister who is a mandatory child abuse reporter under state law to be sued for money damages by a victim of child abuse who discovers that the minister was aware of the abuse but did not report it.

A number of courts have rejected the defense made by some ministers that they failed to report abuse because they wanted to deal with the problem within the church as a matter of discipline. Some states excuse ministers from the reporting obligation if they learn of child abuse in the course of a privileged communication. Check your state law at least a few times each year, since this is an area of law that changes often.

Resource. Every year I publish a summary of the child abuse reporting laws of all 50 states in the May–June issue of my Church Law & Tax Report newsletter. This annual article addresses the following key issues in every state: (1) the definition of reportable child abuse; (2) who are mandatory reporters; (3) where to report; and (4) does the clergy-penitent privilege exempt ministers from a duty to report? Because state child abuse laws are frequently amended, I publish this article every year."

For ministers in the Churches of God who claim that they will keep it in house, it is a bet practice to pay attention to what current state criminal liability is. As the law changes, it is more towards protecting the innocent child and not the minister who knew and did nothing.


Hammar, R. (2019). Ten Legal Risks Facing Churches and Church Leaders. Retrieved January 6, 2019 from

Anonymous said...

Here are some cases which have been won by victims of ministerial/clergy abuse, years after the fact.

500 Priests' Identities Hidden
Illinois 2018
Illinois Attorney General alleges Catholic Church has protected identities of more than 500 priests accused of sexual abuse in Illinois.

$1M - 8 Victims
Boston 2018
The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston pays $1 million to settle claims by eight women who were sexually abused by two priests in the 1970s and 1980s.

$210M - 450 Victims
Minnesota 2018
In June, the Minnesota Archdiocese agreed to asettlement of $210 million to help compensate 450 victims of sexual abuse fromchurch officials.

$198M - 144 Victims
San Diego 2007
San Diego Archdiocese agreed to a $198.1 million settlement to help 144 victims recover from abuse or molestation from church priests.

$660M - 500 Victims
Los Angeles 2007
In the largest church abuse settlement yet todate, the Los Angeles Roman Catholic Archdiocese agreed to pay $660 million tocompensate more than 500 victims who alleged sexual abuse.

$85M - 552 Victims
Boston 2003
In one of the first church settlements, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston was forced to pay $85 million to compensate 552 victims of sexual abuse.

Church Abuse Center.(2018) Retrieved January 6, 2019 from

Anonymous said...

Settlements like the settlements awarded victims of clergy sexual abuse as referenced above would shut down the Churches of God. Not to mention the bad press that the representatives of the Church of God would have to the entire world of their collective history of cover up.

If the Church of God is God's church, then, as scripture says, judgement must begin there. If the collective ministry will endorse a known child molester to teach in their church, if the living ministers/lawyers stand silent with knowledge of other victims, further if they encourage past victims to continue to cover up, are they not complicit in the next crime that happens?

For after all, Eli was not having sex with the congregants, it was his sons. And he did nothing to stop it. The action Eli was guilty of was standing by and watching as evil continued in his very presence.

But, by considering the actions collectively of the ministers in the Churches of God, they still do not understand this, or they think God is a liar.

And these same men think I will defer to them to lead me in any way? I live constantly with the outcomes of their cowardice to do what is right in the eyes of God and man. And I know that what I experience is replicated in the lives of other women and children who once thought the ministers of the Church of God had their best interests in mind. They, the ministers, think and say they are qualified to take care of sex offending peers, but have proven that they care more about cover up, money and a fake reputation to the world of godly behavior.

Repetition is a time proven strategy for learning, thus the repetition of what all ministers in the Churches of God should know. Teaching the victims of the past sexual misconduct of PS, to cover it up, is evil both in the eyes of God and man.Teaching the victims of the past sexual misconduct of PS, to cover it up, is evil both in the eyes of God and man.Teaching the victims of the past sexual misconduct of PS, to cover it up, is evil both in the eyes of God and man.The target is to shut down the ongoing insanity of empowering this man to teach more women and children in a church setting. The hope is that the collective ministry of the Churches of God will learn and respond appropriately. I truly have little hope of this, but the action must be taken to ensure that the opportunity was given. The opportunity was given to help in shutting down this insanity.

Stonewalling is expected. This is the pattern of the past. It is what I expect to happen now.

Anonymous said...

With great sadness, as I review original papers I had filed away and tried to forget, I remember a woman who was counseling with PS. She was doing the same thing I did, counseling for marriage in an effort to do what God wanted her to do. She told me of the scriptures she was reading and that she had been sent to PS by the pastor at that time of her local congregation. It was the fellowship which PS went to after he was booted out of Global. This woman was very attractive, thin, and struggling. I warned her about PS, and told her to get as far away from him as she could. A few weeks later she died, presumed by her own hand. The victims of these kind of encounters with people such as PS either cause suicidal ideation or tip the victims over the edge. This is a true report, and the names are left out for the sake of the family. This did not need to happen. Her encounter with him would have never happened if he had been labeled a sex offender and prosecuted. He would never have been in a teaching/counseling position where he could have harmed another woman.

Anonymous said...

The Bible is a puzzle, which is hard to assemble properly without the direction of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Only He, as the one who reveals the will of God, can assist us in properly assembling the scripture the way it needs to be at any given time. There is a time to stand up, and there is a time to let God fight our battles for us.

A few scriptures, such as standing and watching the great salvation of God, by faith.
Forgiving others as we have been forgiven.
Modeling true righteousness.
Forsaking lies and duplicity and vanity.

Go and sin no more.

Among my favorites, is allowing God to make his home in us, as revealed in scripture. A place that is loving, comfortable, true, honest, filled with hope, filled with a desire to live and share everything that is good and wholesome. A place we never want to leave because it is so positive. Because it is so welcoming and just. Because we never have to be afraid. When we lose hope, God does not. Jesus Christ gives us His peace.

As a teacher, mastery is the goal. An A if you do what you need to to master the subject. Doing everything I know to do to support mastery of the content to the learners I engage.

I know Jesus Christ is going to make this okay. Because He has never failed me, even though I thought I could not go another step. One baby step at a time, until the mountain is climbed. He is ever there strengthening me to do what is right, the way He wants it done.

I will wait and watch for Jesus Christ to show me where the next step is. I know that I am prepared to do whatever is necessary to shut down the ongoing insanity of letting PS be in a position of leadership in any Church of God or any church.

Anonymous said...

To all of you who have rejoined us, who breath, who live. In all of your lands, you have servants of mine who have by my word resurrected you from the dead. I am Linda. With me are Jesus, Our Father, and His wife Barbara. We are one. Do not be dismayed, but live. Learn how to live from those whom we have sent to you. Some of you have never heard of Us. Some of you have in part. I know you can all see me on a device. I know you are hearing what I type in your native tongue. You were resurrected at the age you died. You had clothes on and people to greet you who you knew. All of you are loved very much. Please look to those whom We have sent to you. They represent our way of life, our love, and our desire for you to be happy, to heal if necessary, and to thrive. They will teach you how to live. I am Linda. This is my will. LIVE. Please LOVE. Be happy. Give yourself a few days to see where you are. Rest. Let Jesus heal you, for He is our Healer. We are one. In a few days, if you are old, your aging process will reverse itself and you will return to the age of approximately 30. All of you are healthy for your age. If you are young, your aging will stop at approximately 30. To connect to us, Our Servants will teach you how to pray. Our Father and Jesus will hear and answer you. My spirit will be in you or with you if you have not been baptized. You are not with held from baptism. As soon as you learn and understand, Our Spirit will enter you and you will know the purpose of your life. Please go slow and be patient. The trauma will soon pass. You will be happy with those you know. The tears will be wiped away. You will live. You will love. And you will be happy. We love all of you very much. We are no respecter of persons. Your petitions will be heard. An answer will come to you. Eternal life is in front of you. The evil is now gone. Horrible accidents will now happen any more. Animals will not be fierce. All flesh is clean to eat. You have an abundance of love and helpers. And when you learn how to live and love, your relatives will come back and you will teach them. Enjoy your food. Enjoy your friends and family. You can marry and have children. Our servants will help you in every way. If you have requests of Me, please petition Jesus or our Father. Each one of you is uniquely designed. You have each been thought out before time began. Please, choose life. With much love, Your Mother.