Thursday, August 25, 2016

Diabolical Cal Culpepper

Posted on Exit and Support:

What about Cal Culpepper's diabolical policy of forcing many PCG husbands to cast off their wives who have run afoul of the PCG Ministry? How is this inhumane and ungodly break up of legal marriages an example of that "beautiful truth, plainly evident within nature"? Ask Cassie Flory if it is a "godly mindset" to force a husband to abandon his wife at the request of a Regional Director with backing by a false apostle all the way out in Oklahoma? How can you define that as "protecting women, the weaker vessel"? How is that love
I think it would not be outrageous to say that in all honesty a right minded and spirit filled believer in Christ will truly see where the real "satanic message" is coming from. There is no "dignity and honor" for a wife in being told to pack your bags and get out, just because a PCG minister said so. 
How many young children will be affected by these forced dissolution of marriages in the PCG? What will be the long term physical and psychological effects on these kids who now have to not only face a divorce (which is traumatic enough), but also have to deal with having absolutely no contact with a suspended/disfellowshipped parent according to Gerald Flurry's standing policy. 
I am sure we all feel a righteous indignation at what is going on in the Philadelphia Church of God. We mourn and pray for the families of PCG victims. Our hearts are broken when we hear of the deaths of young children who are denied medical care and suffer horribly for it.
We know that God is on His throne and nothing escapes His notice and attention. Gerald Flurry and those Edmond HQ man-boys who support him will have to answer to God for their actions: 
One day the nightmare that is called Philadelphia Church of God will end. Christ will return and put down all false prophets and false religion. Our duty until then is to pray and support those who are being affected by the policies and outrages perpetrated by Gerald Flurry's PCG. 


Anonymous said...

This is horrible, but your load of garbage is just as bad or worse. Start thinking already. Allen C. Dexter

Byker Bob said...

Page 1 of the PCG Hymnal should be "Welcome to the Jungle" (Rose, Hudson, McKagan). This should be the first song sung every single service!

Yes, welcome to the PCG, where the only "trials" the brethren experience are those completely caused by the church, its doctrines, and its ministry!

Any church with loose cannon ministers like Cal Culpepper allowed to run free and foment such evil should be easily and instantly recognizable as not having anything to do with God. This ain't rock n roll, it's genocide!


Anonymous said...

"...if you got the money honey, we still can't cure your disease,..."

Connie Schmidt said...

Is it just me, or do you think of a new condiment for steaks and salads when you hear the name "Cal Culpepper" ??

Anonymous said...

I assume the ministers rationale is that peoples salvation is at stake. But only the rare person responses to such tactics. There's the odd person who has a record of achievement who looses their focus. A shock can get that person back on track. But most people in the splinters have no such track record. So shock tactics amounts to whipping a dead horse. This is only the church jealousy protecting their dwindling numbers.

DennisCDiehl said...

Non thinking PCG members have to accept responsibility for allowing themselves to be intimidated and controlled by such fools

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind knowing more about the case. Was the wife sabotaging her husbands prayer and bible study for instance?

Anonymous said...

The PCG has always been a nasty imposter cult, and is continuing to grow worse. It was built on some writings that Gerald Flurry had received in the mail and plagiarized, renamed Malachi's Mess., revised half a dozen times over the years, and now claims were “delivered by a mighty angel” and are the “little scroll” mentioned in the book of Revelation. It is worth remembering that Gerald Flurry once quoted Adold Hitler as saying that a clever conqueror will impose his will in instalments. Flurry initially claimed that all his “new revelation” just built upon what HWA had taught, but as the flood of doctrinal changes continued, Gerald began to teach that he, rather than Jesus, was That Prophet of Deuteronomy 18. HWA had taught that the church was led by an apostle, and that prophets do not run the church, but every kook like Gerald wanted to be a prophet. People were expected to abandon what HWA had taught in order to go along with all of Flurry's “new revelation” that he said had “flooded” the PCG. In fact, one of Flurry's early criticisms of the other splinter groups was that they had not been “flooded” with “new revelation” like the PCG had been!!! Even the “great commission” to preach the gospel of the kingdom of God (which HWA had taught was the very purpose of the church) got replaced early on with a “new commission” to harangue the Laodiceans. Flurry later bought the copyrights to some of HWA's writings from his partner in sin, the apostate Joey, Jr., but then started to edit and change HWA's writings, including HWA's last book called Mystery of the Ages.

Around the PCG's peak size of about seven thousand, it was announced that more people had gone through the PCG than were currently attending it. Former WCG people who had been suckered into it by the continual use of HWA's name and photograph either smartened up and left when they realized the dirty tricks Gerald Flurry was playing, or else got kicked out when they refused to go along with evil things (such as all the old sex perverts in the PCG). The eagerness of some people to break up marriages was clearly noticeable in the PCG early on. Many people wanted to do just that for their own selfish and immoral reasons, and then pretend that they were doing it for God. The PCG has gone into a continuing decline and is heading for four thousand. Now, even those who did not want to break up their families are being told to do so.

PCG people were led to believe that they were good for being ignorant, mindless idiots, and that all others were “evil Laodiceans” for not following That False Prophet and his sins. Now, Gerald has got PCG members breaking up their families and behaving worse than unbelievers. Even God's own command to honor one's parents has been rejected and nullified in order to keep the shameful new tradition instalments of Gerald Flurry, the little guy who gave himself too many big names. Supporting false prophets is actually the sort of bad behavior that is all too common in this church era.

The PCG is definitely evil, and has harmed many people. At the same time, not everyone in the PCG is an innocent victim. The vast majority of current PCG members are rotten characters. That is the real reason why they do the shameful and sinful things that they do. Good people would not behave like they do.

The PCG people who have gone on for too long thinking that they were right and that everyone else was wrong will now be faced with the reality that they were wrong and others were right.

Anonymous said...

PCG is going further into the ceasepool, many false pastors/ministers have wanted to be rid of anybody who does not smile at them or seemingly look at them in the wrong way. They are quick to make that persons life miserable and cause marrital disharmony and alenate that person in the congregation, then try to excommunicate them in some way. It's been going on for decades where false ministers have resided in the Churches of God acting the way of satan. This is an ego trip for many false ministers who do not like to be disliked by anyone and try to extracate those whom they feel are not for them. THESE MEN ARE DOING SATANS WORK FOR HIM ACCUSING THE BRETHREN. PCG IS SATANS Church posing as a Church of God. "BUYER BEWARE"