Saturday, October 1, 2016

Gerald Flurry, Hill Tara, and the Coronation Chair

Coronation chair, Westminster Abbey

Gerald Flurry is again promoting the "fact" that Jesus will return to earth to sit in this very chair.  Of course you will notice that the Stone of Scone is missing.  Not for long though.  The Philadelphia Church of God will take possession of the stone from Scotland and return it to its rightful place in Westminster Abbey so Jesus can sit on it.  This will happen around the same time that PCG will dig up the Ark of the Covenant buried in Hill Tara in Ireland.
Hannah knew about the prophecy later recorded in Luke 1: “He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest [the Father]: and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David: And he shall reign over the house of Jacob for ever; and of his kingdom there shall be no end” (verses 32-33). This is about an eternal family, and it has to do with David’s royal family throne. It is about a family forever—a royal God Family vision. 
Again, Samuel actually helped to originate this throne. That throne is still on this Earth as Hannah’s prophecy continues to be fulfilled—and you can see it with your own eyes! It is located in Westminster Abbey in London, England. It is the very throne which Jesus Christ, the Son of the Highest, will sit on at His return. He will rule with His bride to expand God’s Family over all this Earth, and He will restore all things. 
This is about you! God will exalt your horn in that day. We shall be His kings! He will give strength to His kings and priests! Jesus Christ soon will thunder out of the heavens to usher in His Kingdom to restore all things to the Earth! Hanna Explains: Why the Feast of Trumpets
Here is what Gerald Flurry has to say about Hill Tara:
Irish annals show that when Jeremiah migrated to Ireland, he brought with him more than just the princess of Judah who carried on David’s throne. “Besides the royal family, Jeremiah brought with them some remarkable things,” Mr. Armstrong continued, “including a harp, AN ARK, and a wonderful stone called ‘lia-fail,’ or ‘stone of destiny’” (op. cit., emphasis mine).
The “stone of destiny” is also called “Jacob’s pillar stone.” It is the stone the patriarch Jacob set up to memorialize the promise God made to him in Genesis 28—that his descendants would become as numerous as “the dust of the earth.” This stone remained with the nation of Israel throughout its history. And when Jeremiah fled Jerusalem, he took this stone with him.
We know where this stone is today: It is in Scotland, in Edinburgh Castle. In recent years, faithless critics have tried to discredit the origins of this stone—but for hundreds of years its true origins were widely accepted and understood. Queen Elizabeth was crowned over it, as was Tea-Tephi’s royal son anciently.
Notice that along with that stone, Jeremiah brought the ark of the covenant on his journey to Ireland! 
This knowledge, too, was not uncommon until relatively recently. F. R. A. Glover, who ascertained that the British monarchy was aware of its linkage to King David, wrote extensively about these objects having made their way to Ireland with Jeremiah. His book England the Remnant of Judah and the Israel of Ephraim records this history.
Glover stated that the grave of Queen Tea-Tephi lies in the Hill of Tara, the origin of Irish history. In his research, he found that she had been buried with the two stone tablets of the Ten Commandments, along with the ark of the covenant. Finding the Ark of the Covenant 
Then, following in HWA's linguistic missteps he has this to say about the word Torah and Tara:
Note that! Tara comes from torah—God’s law! There is a well-known connection between the famous Tara Hill and the law of God! 
According to these archaeologists and historians, these tablets were buried with Tea-Tephi in Tara Hill! Why don’t we hear more about this history? It is clearly recorded in Ireland’s history books. This simply cannot be chalked up as a “legend” or “myth” of Irish history!
Don’t you think it might galvanize a lot of people if the ark were found, and the Ten Commandments on those two tables of stone were inside?  Finding the Ark of the Covenant
Flurry then says that scripture points to Hill Tara and the Ark of the Covenant as the focus that should be upon humanity.
Prophecy shows that God is going to do some dramatic things to warn this world of the Great Tribulation and Day of the Lord just before His Second Coming. The period leading up to Christ’s return is going to be the worst suffering in human history. That is the horrifying end result of mankind’s vile sins! God wants to warn people in advance to help as many as possible to repent before that time comes so they don’t have to experience it.
If the ark were discovered, wouldn’t that be a powerful witness to the world? I believe it would be. Proof that the biblical chronicle is accurate could help lead some to repentance. The ark’s discovery would even point people to where God’s message was being proclaimed, and help them to realize that even though they heard it and didn’t act on it, that message was right and was from God. Finding the Ark of the Covenant
If you follow in the slightest Christian beliefs a person quickly sees that Flurry has placed the focus upon created physical things and not on Jesus.  Jesus be damned as they dig up Hill Tara in a few years. They need the physical things that the law condemns them with instead of the One that sets them free.


Miguel de la Rodente said...

Someone with a credentialed history background needs to do a reinvestigation of all of this, the Irish annals and such, to knock Flurry off his high horse. In recent years, factual materials were brought to light which disproved "The True History of the True Church", obliterated HWA's theories on Simon Magus starting the Catholic Church, and gave lie to the works of Alexander Hislop and Immanuel Velikovski. But, it appears that there is more work to be done.

One could say that if you kill BI, then all of these other theories of Flurry's go down the drain, but it would be far more effective to find and dispel what I believe are probably mostly secondary sources that Flurry is using here. Problem is, the old grey fox doesn't use footnotes.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Mr. Flurry go and dig everything up right now, if he knows the location?? He could take Mr. Thiel with him to provide prophetic support. Mr. Thiel would know in advance when the police come to arrest them.

DennisCDiehl said...

Bob could indeed be very helpful as Prophet. "I think it's over wait...dig try this....doh..! This isn't working!"

RSK said...

Somebody already tried to dig up the Hill of Tara for that reason, and the local police stopped them.

As for "hundreds of years it has been known", Flurry is being slightly deceptive here, as BI is only a few centuries old. This is not old knowledge recovered from a Middle Ages trove, its a theory from Britain's colonial heyday.

Black Ops Mikey said...

What is so disturbing about all this is that the PCG .1% deliberately lie without any compunction whatsoever and their followers refuse the truth on their say-so.

We have covered these issues over and over and have disproved and debunked all this stuff multiple times before.

If it didn't register the first 10 times, why should it register now?

Connie Schmidt said...

Flurry does not need the Coronation Chair. He needs... the ELECTRIC CHAIR !

Anonymous said...

Many COG types are credulous fools who believe that every legend, apocryphal tale, "prophecy," ghost story, tall tale, conspiracy theory, and any other dubious and uncorrobated nonsense is "gospel truth." Take Bob Thiel, just for one example of the type of credulous fool I'm talking about. If you can believe the bible, why is it any more difficult to believe in British Israelism, or in alien bases on the far side of the moon? Even if a COG member won't vote due to COG prohibitions against it, these are exactly the type of numbskulls that would have voted for Hitler back in the day, and would vote for Drumpf now.

There's always going to be gaps in human knowledge. If it seems reasonable to you to fill those gaps with "god," then it's going to seem reasonable to fill them with just about anything. And in cases like British Israelism, even long after those gaps have been eliminated. Militant ignorance like this is certainly a thing to behold.

Anonymous said...

Even if a COG member won't vote due to COG prohibitions against it

Those prohibitions are loosening. LCG now allows its University President (he's been in office since 2007) to vote:

Mike Germano Voting Record

nck said...


You are right about the compilation of the ridiculous theory during colonial days.
However the mediaeval sources recorded myths. And those myths echo older oral traditions on the contacts between Spain and Ireland.

-Spain - Ireland

-Stone age sailing (Just turn you regular map 90 degrees and you can see the sailing route between spain and ireland)
-Roman trade with Ireland 100 AD
-Irish monastic system is a copy of the Egyptian original (3rd - 4th century)

My opinion is that the monks recorded ancient oral tradition on the ancient migration routes to Ireland from Spain. This information was raped to serve a story on ancient bloodlines legitimizing the enslavement of the entire world to this day through multinational corporations and assets controlled from the "corporation of the City of London" which is legally entirely distinct from your tourist destination London.

The truth about myths is that some groups migrated from the turkish coast to italian hills after a war or drought. And suddenly you have a story of some boys suckled by a wolf living in a city founded by the trojans.

The same goes for the redheads. They move from Spain to greener pastures. And suddenly you find yourself entangled in a story on ancient egyptian princesses.

It is the stuff that builds empires!!!


Hoss said...

Has any COG ever tried to use Acts chapter 29 as a "proof"?

I remember bringing this up in a similar BI discussion about 10 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I believe the myth started with "Robert the Bruce" and "The Battle of Bannockburn". Some historians have claimed that it actually is possible that The Knights Templars were the reason for the rout of Edward the II's troops. But that does not mean that they are connected to BI.


nck said...

Yes Hoss.
Not Acts 29 specifically I never heard of it until today.
But the myth that Paul preached at Borehamwood or Bricket Wood is quite known. It's all ancient Roman territory there so why not incorporate the great roman empire traveller.

I recently read the entire names list in the ancient Irish annals and the monks recorded oral history. The oral tradition surely predates the Vikings. However the bi theories had to change the names and times in Hoehian fashion to make it match their theory.

Like the first poster. It beats me why no anti BI person ever published what the ancient annals actually say instead of believing hook and sinker what is us&b in prophecy. There is nothing there that substantiates bi. Except what I said. Ancient oral tradition of migration patterns from the Iberian peninsula into Ireland.

The templar myth is about SCOTLAND not IRELAND. That is another ballgame with the declaration of Albroath etc that Herbert Armstrong was familiar with throught the stories of his grand mother.


Anonymous said...

having spent the last two years reading all of the Annals of Irish history I have never come across any of the things that G Flurry mentions (i.e. about Jeremiah or Tea Tephi) there are two people named Tea who lived a couple of hundred years apart. Geoffery Keeting even mentions that he didn't literally believe the things that he was writing about the ancient Irish but wrote them because he found them on old manuscripts. Most of the things I have read on BI don't give references to their statements unless they are quoting other BI believers.

Connie Schmidt said...

ANON @ 6:31 PM

Interesting that Germano is voting and registered. However, he could always hide behind the fact that the COG has always allowed people to vote on things like initiatives, county bond issues and the like, which are always on virtually every ballot.

Germano's out could always be him saying that he does not vote for partisan offices, only the initiatives and bond issues.

nck said...


Great stuff isn't it. A bit boring perhaps.
I would recommend reading the original annals to all pro bi people.
There is nothing there that substantiates the claims of bi.
As 8:49 says, All proponents are quoting each other.

Is is therefore something to be avoided completely.
I believe it is extremely relevant as to understand the doctrine to its fullness whenever I hear British people commit collective suicide by being in favor of Brexit while singing that Jesus walked their hallowed pastures by the millions each Last Night of the Proms.

My heart weeps for them for they do not know what they have done by Brexit through their collective delusion of specialness, which is completely founded on bi even if they have never heard of it.

In one sweep they have gone from the odd but good guy in the class to the odd person commiting collective economic suicide through their deep rooted feelings of specialness among the nations.


Anonymous said...

Why are there holes in The Declaration of Arbroath And when did that happen? I have pictures that predate 1985, that show no damage or holes whatsoever!


Anonymous said...

On this Eve of the Feast of Trumpets several PCG splinter groups are prophesying that Gerald Flurry is going to die tomorrow. One such group is The Last End church in Amarillo Texas headed by Mr. Garcia. He is declaring that GRF will die tomorrow and Brad MacDonald will take over the PCG and cause a split. 50% will go with him and the other half will go with God.
Will wonders never cease.....

RSK said...

Yes, they are often quoting each other instead of the supposed "annals", and the annals themselves do not seem to lend much credence to the idea. Tea-Tephi herself, IIRC, appears to be a fictional character made up by someone in the pursuit of BI, and Olam Fodla is nowhere near the timeframe needed for him to be Jeremiah. The Tuatha De Danaan (people of the goddess Danu, not the patriarch Dan) arrive in a similarly displaced timeslot... even according to Hoeh, way too early to be a sizable number. And even then, the Irish component is almost a red herring in that you still have to substantiate 9 other tribes all managing to populate western Europe, which usually amounts to speculation about river names and some very general traits applied broadly to a modern nation.

And that's not even addressing the entire DNA question we've seen so often on here.

Anonymous said...

Why would he think that a supernatural being that zooms effortlessly and imperceptibly around the cosmos would need a chair to rest its tired bum upon in the first place? Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

These guys had better hope none of these things come to pass while Harrison Ford is still alive, 'cuz he'll stop 'em, for sure. Either him, or Brad Pitt.

Anonymous said...

"Why would he think that a supernatural being that zooms effortlessly and imperceptibly around the cosmos would need a chair to rest its tired bum upon in the first place? Sheesh."

GF says,"Let no man take your crown!"
"Hold the Head. Hold the Power!"

Fearald Slurry has grown tired. If God doesn't come in their allotted time frame, who do you think will sit in that chair? That's a tough question, because there is too many to choose from.