Monday, October 17, 2016

Living Church of God Building a Cult Compound in Peru For Its Members

From an LCG member:

Living Church of God is working to build a compound in Peru for its church members. Notice that the church is not asking members to not send in any more money.  Two guesses as to why...its cutting into the funds that church member should be sending into he church.  We can't have that now, can we?

Cerro de Pasco is a city that is dying due to a mine that has been collapsing and poisoning the land around the town.

In 2008, Peru’s Congress passed Law No. 29293, calling for the resettlement of the entire population of Cerro de Pasco, a city of 70,000. But as Mr. Orue notes, the Peruvian government failed to devise a process to accomplish that, so the law has largely been ignored. While many residents have resigned themselves to what Mr. Orue calls a “doomed future,” more have succumbed and sold their plots to the Peruvian mining company.  A Mine Erodes An Andean City
Living Church of God writes:
Cerro de Pasco, Peru Relocation Project UpdatePlans for the Cerro de Pasco, Peru emergency relocation are moving ahead! To date, we have received about $265,000 which includes some funds from the Church’s Disaster Relief Fund. Architectural plans have been completed, land acquired, a contractor has been selected and a non-profit entity, “Asociación para el desarrollo integral Villa Esperanza,” has been formed in Peru to receive the funds. Construction will be monitored by our minister, Sr. Aaron Bravo and his son, Maximilano. We expect to see construction beginning soon and we will keep you up to date on the progress! 
Enough funds are now available to build the central hall and some of the houses, and the rest of the houses will be constructed as funds become available. In order to avoid putting an undue financial burden on the rest of the Church, we hope to raise the balance of the funds from sources outside of the Church. More contributions are not needed from LCG members until further notice.


Glenn said...

What is happening here? Did some LCG members in Peru get some government funds to relocate and decided to build a church compound type thing?

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to go to Cerro de Pasco?

For starters, the city is high in the Andes. At 14,200 feet, it's nearly three times the elevation of Denver, the Mile-High City. If you're not used to that elevation, it could be a problem. You would probably need to be in pretty good health if you planned on spending any amount of time there. And given the aging demographic of the COGs in general, that's likely to be an ever decreasing sliver of LCG's membership.

But why would anyone in the right mind plan on spending any amount of time there?

National Geographic characterizes it as "Chernobyl," however, not due to radioactivity, but due to the lead, which, besides silver and zinc, is one of the metals extracted from the open-pit mine that is slowly eating the heart out of the town that supports it, and it's soul along with it.

"Along the western rim of the mine, massive mounds of lead-laced tailings brood over neighborhoods such as Paragsha and Champamarca. Dust from the mounds blows everywhere. Since 1996, Peru’s health ministry has sampled blood-lead levels in children here twice a year. In 2007, even the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) took part. The results are always the same: More than half the children tested have high lead levels, most likely from ingesting the tailings dust. “This place is Chernobyl,” says Paul Rodríguez, a doctor in Paragsha’s community clinic. A beefy guy with a quick, ironic smile, Rodríguez is frustrated. He knows from the surveys that the kids coming into his clinic are at risk—in four cases he’s even seen the blue line across the gums that heralds severe lead poisoning."

This place is, literally, a hell-hole. And my guess is, the reason why LCG is investing in it is because they can do it on the cheap. At least in terms of the financial cost. But thanks to parsimoniousness of LCG's far-from-righteous leadership, whoever they're planning on sticking here for an extended period will have to spend in health what the leadership wasn't willing to spend in cash. As shameful for its total disregard of the well-being of others as it appears, it doesn't seem like that unusual of a plan though, when you consider the history of Armstrongism.

My only question is, where's the minister's compound going to be built? This one is obviously for the membership only.

Anonymous said...

No. Several of the HQ ministers have friends in Argentina, so Argentina gets HQ funding and attention far out of proportion to other needy overseas sites. Haiti has more LCG members but is receiving less HQ money to deal with its hurricane-related devastation.

Anonymous said...

Their article could have been more clear, and maybe more details are available. Not a fan of any sect, personally, but maybe they're improving lives.

I read this as LCG relocating Cerro de Pasco LCG members who are already living in the doomed mining site to safer locations in Peru.

I don't see anywhere that LCG folks from elsewhere are to move TO Cerro de Pasco, and that seems highly unlikely, considering there's a law to move Cerro residents OUT of toxic environment.

This particular effort seems somewhat humanitarian, if LCG-centric.

Hope that new nonprofit and soliciting outside funds will be done with honest, effective oversight.

Black Ops Mikey said...

It's perfect.

Lead lowers the I.Q. and makes it hard for people to think clearly.

LCG can then manipulate the members there any way they want and the members won't be bright enough to ever figure out the scam the LCG is perpetuating on them.

And yes, any ministers who are set up to 'serve' (be sure to get gallons and gallons of olive oil and lots and lots of cheap muslin for anointings -- which will prove to be less than effective) will be in environmentally sound surroundings apart for the poisonous Supersite level of toxins.

And who knows? LCG can use them for slave labor, making do-dads and gee-gaws to sell to outsiders for a profit while giving the 'members' nothing. Maybe, too, there may be some undiscovered natural resources which can yet be exploited.

Certainly, this will not be the Kingdom of God for the people there, but it will be a hell on earth for the natives in the region subject to abject crass manipulation of the evil LCG 1%.

The LCG can be the Lilly Tomlin AT&T lady, "We're the telephone company and we don't care" only it's "We're the LCG and we don't care".

Here's hoping the Devil has a special project building out the 10th circle of hell for when the LCG leadership passes this mortal coil.

Anonymous said...

Somebody is totally out of their freaking mind, but come to think about it, that's nothing new in the COGs. Why bother with Kool Aid? Lead and altitude sickness will do just fine. It's just a whole lot slower.

Allen C. Dexter

Anonymous said...


LCG has sunk to an all time low on this one!
LCG wants to build on highly poisoned land that even a third-world country wants it's citizens to move away from, for their safety? Lovely.

Plus, LCG even admits they've used the "Church’s Disaster Relief Fund" to help pay for this! Good to know where their well-intentioned member's contributions are going.
Perhaps they should rename it, "The Church’s Disaster Producing Fund" ???

Hopefully, members will now demand that Rod take a senility test before they send another dime in to HQ.

Byker Bob said...

Interesting. Didn't the old WCG tell us for years that Argentina was where Hitler was hiding out?

I've seen figures that suggest that 80% of the global population lives on rhe Northern Hemisphere. Some say that that is why the northern polar ice cap is melting away, while the southern one is actually growing somewhat. It's been suggested that locations in the southern hemisphere may be future havens from global climate change. Knowing somewhat how the Armstrongite mindset works, I wonder if LCG believes that this could be their place of safety.

Well, either that, or they will be renaming their church the Branch Davidian ACOG.


Anonymous said...

Church members send money in, to help ravaged people in Haiti. And where does it go? It gets moved to LCG's building fund, to fund this poisoned debacle.

Has the LCG no shame?

Well, I think not, and will show as further evidence that their leaders are megalomaniacs who suffer at least "Narcissistic personality disorder"

Disgusted in Charlotte said...

It is more important for LCG to use their money to send Lil'Jimmy to South Africa of the Feast now that his Hawaiian playground is out of the picture. Having first class hotels rooms for the leaders is more important than a roof and four walls on clean land. One must always remember these are nonwhites and therefore Gentiles in the eyes of the church. They are always less than the white elite in Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

One must always remember these are nonwhites and therefore Gentiles in the eyes of the church. They are always less than the white elite in Charlotte.

How much different would WCG have been if HWA early on had heard Rod bragging about his Cherokee ancestry and told him he had to date other brown/red people instead of whites? If someone had looked at Ames's wide Negroid nose and told him to date mixed-race "high yellow" Negroes instead of whites? Rod has always been ashamed that his beautiful white youngest daughter married a swarthy Mexican guy (who he then swept into the ministry), but if you look closely that marriage may be more appropriate than Rod would prefer to admit.

Anonymous said...

Might a structure for the washed not stir ip jealously and hatred by the unwashed towards the washed leaving them compoundless again

Steve D said...

If someone at HQ displeased HWA, he would be banished to Bricket Wood. Perhaps this will be the new place of banishment.

Byker Bob said...

They ought to rename this compound "Petra". That way, if they ever see Herb again, they can tell him "Yeah, Boss, we actually did go to Petra! So, you were right!"


Anonymous said...

Not heard that one before.