Saturday, October 22, 2016

David C Pack: The World's Most Perfect Man Who Is Incapable of Doing Wrong

On October 11, 1999, Mr. Pack was approached, at his insistence, by those people who had been employees, volunteers, and/or, contractors of the Restored Church of God, and was confronted with further explicit evidence of his sowing discord. He told us that he was sorry and would repent. We withdrew from him to give him time to show fruits of repentance. The result was, rather than admitting before the church that he had been the one causing all the problems presented to him, he has decided to attack those who have confronted him over his conduct.

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  • Mr. Pack has stated that he is not held to The Law (biblical) as members are - not that he is held to a higher standard, but that these things don't apply to him (1 Tim 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-15, John 14:15, 1 Tim 5:19-21)
  • Mr. Pack stated in the first office staff meeting, as Restored was being formed, that he would not look at tithe/contribution records. He decided he could not be held to that promise and began looking at these records immediately prior to the Feast of Trumpets 1999 (Ex 20:16, Mat 5:37)
  • Mr. Pack divulged, among the office staff, those who were the largest contributors, and those who tithed once a year and/or quarterly (Lev 19:16)
  • Mr. Pack showed favoritism in duty assignments based on contributions (Lev 19:15, Jam 2:1-9)
  • Mr. Pack was divulging confidential information given him in counseling sessions and used the information in an attempt to divide family members or as a reason to sever people from their position(s) at RCG (employee, contractor, or, volunteer) (Lev 19:11, 13, 16)
  • Mr. Pack was found to be a talebearer in that he was repeating stories rather than putting a stop to them (Lev 19:16)
  • Mr. Pack "terminated for cause" one of the staff members of RCG because he had not paid tithes, even though he was self-employed and all during the time he worked for RCG had incurred losses - therefore had no increase to tithe on (Lev 19:11, 13, 15)
  • Mr. Pack claimed that certain people embezzled funds after his having approved of the expenditure and or reimbursement (Lev 19:11)
  • Mr. Pack demanded people work for the church for free, while being paid their severance from their prior employer (e.g., if a person was being paid for two weeks of accrued vacation after resigning, Mr. Pack required them to work for RCG for two weeks without accruing pay) (Lev 19:13)
  • Mr. Pack was sowing discord within families and between husband and wife (Lev 19:16)
  • Mr. Pack was sowing discord between the various groups he was trying to get to join RCG (Lev 19:16)
  • Mr. Pack on a regular basis exaggerated figures as to income and/or attendance (Lev 19:11, Ex 20:16, Col 3:9)
  • Mr. Pack quickly and easily trampled on brethren who even slightly opposed or held a different viewpoint or opinion. Many times this precipitated inconceivable schemes by him. This was found to be a pattern throughout much of his ministry. (2 Cor 1:24 John 7:24)
  • Mr. Pack stated that one of the persons bringing the problems to him had gone public with that information. He [Mr. Pack] was challenged on this, and could provide no proof, yet continued to make similar statements. (Ex 20:16, 23:1-2, Lev 19:11, 16, Deu 16:19-20)

The false prophet was confronted with his lies and he responds by doing this:
Meanwhile, Mr. Pack ultimately refused to accept his responsibility in these matters and then began attacking those bringing the problems to his attention. Part of that attack was to attempt to discredit the persons bringing the Mat 18 situation, and the witnesses, with the ministers within RCG. In doing this, he was telling those ministers to ignore what was brought before them, whereby he interfered with judgment - a violation of those principles found in Ex. 23 and Deut. 16 concerning interfering with the giving of judgment:
He even went so far as to "disfellowship" and "mark" one of the ministers who questioned him [Mr. Pack] on his conduct and his [Mr. Pack] sowing of discord.


Anonymous said...

Dave, you've been naughty- the Wadsworth Giant Eagle is not going to look on you favorably this Christmas...


Hoss said...

Some time ago there was a claim that Dave wanted to keep his church "squeaky clean", but from the information posted, and the videos, he set the bar too high. As Maxwell Smart would say, Missed it by that much...

And it was claimed that Dave said, in effect, that if he was bad, HWA was worse. Perhaps his first wife had told him a few stories about the old man's shenanigans.

Anonymous said...

The things in these videos are true. The RCG is not a loving organization. Do yourself a favor if you want to join the "true Church", pick one of the other splinters. Perhaps LCG or UCG, at least you can keep some of your money.

Anonymous said...

According to the previous post, everyone should forgive and forget Daves misdeeds.
No one hold a grudge, remember?

DennisCDiehl said...

Forgiving is a process and takes time. Don't mistake the flippant form of "oh I have to forgive" for a process that has to go deep and perceive more reasons to do so for one's own sake than it's worth not doing so for one's own sake. There is nothing unforgiving about pointing out the dangerous and hurtful ongoing behaviors of others as a caution to those who might be naively considering getting involved with them, and having to end up wrestling with the personal consequences of a lifetime of bitterness and flesh eating anger.

Senior Citizen said...

Dear Anonymous 5:23AM

Forgiving is one thing, forgetting is another.
It is important to warn people about the danger of some of these hideous false prophets and fake ministry of the CoG who use people and take their money and end up hurting people in rather serious ways.
It is fine to forgive someone but while they are actively still scamming the public and harming people it is insane to keep quiet about it and watch others be harmed.

Byker Bob said...

If a sexual predator moved into your neighborhood, you would want to be sure that all of the neighbors knew, so that they can be properly prepared, taking protective measures. We try to follow that same wisdom in warning people against spiritual predators. That is using logic and brain power to combat the problem as opposed to lynch mob vigilantism.

I personally believe that people are born with a wide variety of filters, good characteristics, and defects. If there is healing in the next life in a physical sense, then there also must be healing (and redemption) in a mental and spiritual sense. We can either operate on a level above the predators, or deal with them in ways that makes us just as defective as they.


Black Ops Mikey said...

Is David Pack even a human being?

I want Dr. Robert Hare to give him a brain wave test so we can be certain.

(I'm leaning to the idea that he would find Pack does NOT have human brain waves.)

Wonderful things, those mental disorders.

Anonymous said...

Dennis, I have read comments similar to your 'flesh eating anger' about 40 years ago. I still recall one author claiming that 'you might feel that your anger is demolishing other people, but it is only demolishing yourself.' So for decades I pondered and observed this issue. What I observed and experienced over and over, both inside and outside the church, is monstrous vindictiveness and unforgiveness by evil people, whilst these same evil people demand forgiveness from others without even repenting. As far as I'm concerned, this ridiculous double standard is projected into the bible with all this forgiveness blabber. There is a conspiracy here, or 'the wicked band together' as the NIV translation puts it. Everyone is singing the same song, and everyone is wrong.
This is what Christ warned about with His not putting new wine into old wineskins, or pointing out how the Pharisees put overbearing demands on others, that they themselves rejected. This is nothing more than the compartmentalised 'what's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine' with religious window dressing.
It's an attempt to create a alternate reality, a Disneyland for evil doers by means of rule rigging.

Anonymous said...

The blue list of Dave Packs shenigans which are highly likely to be 100% true could be about any number of pastors,deacons and wannabee apostles I've dealt with over the years.

ashley froud said...

Anon October 23, 2016 at 12:46 PM;
Agreed, Well spoken!

Black Ops Mikey said...

Let's not forget that Roderick Meredith also can do no wrong.

Is this malady contagious?

RSK said...

Geez, do you want ketchup with that ass?

RSK said...

Are Pack's actions in this instance a surprise to anyone?

Anonymous said...

Time for a QUESTION and ANSWER session about David C. Pack that asks the GREAT QUESTIONS and tells the REAL TRUTH for ANSWERS.

QUESTION: Who went with David C. Pack?

ANSWER: The simple answer is that unlucky people went with David Pack. Former Worldwide Church of God people, who believed David Pack's claim that he was going to hold on faithfully to everything that Herbert W. Armstrong had taught at the time of his death in January 1986, went with him. Herbert W. Armstrong had claimed to be the Elijah who was prophesied to come and restore all things by the time of his death in January 1986. This understanding was supposedly a great wall of defence against doctrinal changes, according to David Pack. All the teachings in the Worldwide Church of God had come through Herbert W. Armstrong.

QUESTION: Did David C. Pack really hold on faithfully to everything that Herbert W. Armstrong had taught at the time of his death in January 1986, like he promised he would?

ANSWER: Nope! David Pack's mind suddenly flipped, his fragile grasp of reality slipped, and his followers got gypped. From Dave's August 31, 2013 Haggai/Zechariah prophecy that failed (and continued to fail even when rescheduled for the springtime), to his new “Common” teaching, to his idea that he (rather than HWA) must be Elijah since he “restored” the “common theft” doctrine, to his being “That Prophet” to outdo little Gerald Flurry, to his latest “First Dominion” massive prophetic changes, Dave's new nonsense is coming fast and furiously now.

QUESTION: What happened to the people who went with David C. Pack?

ANSWER: They learned the long, hard, expensive, and tragic way that David Pack is more deceitful, cunning, covetous, deranged, doctrinally unstable, and cruel than most could imagine. Let me repeat, they were the unlucky people.

QUESTION: Who would still be with someone as bad as David C. Pack at this late date?

ANSWER: People who handed over virtually everything they owned (houses, possessions, retirement plans, savings, etc.) to David Pack and therefore cannot now admit to themselves or anyone else that they were simply wrong and that they got betrayed and scammed out of all their earthly possessions by a lying, thieving, psychopath might still be with him. People who do not mind firmly believing some major thing one week and then believing something totally different the next week after David Pack vomits up some more evil noise might still be with him. Reckless prophetic gamblers who lost it all to Dave and feel they have nothing left to lose and nowhere else to go might hang around to do more fund-raising for Dave.

Continued below...

Anonymous said...

...continued from above.

QUESTION: What will become of the people who went with David C. Pack after he has used them up and discarded them like he always does to everyone who goes with him?

ANSWER: They will probably just become destitute and bitter. If they have already also been through Gerald R. Flurry's satanic imposter cult before going through David C. Pack's satanic imposter cult, they might be burned out beyond repair. It will be extremely difficult for them to recover from Satan's double whammy of Gerald and Dave.

QUESTION: Was there any truth at all to any of the miracle stories which David C. Pack told to attract gullible new suckers and to keep gullible old suckers from leaving?

ANSWER: No. Of course not. Big names like Dale Schurter did not just wander off the farm and get lost because he had dementia. Headquarters big shots like William Behrer did not just resign because he was getting old. RCG ministers are not quitting just because their salaries keep on getting cut to fund Dave's exciting new initiatives. If the miracle stories had been true, people would not be leaving the cult. Those in the know now know too much to stay any longer.

SPECULATIVE QUESTION: Does David C. Pack have the Holy Spirit or does he have some other spirit(s)?

SPECULATIVE ANSWER: THINK! The demons that went into the 2000 pigs in the New Testament story had to go somewhere after the pigs ran off the cliff and drowned. It would be so convenient for them if they could find one really big swine large enough to accommodate all of them. Now, along comes David Pack behaving the way that he does. Mere coincidence? I'll let you decide.

QUESTION: Do you think the victims of David C. Packman (the devourer of everyone's house, not just the widow's house) will ever be able to get back any of their money from his Restored Cash Grab cult?

ANSWER: Ha ha ha.... If they really wanted their money so badly they should have hung onto it in the first place instead of parting with it so recklessly.

QUESTION: Is there anything else that I could read instead of the literally thousands of pages of David C. Pack's literature? I like to read and cannot seem to stop.

ANSWER: You could try reading the Bible instead, unless you find it too boring and really think you need the exciting rush of Dave's frantic, new, crucial, false, prophetic guesses.

Continued below...

Anonymous said...

...continued from above.

QUESTION: Who, then, should go with David C. Pack?

ANSWER: Only one's worst enemies, whose offences were so great that they cannot be forgotten, and who are so offensive that they cannot be forgiven, should go with Dave.

PHILOSOPHICAL QUESTION: Why does God allow horrible monsters like David C. Pack to do the truly horrendous things that he does to naive, unsuspecting people who just thought they were going to hold onto what Herbert W. Armstrong had taught them in the past?

PHILOSOPHICAL ANSWER: David Pack exists to help fulfill important Biblical prophecies about false prophets coming to lie, steal, destroy, and kill. As David Pack himself pointed out so ironically in the past, many people cannot tell a true servant of God from a raging false prophet. It looks like raging Dave has now decided to take full advantage of such people's lack of discernment to bleed them dry. This is a great way for God to see who would take seriously Jesus' warning to beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ferocious wolves.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Dave's going to amaze, daze, and dazzle us with a new stream of revelations to proceed from Wadsworth in the coming days...

Many Questions God Answered

"NOTE TO ALL SPLINTERS: This is the first of several tools also designed for YOU. (Three more are outlined below.) Consider the questions knowing every answer is coming. Those in The Restored Church of God already know the answers, and thus see the list as corroborative reminders. Return as other tools are added through early December that ANSWER all these questions."

Can't wait!