Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ron Weinland: Men's Ties Are Cutting Off Circulation To His Followers Brains Causing Them to Not Understand His Sermons

The world will soon be coming to an end. Nuclear war, famine, disease, rampaging armies, drought, slavery and so many more fun things that are constantly waiting around the corner for those in the Church of God.  This is particularly true in Ron Weinland's cult.  He and his kinky second witness wife will soon be transported to Jerusalem where they will proclaim Ron's message to the world where they will then be slaughtered and left to rot for 3 1/2 days in the streets of Jerusalem.

This past week God's most magnificent prophet to ever walk this earth made a declaration that is important for these end times.

It seems that many of the men in his little cult are wearing neckties that are too tight.  These evil tight ties are cutting off circulation to then men's heads so that that they do not pay attention in church.  These poor men are strangling themselves and thus cannot understand Ron's sermons.

Ronald Weinland October 8 2016
“what I’ve been trying to help people to understand during the summer months, when I’m visiting different areas, is that you can honor God by change in some of these things, because this is going to be changed in the Millennium. People aren’t going to be wearing ties around their neck cutting off the blood flow so that you can’t get things out of the sermon like you should be. It’s not natural. It’s not the way it should be. So, anyway, but as a whole, when it’s cold, we’re still going to continue with that tradition until it’s changed at that time. But we’re starting a process now that in the summer months when it’s in its 80’s outside. Just coming back and forth, we have to travel long distances in many cases and just the travel and being in and out of the heat like that can take its wear and tear on people. So again, please feel comfortable in wearing that which is nice, in other words, as far as a short-sleeved shirt if you want, but again, it should be with dress slacks, like with suits.”

Ronald Weinland: still not cutting off the blood flow to his head in this latest sermon (I’m not sure its making a difference) and making sure that he can get things out of the sermon like you should be.
The new enemy of the PKG – Ties! He makes sure we focus on the important things when the world is about to end.   From False Prophet Ron Weinland
Just more proof on how incredibly stupid Armstrongism is becoming.


Miguel de la Rodente said...

James Malm believes everyone should still be wearing hats. He has commented in the past that society began a downward descent right about the time that hats disappeared from the fashion scene. The funny thing is, I can't recall having ever seen HWA or GTA in any type of hat. Ties, yes. Hats, no.

Anonymous said...

Here are alternatives for Ronnie's followers-

(even though such Weinland followers will be totally cutting off the blood flow to their brains just by listening to his insane sermons!)

Collar chains
Bolo ties
Continental ties
Neck Bow
Solo Shirt
Ascot ties
Bow ties

Of course, if Audra starts selling mormon Lularoe leggings, she could make a mint on fashionable pairings.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the real reason for no ties is the possibility that after another failed prophecy or sermon the men would hang themselves with the tie. Preventive medicine of sorts.

Martha said...

Please tell me you didn't just mention Lularoe. I think this was literally the last page I could visit on the Internet and not see that word.

nck said...


There are quite a few photos and film with hwa with a hat. I believe even until the fifties feasts but at least the nineteen forties.

I posted this link earlier on the "you know where" thread with Gavin.
It explains a bit about hats although I used it to explain Game Theory and the change in society from the thirties on. (with the introduction of evolution theory in all sciences)

I understand if you would not want to read those 120 postings again. But it explains perhaps how malm may have come to that conclusion of the hats and changing society.

Cause and effect are often mistaken in armstrongist thought. Some may think Trump is a cause. I believe he is an effect.


Anonymous said...

Miguel, here's a film of HWA wearing a hat, very common for men in the 1950's - it's at the 7:25 segment.

Vaughn said...

That would explain many of the sermons I've heard, given by ministers wearing neckties...