Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dingy Wade Cox Serves Notice on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Leave it to a non-voting narcassitic Church of God crackpot to lecture U.S. Presidential candidates on what he thinks they need to hear.  Like many COG members, Wade Cox feels he is an authority on the political process, even though he can't vote here and refuses to vote in his own country due to the idiotic "rules" he has set up in his little cult.

As if either Trump or Clinton will listen to this windbag!

Donald J Trump take notice that this is the judgment of the Elders of the Body of Christ in the Last Days. We have forwarded this as a notice to your opponent Hillary Rodham Clinton. You have our support whilst you behave ethically and morally. This is our notice to your opponent. Should this continue the US will come under the judgment and wrath of God
Notice: This is the New Moon of the Eighth Month of 39/120. We serve notice on the candidate for president for the US in November 2016 Hillary Rodham Clinton that what you do is against God's Law. Should you be elected, God will deal with you and the people of the US for their sin. The major ethical and moral issue you face is not only the matters of your corruption but also your position on Abortion and Infanticide.  Facebook page


Miguel de la Rodente said...

It's gotten to the point to where when these ministers fart it makes more sense than their words when they speak.

Anonymous said...

During the 3rd debate, Donald Trump described a procedure that he was implying was abortion. Except what he was really describing is birth by C-section. It was a straw man argument being made by a pathological liar. It was another dog-whistle to his voter base who think that "killing" a 3-day old embryo, literally a ball of 150 cells, is "murder" on the basis that they figure it contains a non-existant metaphysical thing called a "soul." But the illogic of "souls" is a subject for another day.

Wade Cox no doubt saw this, and taking Trump's bait, was outraged at Hillary.

But what Wade Cox is too ignorant to realize is that in ancient times, infanticide by exposure, simply setting a newborn infant out somewhere to die, was a common and accepted form of abortion. Despite its prevalence, the bible neglects to mention the practice. But Cox, along with many ignorant christians today, using the bible as their moral guide (a laughable enterprise), contend that, in both biblical and modern terms, even prenatal abortion is "murder." What makes them so sure?

The ancients did not think that the 6th commandment of Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5 referred to infanticide. Were ancient women who killed their unwanted infants demonized as violating the commandments of the gods? Is there any reason to believe rabbinic lawyers ever interpreted the 6th commandment as applying to infanticide by exposure? Instead, these were not people who placed a high value on the lives of the poor, on slaves, on women, or small children. Free men were the only people who mattered. Especially wealthy ones who were educated and could read and write.

Using a book written by wealthy ancient men who perceived absolutely nothing immoral about what we today have criminalized as murder—the equivalent of tossing your newborn in a dumpster today—to argue that those same ancient men were trying to tell us that even prenatal abortion is murder makes no sense.

Relabeling abortion and infanticide as "murder" in biblical terms is merely another case of the bible being removed from its context and reinterpreted anachronistically by those who have created god in their own image. It is an attempt to make the bible's wealthy male authors say something they certainly didn't believe, did not mean, and never would have said. As Dennis often says, you can't make the bible mean what it never meant.

Unfortunately, the bible, a book written by wealthy men who did not view infanticide as murder, is not a book that can rationally be used to support the position that either abortion or infanticide is wrong, regardless of whether these things are wrong or not. We today are already far more moral than the ancients, who christians, including Cox, take as their authority on everything.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Au contraire, Wade Cox insists that it is the duty of Christians to vote -- he claims that it is our responsibility to participate in government.

This should be a dead issue. The charter of the ccg made it that the Coordinator General could only serve until the age of seventy. Wade Cox is 71 as of this October. He may have, as he usually does, changed the charter to cheat on the limit of his term, but originally, he should not be an officer of the church any longer, which is rather awkward, what with his religion being a one man show over (in spite of the thousands in Africa he claims in The Journal are his followers but probably just pretend to be so they can get his money as it has been in the past) approximately 25 people worldwide or less. The rest of the 100 or so left in 2005, abandoning him in disgust and forming the Assembly of Eloah, retaining all of his doctrines, just without him (these came out by prayer and fasting during the days of unleavened bread). He had only himself to blame.

One would expect that if God didn't allow him to keep his cult together, his threats to Hilary Clinton mean nothing (and on the balance, the support of Donald Trump means nothing as well).

Back in the day, when I attended the ccg for a short while, the local minister (of the which there were very few and even fewer now) told me that the reason that Cox seems to slur his words in the sermons is that he is taking pain medication for his back injury inflicted during the Viet Nam War when he was a military officer (major?). The Australian court records are still online where he went to teach an officer a lesson by loading blanks and shooting at his own troops. The medical officer gave a diagnosis of why he did that which is still online in spite of the fact that Wade took 7 years to try to get it removed. The tribunal ruling was that there were alternative explanations for the behavior and opined that the psychiatrist some how missed the diagnosis.

Nevertheless, his basic behavior hasn't changed much since and that may be why the original court records remain.

This information is given advisorilly, since ccg members have been know to stalk blog owners by contacting the church the owners attend and requesting information about them.

The whole thing just seems so weird and creepy.

Anonymous said...

Cox: "Notice: This is the New Moon of the Eighth Month of 39/120. We serve notice..."

"This is the New Moon..."
What does the phase of the moon have to do with this?

"the Eighth Month"
Ok, dingy Wade Cox. Are you just some kind of nutcase- thinking your head is pregnant and is going to explode in "the Ninth Month" and give birth to "Creature" or "Swamp Thing"?

"We serve notice..."
To people who will never notice?
Ok, dingy Wade Cox. You'd be noticed more if you'd confine your serving to working at a McDonald's- working next to the Hamburglar and serving french fries while bowing to the political decrees of your guru Mayor McCheese.

One last piece of advice to dingy Wade Cox: This Halloween, as you work at McDonald's to build your "Kingdom skills", be careful what you say. Beware of both your boss Mayor McCheese and the ghost of Ray Kroc. (Boo!) I hear they're both extremely litigious.

Anonymous said...

Typical Armstrongism: sexual abuse on women is ok and does not lower a leader's morality. But any other sin is abhorrent and will bring curses on you.

Whenever I listen to Trump speaking, I am taken back to the sermons of Armstrongism: "...if you are not with us, you are doomed to extreme suffering. You and your children will cry out for help but no one will come to your aid. The only way you can save yourself and your children is to come join us and fight with us..."
His policies/behaviors of the superiority of Caucasians (especially males) is right in line with HWA.

Anonymous said...

thank you anonymous 6:03 for your explanation on abortion and infanticide. When I heard Trump talking about abortion and killing babies 1 day before they were born I was astonished at his stupidity to say that and also to 'wade' into this emotional issue. I guess he is not too worried about the female vote anymore, he has already lost most with his groping, so now he will cement the few remaining religious fanatics to his side.

And I was impressed with Hilary's skillful answer. She avoided the pitfall of mentioning severely disabled babies being terminated as alas that would bring out the disabled community in full force. But really would a disabled person want to support Trump, didn't he make fun of a disabled reported? and a woman can't even be fat.

I really can't believe his retinue of skinny bitches haven't had a few abortion.