Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Pathetic State of the Feast of Tabernacles in the Churches of God

In a recent The Journal News of the Churches of God there is a page dedicated to 227 listed Feast of Tabernacles sites for 2016.   These 227 listed sites are those that agreed to post information in The Journal, many others do not.

Herbert Armstrong could never have imagined that 30 years after his death that hundreds and hundreds of harlot daughter splinter groups would have split off the Worldwide Church of God.  Each of these groups claiming that they and they alone have the "truth."  There are so many versions of the "truth" out there that even their members no longer know what is "true."

Many of these groups are holding simultaneous festival sites in the same cities.  Some cities have five to seven different groups and none of them willing to gather together.  Many prohibit members from attending with other groups and some groups post guards at doors to keep the Laodiceans out.

If the Feast of Tabernacles is supposed to be a "foretaste of the kingdom of God," as many of them believe, then who wants to be part of such a divisive kingdom filled with hundreds of splits?

Hundreds of these groups still believe in the myth of Petra as the final place of training.  Can you image when all of these groups descend upon the country of Jordan at the same time and run towards Petra what a mess it will be when they all try and squeeze through the "narrow gate!"

Imagine Meredith, Thiel, Malm, Pack, Flurry, Kubik and others as they all start arguing over who is the rightful true church and who will be in charge.  Who's doctrines will be enforced? Who will be the unifying super personality?  Bob Thiel? Dave Pack?  Ron Weinland? Gerald Weston? Stevie Flurry?

What an appalling mess!


Byker Bob said...

We should all be reminded that even when mercury has been divided into little, tiny, infinitesimal balls, it is still extremely toxic.

How do members of the various splinters even consider Petra as being viable? The only way that would be remotely possible would be if God Himself supernaturally transported the members there, and deliberately left all of the pig-headed leaders behind to be educated by their tribulation.

The opacity of the blinders required to be a full blown Armstrongite keeps getting deeper, and deeper, and deeper.


Anonymous said...

These groups have little if any credability at all.Sadly the commentary posted here would never registrar with those attending these many scattered and often hostile groups.The finger of accusation and condemnation can be truely pointed to them all.

Anonymous said...

I must say that this state of affairs flabbergasts me. I remember back in the late 50s, when it was an argument as to whether there had to be only one feast site. Reality won out, but still Worldwide was united and soon Herb and Ted had to scramble like mad to get to the multiplying sites == Poconos, Jekyl Island, Squaw Valley. Wisconsin Dells, etc. I remember gathering outside to wave to the circling plane. It was similar to the pace of a presidential campaign. Even I am amazed at what has transpired as each glory seeking wannabee Herbert tries to build his little kingdom. It's disintegration. That's all.

Allen C. Dextrer

Anonymous said...

“The Journal lists 227 Feast sites for 2016”

It could be much worse.

Some people wanted to divide the former WCG people among 150,000 different Feast sites.

Miguel de la Rodente said...

Do any of these Neanderthals still have special "Colored" feast sites, or are they finally into the 21st Century?

Anonymous said...

I use to experience this phenomenon when going to restaurants with church members. Typically, there was one or more person playing 'king of the mountain.' So many times,it ruined the outing. Hence, endless splintering is to be expected. And they are all 'the one true church.'

Anonymous said...

Feastgoer rehearsal:

"Let's make this the best Feast ever!"

"We're really being blessed with inspiring sermons!"

"I'm so glad I came. Better than the world's holidays."

"That truly WAS the best Feast ever!"

Bill Maher recently said that Trump supporters live in a FACT-FREE BUBBLE, where even easily-observable REALITY doesn't penetrate the mind.

We can sure speak to that.

Hoss said...

Byker Bob wrote: ...if God Himself supernaturally transported the members there...[Petra]

If I got the latest doctrinal twist correct, Dave Pack said the worthy of the RCG membership would be miraculously transported to Petra. His previous, painfully detailed sequence of events had the members travel to Jerusalem - for no apparent reason - and then flee to Petra.

And as far as I can gather, Bob Thiel's pitch is unless you correctly understand certain prophetic events (that only he teaches) you won't know when to flee to Petra. So, you know where to flee, and will know when, but it appears how is up to you.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be funny if someone flew a G-III jet over all those sites this year, circling them, honking an ooga horn, wiggling the wings, and dropping fliers declaring that Herbert W Armstrong is alive and a write-in candidate for POTUS?

It could be followed by a biplane with a 'lookalike Herbie' wearing open cockpit goggles, waving to the crowds, and the banner trailing behind it says; "I'm BAAAACK on the TRAAAACK! HWA 2016! "

Anonymous said...

Bob Thiel's pitch is unless you correctly understand certain prophetic events (that only he teaches) you won't know when to flee to Petra. So, you know where to flee, and will know when, but it appears how is up to you.

Basically, then, if you're one of the wealthy ACOG 1%, what's stopping you from RIGHT NOW booking a long-stay hotel room at that nice hotel overlooking the entrance to Petra, or maybe even arranging to buy or build a house right there in the town? if you had enough faith to do that, you would have no problem recognizing when the mass influx to Petra had begun.

Anonymous said...

You are in the place of safety when you kick the bucket. And you get a nice casket with flowers as well. And not forgetting, people say all sorts of nice and kind things about you. Crocking it, has its advantages.

Anonymous said...

First comment/question:

It's about the Ian Boyne thing.
It says, "Pastor Boyne challenged Mr. Rumney and others to evaluate his CGI booklet Man’s Awesome Destiny, and Gavin took up the challenge."
Apparently, this was a long time ago.
Does anyone have a link to Gavin's rebuttal to Mr. Boyne's booklet?

Second comment/question:

In an article (Issue No. 188 Sept. 30, 2016 of The Journal), the following is written-
"Around the world our Living University students, from ages 3 to 92, strengthen and perfect their core values of leadership, service, commitment, integrity, excellence, culture and creativity."

My question: Does Living University really have students that are 3 years old?
If so, this must be a very different kind of "University" - and very distinctly different from the type of "University" with which I am familiar.

Admittedly, I am not an expert on early child development (even though I've done much reading on the subject), but I must question whether a 'three-year-old' child would have a developed ability to "strengthen and perfect their core values of leadership, service, commitment, integrity, excellence, culture and creativity."

Miguel de la Rodente said...

Since there is more water than land on the surface of our planet, I think they should revise this festival. Make it a festival in which the temporary dwellings are boats, or ships. Also, apply the rules of Ebonics to the name, calling it the Festival of Barnacles. Services for the wealthier, more influential brethren (and pastor ranked ministers and above) could be on a Carribean cruise ship.

Frankly, I'm shocked that Little Jimmy hasn't already proposed this to his Daddy. What a replacement it could be for the discontinued Hawaiian site!

Anonymous said...

From The Wanderer


Could someone explain the plane circling thing? Did that really happen and what was it for?? My experiences with Feasts have not been the greatest and it could have been my part too. But, it seems I spent most of my time in between marriage problems and everything else. I just got tired of it. I am sure others faired better but was wondering if any of "youins" out there had similar experiences. Also, I had an interesting "exchange" with a corporate COG and I asked about splinter groups and I made the mistake of referring to Mr. Armstrong as "Herbie" and it was not well received. He said he looked me up in the "data base"...Why? and
...creepy. What's IN that data base??...hmmm Shall I be so bold as to inquire??

Teetering at the crossroads

The Wanderer

Anonymous said...

The Armstrongs often circled their planes over Feast Sites and wiggled the wings to let the feast-goers that they'd arrived. Feast goers would stream out of the tents or other buildings giddy with excitement, waving their arms at their guru's arrival.

Black Ops Mikey said...

At one of the holydays, an Australian AC(ult)oG leader told us that in the millennium,

1) white people would be dominant;
2) yellow people would be domestic servants;
3) blacks would work outside at hard labor.

Truly it will be a wonderful time of peace, harmony and -- if you are white -- happy prosperity.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:52 asked --

Admittedly, I am not an expert on early child development (even though I've done much reading on the subject), but I must question whether a 'three-year-old' child would have a developed ability to "strengthen and perfect their core values of leadership, service, commitment, integrity, excellence, culture and creativity."

Rod Meredith was a Mason in his youth, and Super Mario was a Jesuit before joining WCG. Maybe they've taken to heart the Jesuits motto, "Give us a child before he is seven, and he will be ours for life."

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

NO2HWA said, "What an appalling mess!"

MY COMMENT - It is truly an appalling mess when I think back to the 1960s/1970s growing up in the WCG and the sermons we heard all the way from the top with HWA and all the way down to the local church elder - it was never suppose to be this way. And for a Church which prided itself on its understanding of Bible prophecy, I never heard NOT ONE sermon growing up in the WCG that we would all grow old in this present world, and witness the disintegration of "God's work"- the most important work on earth as we were told - into NOTHING. The Splinters today are such low wattage "works" primarily to provide jobs and income streams to small groups of family runned Armstrong fear religion franchises. It is NOTHING what it once was.

Gary, I frequently travel between Florida and Maryland in my business, and driving down I-95 in Georgia and seeing the signs for Jekyll Island always brings back a RUSH of memories to me. Last week when I was on I-95, I realized splinter group United COG would be on the island for the FOT. I almost turned off I-95 for an excursion. I have visited the island several times in recent years. Nothing UCOG could do could compete with our memories of 8,000 WCG members under the world's largest tent, or the hurricane that hit its zenith when Garner Ted Armstrong got up to speak and light bulbs were popping everywhere. Or going to air strip on the island to see HWA or GTA arrive on their jets. Or, camping at the Campgrounds for a couple of the Feasts with my family. Or going to a Brunswick, Ga. restaurant for a steak dinner in 1982 long after (about 6 years after) I had left the Church, but came down to Jekyll Island FOT to spend time with my family. My father died about 9 months later, and that memory is my last memory of our family together in good health - a happy memory.

Yes, it is an appalling mess, but the mess is part of our collective memories and are a part of us - for better or worse.


Ilija Korac said...

Did you hear sermon from one minister about his ship? I believe when minister giving sermon on the F.O.T he must concentrate him self on such subject. But what he was talking about is that he pick up his ship she had a problem-second time he picked it up look under her tile and he see nothing but nuggets in her bottom. I ask question is that OK to tel people about sheep nuggets in her bottom or talk about coming Kingdom of God.

nck said...

Lake of Fire,

Nice story on Jekyll Island.

It seems to me that the places where "God placed his mark" have a distinct double meaning through its history.

In the case of Jekyll Island it would have been "wealthy businessmen" retreats associated with the builders of America's infrastructure, as would have been Pasadena, Lake Tahoe and many other places associated with (the original) feast sites.

In the case of Jekyll Island I would associate it with the founding of the Federal Reserve. An organisation one might have heard about.

No conspiracy theory here. Just associating.


Anonymous said...


If we want to make some random associations, consider that Jerry Falwell Jr.'s office is in the former home of Carter Glass who spent much time writing bills there, including as congressman the Glass-Owen Act of 1913 and as senator the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933.

nck said...


I see what you mean.

For me it is not so hard to imagine where hwa would choose the first feast sites.
As an avid news enthusiast and "self styled" reporter on current events he would be very much aware of locations that would be befitting toward his ideology.

I would remind you of his 1947 european trip where he decided not to have ambassador college in lugano but liked geneva better for its diplomatic activity and intelectual logistics.


Henry Bemis said...

My memories of the Feast is coming back home to reality with no job and no money. While all the "sinful" people who did not keep the Feast were blessed with money and work.