Thursday, November 17, 2016

Changes Underway with Grace Communion International?

This was sent to me today.

GCI continues to look towards moving to Charlotte, North Carolina.  Apparently the church is not taking most of its employees that work in Glendora with them.  The rumor is that Joe is going to officially retire and turn over reigns to Greg Williams.  It remains to be seen what will really happen.

Rod Meredith will be the first to take over a warm basket of cookies to welcome them to Charlotte. This will make Rod Meredith sooooooo happy!

GCI is also in a unique time of transition. I know that I myself have some important news to share with you all at our 2017 conference, as we look toward the future of this beautiful denomination. It will be a significant and historic moment, a chance to look back in gratitude over where God has brought us, and look forward with hope where he continues to lead. I know you’ll want to attend to hear from Greg Williams, Director of Church Administration and Development, as he begins an on-going conversation about the next chapter of Grace Communion International and its growth.
Here at GCI, we want to move into the future with clear eyes and with sensitive hearts to the guiding of our Triune God. We are in an important season as a denomination, one of transition and of goal-setting, as we continue to celebrate the wonderful things God has continued to do for us. I joyfully invite you to join us at our landmark 2017 Denominational Conference. You can check for updates, and be the first to know when registration opens in December. My heart is full as I look forward to the blessings and the richness of this family gathering. 
What a joy to participate with Jesus and each of you in this life-changing work of sharing the good news about Jesus with others around the world.  Thank you for your support! 
I’ll keep an eye out for you in Orlando!
Joseph Tkach
President – Grace Communion International
Letter from Dr. Joseph Tkach 


Connie Schmidt said...

Would love to know what the "retirement package" for Joey is going to be, especially since he screwed so many ministers and employees out of ANY type of senior security or retirement.

Anonymous said...

Denominational conference? At least GCI is honest about being basically a Kenneth Copeland clone. Herbies church was as well, but he pretended otherwise, and acted as if the bible was the churches reference point. Reading other denominations dissident sites, and watching Tele evangelists, proves this. They all have the same map of reality, the same lies and the same distortions. In some ways these protestants are better by teaching that God leads each individual Christian. By contrast Herbie taught that God only leads the church via its leaders. So the churches incessant 'obey, yield, surrender, submit,' excludes God. God has been pushed to one side. The sin of Moses. In over 50 years, I never read one article (or heard one sermon) pointing out that Gods leads every individual Christian. Not once. Shame on Herbie and his minions.

Anonymous said...

Is Greg Williams any relation to Earl Williams? How ironic if he is. I think it is pretty weird that GCI is moving soooo close to LCG.

Anonymous said...

So this is what it's come down to! Just another "denomination!" And, the trinity yet! They've traded herbie's insanities for run of the mill protestant ones. An example of dumb and dumber!

Allen C. Dexter

Anonymous said...

The CGI website says registration will open in November. Joe's letter says it will open in December. Anyone think it will open in January?

Ilija Korac said...

Yap demon possessed group still exist, but it will come to the end soon

Byker Bob said...

One way or another, it would be awesome to see the membership of the LCG brought into the New Covenant, but somehow I doubt that GCI will have that effect as Rod's new neighbors. This move will most likely produce some uneasy feelings. It does make one wonder about motives.


Anonymous said...

6.33PM Joe Sr was already teaching the trinity in the 1990s.

Anonymous said...

5.28PM I don't think it weird at all. This way, GCI crazies can easily hop over to LCG to persecute the odd devout Christian, and struggling LCG members are encouraged to drop out and join Joes church. It makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Wow he said grace communion is in a time of transition. What a word to use.
Is it joining up with the jesuits wannabees in UCG.

Minimalist said...

Living in LA these days with its 24 million population (and another 4 million uncounted undocumented aliens "living in the shadows" - but still driving cars and creating deadly fine-particulate air pollution) must be Hell for millionaire Joe's poor office workers (with all the GCI budget cuts & shrinking following)!

Anonymous said...

LCG's Mike Germano was a big supporter of Joe Jr. at one point. Maybe, after being under Rod Meredith's thumb for ten years, he is ready to go back to GCI and bring Living University with him.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that Joe Jr will finally hold those elections he promised to have, so many years ago, to determine his successor?
(I'm not talking about any election with only his "dummy board" members voting.)

My guess is that if any voting is involved, it will be done by Tkach's dummy board.

Black Ops Mikey said...

What a wonderful opportunity!

Both the LCG and GCI can build armories and declare war on one another. Seeing missiles launched from both camp making colorful explosions and armed troops scaling the walls of the encampments will make an exciting exhibition worthy of a full length movie.


It will be a good day to die!

Please don't ruin it all by suggesting a truce!

Anonymous said...

That is just too creepy and coincidental. Of ALL the cities in ALL of the USA he picks Charlotte? No, there must be more afoot, something just doesn't smell right.

Leopold said...

It seems that most commentators here think that everyone is bad except he/she. I don't see people criticizing themselves, calling themselves stupid and dumb. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Leopold, feel free to criticize yourself. Maybe we'll follow your excellent example.

Anonymous said...

Leopold, I wrote a comment referring to "Tkach's dummy board", but was not calling members of that board dummies.

I was identifying the Board of Directors of Tkach's church as a "dummy board"

I hope you understand the distinction.

And, basically, I was trying to make the point that way way back, Tkach Junior successfully lobbied to get the WCG removed from Hank Hanegraaff's list of cults- by working with Ruth Tucker, and giving assurances of elections soon to be held for the church's leadership- Tkach Junior has shown himself to be a manipulator and a liar by retaining control of the church(to his financial benefit) to this very day, and never holding the elections he'd promised.

Anonymous said...

Another part of the deal that Joseph Tkach Junior made with Hank Hanegraaff to get the WCG removed from Hanegraaff's list of cults, was that Joseph Tkach Junior promised financial transparency.

That financial transparency never happened.
It's just another broken promise and lie by Tkach Junior.

Am I correct in saying that Junior and his church have refused to disclose what most or all church properties sold for, while Junior has ruled the church?

Tkach Junior promised financial transparency, yet so far has only delivered self-serving secrecy.

Anonymous said...

I agree. For all the splinter groups most of the ministry remain in contact with each other. The hypocrisy of it all stinks to high heaven.