Friday, November 18, 2016

Dave Pack: Three Proofs I Am Elijah

Dave Pack is back with more posts of his endless cycle of butt numbing sermons that's little flock has had to sit through over the last couple of years.  

Dave acknowledges that the is the Elijah to come.  This has caused major butt-hurt with Almost Arrested Elisha Elijah Bob Thiel.  Just how many Elijah's can one Church of God have????????

Dave has this to say about himself:
Let’s talk about the role of Elijah for a moment and ask some great questions I posed a week or two ago. Elijah is a prophet. The man who holds the role of Elijah, it says at the end of Malachi, is “Elijah the prophet” and there are three things that are important about this man.
Number one: He restores all things.
No human being in tens of thousands of human years has ever understood God or the bible more than Dave has.  No human is as intelligent as he is nor has any human ever been loved by God more.
Number two: He fixes the family unit. Because if you don’t restore the family unit, generations cannot work together…grandfathers, fathers, grandmothers, mothers, and children—and that is not to say there couldn’t be four generations. It doesn’t mean if the great-grandparents are alive, the great-grandchildren are out; or there are four generations and you count the great-grandchildren in, the great-grandparents are out. That is not what it is saying.
Say what?????????  Dave has fixed the family unit??????  He has disfellowshipped his daughter and son-in-law, his own sons rarely attend church, if at all.   He has ripped church members families apart.  Marriages have been ruined because of Dave  He has take young men that are employees in Wadsworth and turned them against their mother who is no longer a member.  There have been suicides.  Dave has done nothing but destroy the family unit! 
It’s saying the whole family unit, which is the way I have explained it. When you look at it, the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers…in the Church that involves three generations. It would have to, because of the passing of time. So you have to fix the family unit—which is the fundament of every society. Without it—nothing works. I don’t care what the LGBT crowd thinks, or all the people that support them, and so forth. And you know that.
The third thing is, very simply: He does those two things “before the coming of the great and terrible day of the LORD” and the Old Testament ends on that statement. There’s somebody who is going to restore all things—fix the family unit. Christ added “restore all things” in Matthew, and do it before the great and terrible day of the LORD, and he is a prophet called “Elijah the prophet.”
Now that Dave has accomplished everything, it is time for his created creature "jesus" to return and raise some hell. 


Jeffrey Fish said...

It used to be that when people thought they were Abraham Lincoln or Jesus Christ, etc they were put in restraints and institutionalized until they could snap out of it.

If Dave is Elijah, who was Elijah?
Boggles the mind.

Anonymous said...

If Dave is Elijah, who was Elijah?

Were Elijah and John the Baptist filled with encouragement at being the antitypes of the coming end-time Dave?

Connie Schmidt said...

If you actually believe Pack's "3 Proofs" you are in strong need of "89 Proof" Jim Beam!

Anonymous said...

If Dave is Elijah, who was Elijah?

Everyone knows Boob Thiel is Elijah! Or is it Ron Weinland? Gerald Flurry? James Malm? There are so many of these numbnuts its hard to tell any more.

Anonymous said...

DCP is King Nothing! If Dave was of God, he wouldn't spend all his time trying to convince you because there would be no need to. The competence would be self-evident, right? He is only a wolf devouring any flock that is weak and lingering around in a lost state of mind so he can steal your oil to lite his fire so he can bask in the limelight of his own delusions.

"....a falsis principiis proficisci...."


Byker Bob said...

He's backpedaling and revising again! Three of his competitors were supposed to suffer spontaneous human combustion, after which, he would emerge as the unquestioned prophet, to lead the unified ACOGs. So, see, originally, it was "Three poofs, and I'm Elijah!"