Sunday, January 8, 2017

Wade Cox: Prophetic Buffoonery...The World in 2027

What is it with all of the crackpots of Armstrongism the have to set timelines for events of the end time to take place in.  Not a single one of these liars has ever told the truth and not a single one of their predictions has ever and will never come to pass.

This is the silliness that Cox is predicting.  Remember this is the same guy that lies that half of the African continent are members of his cult...which we all know is not true since they are all members of Almost Arrested Bob Thiel's cult.

From 1972 to 1975 the Church was given 1260 days to deal with its problems and prophecy, and it failed its task by giving false prophecy. 2012 to 2015 covers the same period at the end of the forty years for repentance of the Church.

By this time the earth will be in serious damage and will require divine intervention.

From 2019 we will have seen the Witnesses and the Messianic system from the Reading of the Law. From 2019 to 2027 the planet will be brought to its knees under the Messiah and subjugated.  
From Atonement 2027 the world will be allocated its inheritance for the Millennium in all lands.

This action then commences the Golden Jubilee, or Jubilee of Jubilees.

After twenty-five years of war what might we expect the world to be like?

The planet will be in the throes of the Millennial Warm Period (MilWP). That will be far worse than the last Medieval Warm Period (MWP).

Sea levels should be well over the previous seven-feet levels of the MWP and the Roman Warm Period (RWP).

The destruction of the planet will have taken over 25 years and the effects will continue on into that Jubilee. 

The seas will be dead. The lands will be polluted and the population will be less than ten percent of its 2007 levels.

The long process of repair and restoration will be commenced.

Hadithic Islam, Rabbinical Judaism, and Trinitarian Christianity will be no more. Their ministers, imams and rabbis will be dead in the wars or converted to the true Faith. The only way out of the wars of the end is on our knees before God.

In 2026 and 2027 the nations will send their representatives to Jerusalem for the most important conferences in the history of the world.

Those that do not go there for the Reading of the Law will receive no rain in due season and suffer the plagues of Egypt. The nexus of the Law will be restored and the wages of sin will be obvious and immediate.

On the Tenth day of the Seventh month in the 49th year of the 120th Jubilee, or Sunday 20th September 2026, commencing from dark the previous day, the Jubilee year will commence.

Over that year the nations will be planned and organised into their inheritance. At Atonement in the Fiftieth year of the 120th Jubilee the Jubilee will be blown, and on the 23rd day of the Seventh month, immediately following the Last Great Day at the end of the Feast of Tabernacles, the restoration of lands will take place. All people will take up their inheritance within those lands. 

They will commence ploughing and sowing for the first harvest of the millennial system at Passover in 2028. The major harvests of the Southern Hemisphere will be organised in accordance with their seasons and harvests. The Northern Hemisphere will be seriously damaged through the wars.

The earth will have to be restored from 2028 to 2077. This period will mark the change of the entire attitude and approach of the earth’s populace.

From 2028 the Temple system will be under the new priesthood of Melchisedek. The place of worship in Jerusalem will be commenced. This will be the millennial Temple and focal point of worship for the entire world.


Anonymous said...

This is why Preterism is the truth. None of this goofy prediction addiction there.

Black Ops Mikey said...

We would like to remind everyone again that the reason Wade Cox has so few members is that around 2004, he had just slightly less than 100 members worldwide, with a good percentage of those in Canada. Around the beginning of 2005, he 'outed' his second in command by disfellowshipping him publicly because he was a partner in the Canadian African Game Farm for tourists to drive through the lions and tigers elephants and giraffes. Cox proclaimed that by being associated with the Game Farm he was breaking the Sabbath. It's funny this didn't come up in the years before this. It isn't really totally clear but apparently a stripper was mauled by a big cat, there was a lawsuit -- something like $7 million. We don't know for sure, but it just seems as if James was contributing a good portion of money to support Cox and after the lawsuit, maybe (speculation, we don't know for absolutely certain), the money from James dropped. So Cox, being the pragmatist he was found occasion to dump his second.

This would have been fine, but James was widely liked by most of those who knew him. This happened just before the Passover, so those who had plans had to go through with them for that week, but immediately after, those members who were angered by the betrayal left en masse and something like 75% of his membership was gone, and certainly there was only one member left in Canada. They all got together and formed their own group:

The Assembly of Eloah. They were sick of him and as one of the members said, Wade Cox was "a one man show". It's the same stuff, just without the illustrious Coordinator General.

Which brings up another topic. Wade Cox was 71 in October. The bylaws of the ccg at one time said that no one in the ccg could be an officer of any kind in the church after the age of 70.

Most of us have no reason to look, since to us Wade Cox has all the relevance of a ham at Bar Mitzvah, but it may well be that he unilaterally modified the charter so he could remain. Or maybe he's just a Coordinator General Emeritus. It's hard to know these things with somebody who only gives a box address, with absolutely no other contact information, conducting his business and religion in complete paranoid secrecy.

Except when he threatens to sue someone. Or try to take over a Facebook page.

Unknown said...

RE: Black Ops at 12:05 PM...

I want to go to a church that calls itself "THE ASSEMBLY OF ALOHA", and that haves weekly surfing and beach fun after Sabbath services every week!