Saturday, February 18, 2017

7.5 Billion People Will Soon Hate Us BUT We CANNOT Be Stamped Out

Unstoppable Dave Pack will soon take his message to the entire world declaring that the kingdom is here!  Thousands will reposed and join Dave in his amazing work, but the rest of the world will be ticked off.  Dave's cult is BOOMING out and Dave warns that his message CANNOT be stamped out.
The Church of God—in any previous age—has never reached a point where it’s even been remotely close to…Including today, when we’re reaching millions…even remotely close to “hated of all nations.” When is that going to happen? Do you think the Restored Church of God is going to get big enough, by any trajectory of growth that I described at the beginning of this sermon…Do you see any possible way, brethren…I want you think about this…that we’re going to get big enough, the 7.5 billion people on Earth…Whatever it’ll be soon. It’s almost 7.4…call it 7.4 billion people—all the nations of the earth—are going to hate us, when the exact same message was preached by a much greater sized church…when there were only two-thirds as many people on Earth…under Mr. Armstrong…and everybody wasn’t hated? Come to grips with that.
Now, how is it that a small Church, reaching a much, much, much bigger world, is going to be hated by everybody; but under Mr. Armstrong a 125-, then 150‒160,000 people, on television everywhere—357 stations just in the United States—and there were a lot fewer people on Earth, there wasn’t much programming…I mean, millions and millions, hundreds of millions heard him—and all nations didn’t hate us. It has to be talking about a different time.
We have an infinitely smaller potential to be hated of all nations—no matter how big we get—an infinitely smaller potential to be hated of all nations, than the Work under Mr. Armstrong when they were not hated of all nations. This has to be talking about something bigger. The Kingdom is here and you can’t stop usWe’re everywherewitnessingBOOMING out—and the governments of the world, at war all over the world, CAN’T STAMP US OUT and yet, they will not accept Christ. But many will, and then the pressure will be so terrible, they’ll buckle under it, because we just won’t shut up and it’s the marvelous Work and wonder that…Some will be despisers, remember Habakkuk and Acts 13Isaiah 29:14, and so forth.


Minimalist said...

I'm guessing during that sermon there were empty seats out there - a few more every week! Does that faze him? I don't think so. It's like that other televangelist who built a BIG 'Faith Dome' in Los Angeles, but the attendees kept shrinking! - Never mind, have them move in close on the front rows and maintain tight shots with the cameras!

Black Ops Mikey said...

You know, that's the way it is with empty narcissism: The more people who get to know David Pack, the less they like him.

Fortunately, he won't have to be stamped out: Entropy will continue unabated until David Pack disappears without so much as a trace and no more than 10 years after he's gone, just about everyone you ask about him will say, "Dave who?"

Byker Bob said...

This is just a casual observation from someone outside of it all, but people seem to be ambivalent about the message. There are people who seem to hate Dave personally because he rips them off and mistreats them, but that is kind of a Bernie Madoff thing.

I don't know. Could Dave be watching the liberal backlash to Donald Trump and fantasizing that sort of reaction to himself in the future? Bob Thiel and Rod Meredith appear to have this same sort of complex. It seems to be what happens when you decide that you are in the Bible.


Anonymous said...

Ain't it interesting that all these men who have spent a lifetime telling others how to live their lives, are abject failures themselves.

Connie Schmidt said...

It really is time to help Dave and his cause! He needs more people to HATE HIM!

I will start the ball rolling on our goal of 7.5 Billion people hating Dave, so that the Second Coming can occur.

You all need to hate Dave, hate him some more, dig deep and sacrifice in your hate of Dave, and recruit others to hate Dave. This is an essential part of the "end time" work!


Black Ops Mikey said...

To escalate in order to force Christ to return, can't we have Fake News here?

No, on second thought, the truth actually sounds fake, so we're all good.

Anonymous said...

7.4999999999999 billion people in the world have never heard of David Pack and will never hear of David Pack. In a few years, if not sooner, Dave will assume room temperature like Mr. Meredith. As an experiment, walk done the street and ask a total stranger have you heard of David Pack? He doesn't have enough $$$ to go worldwide. Dave is a legend in his own mind.

Byker Bob said...

We could also leak news! Like maybe that Wadsworth Ohio is emerging as THE hot new community in which to live if you are a member of the LGBT community. Totally friendly! Then, when Dave just can't restrain himself, and makes some mean-spirited remarks, people will hate him.


Hoss said...

Some months ago I wrote that Dave passed a point beyond which I felt it was worth attempting to rationally critique. And he still manages to keep pushing the envelope further...

Hoss said...

Anon 153 wrote: ask a total stranger have you heard of David Pack?

David Pack the musician? Of course I heard of him!

Anonymous said...

I am joining with Connie in the Hate-a-thon for Dave Pack or as some liked to call him Dumb F*ck.
This name came as a result of a sermon(long ago in Global) during which he could not pronounce a Hebrew name and said it didn't matter how you said these names.
One of the people present afterwards said "I bet it would count if someone mispronounced that narcissist's name! You'd never hear the end of it"
Someone else chimed in with "Yeah, if you called him Dub Puck he would sh_t a brick"
And after many variations were discussed Dumb F_ was conceived.

Anyway, many thanks to our dear Connie for coming up with a great plan!

Anonymous said...

"Like maybe that Wadsworth Ohio is emerging as THE hot new community in which to live if you are a member of the LGBT community."

with a name like Wadsworth, I can see it becoming the new gay mecca ;-)

Hoss said...

Connie and Anon 902:

Dave hasn't made it to the top 10 yet, but I'll keep checking!

Jim Baldwin said...

Dave is just a well trained con-man for a non-existent god. This god and the invisible one look very much alike.

Jim Baldwin