Friday, February 17, 2017

Philadelphia Church of God Knows The Exact Date Satan And His Demons Started Working Overtime

Good old Gerald Flurry and his crew of delusional false prophets are making claims that Satan and his demons are running rampant through the United States.  A major war is going on.  Guess when all of this activity started? Satan and has demons had apparently been restrained by God so they could not do any of their nefarious deeds.  That all came to a crashing end when Herbert Armstrong died in 1986.  The very moment Herb took his last breath Satan and his demons were unleashed upon the world to wreck havoc.  They've obviously been working over time in Arroyo Grande.

In America Under Attack, Mr. Flurry even identifies a SPECIFIC DATE on which Satan and his demons began to intensify their presence and activity on Earth. It occurred, for reasons you can study in detail yourself, on Jan. 16, 1986. It’s incredible, but evidence—interviews, surveys, statements from key authorities—actually shows a noticeable uptick in demonic activity since this date. The International Association of Exorcists, for example, was founded in 1990, after a noticeable rise in the need for exorcisms. One of the Catholic Church’s leading exorcists explained that from 1985 to 2000 the number of church-appointed exorcists in Italy went from 20 to 300.  The Truth Behind the Rise in Demon-Influenced Activity


Byker Bob said...

That's funny! I had thought that when HWA died, there was one less demon.


Black Ops Mikey said...

It should be pointed out that L. Ron Hubbard died in January 1986. By the faulty reasoning of the PCG, it's just as likely that the end of the chief Scientologist began a flurry of Thetans taking over and causing mischief.

Of course, there are two very obvious dates for demon activity: September 9, 2001 and the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. I mean, if these weren't caused by Satan and the demons (a name for a popular rock group), then what were they caused by? Can you answer that, huh?

And all the bad weather.

Maybe the date is wrong. It probably is closer to the time that Gerald Flurry was fired from the WCG and started the PKG, claiming as a false prophet that he was Jesus in the Flesh as That [darned] Prophet, spewing forth false prophecies.

This is assuming that demons were responsible for the consequences of physical interactions of nature and some really bad people. It begs the question of whether or not Satan has a bank account or what bank he has accounts with. Some of us have seen the ranking of complaints against banks and we have a pretty good idea which ones Satan banks with.

Are we just to take the PCG word for all of this? They've been involved with some real stinkers. In fact, their accuracy rate pretty much parallels the prophetic record of Herbert Armstrong.

Be assured that if ANY of this rubbish is true, it's mere coincidence which has a lot of simpler and better explanations.

Of course, it could just be fake news from CNN.

Disclaimer: No false prophets were harmed by this message. Unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

The uptick in demonic activity since the death of HWA really is clearly noticeable, especially with the appearance of raging false prophets like Gerald Flurry and David Pack. You cannot get much more demonic than those two perverts. The International Association of Exorcists will have a tough time dealing with Runt-man and Pack-man, as the type of evil spirits they have come out only by much prayer and fasting.

Other still ticking demonic activists include Ronald Weinland and Bob Thiel.

With Runt-man, Pack-man, Con-man, and Non-man all running wild and crazy, exorcists could have lifetime employment.

Redfox712 said...

PCG have been promoting this nonsense about Satan being cast to Earth upon HWA's death in 1986 for a very long time.

In 2001 I learned that PCG produced The Key of David program on TV and that they were related to LCG having common origins in HWA's WCG. Intrigued I watch their broadcasts for a brief time and noticed that they taught that Satan had fallen to Earth upon the death of HWA in 1986. This attracted my attention since LCG on their recruitment program, Tomorrow's World, talked of this as a future event that had not yet happened. This was in late 2001.

Hoss said...

HWA had a tipster advising him of Satan's agenda, as revealed in this January 1981 co-worker letter:

I cannot reveal to you at the moment what Satan is up to now, BUT IT IS BIG, and we all need to be FASTING AND PRAYING as never before that God will restrain Satan.

Black Ops Mikey said...

But if Satan and the demons are restrained, then how will the Great Tribulation ever occur?

If you fast and pray that God restrain Satan and the demons and He answers your prayers (unlikely), then the return of Christ will be postponed. That makes no sense. Why would you want that?

The truth is that Gerald Flurry and the PCG really WANT Satan and the demons to attack the United States so they can boast about their insignificant little cult skunkworks and ply their recruitment.

And, no doubt, their brethren, the demons, would be happy to comply... if only the PCG was worth their attention.

Connie Schmidt said...

The ultimate correlation... Satan and the demons come from the fiery pit on Jan 16, 1986 to besiege the Earth. Global warming is the result! So it is not "manmade global warming", it is DEMONIC GLOBAL WARMING! ...

and without heavenly protection- FLURRY WILL MELT! ;-)

Anonymous said...

What does Arroyo Grande have to do with PCG?

Jim said...

demonic activity has increased in Arroyo Grande when the apostate started yet another splinter group

Anonymous said...

Remember, "Every Time a Bell Rings an Angel Gets His Wings."?

Later, it was, "Every time Herbie farts, a flurry of demons are released."

Now it's, "Every time Flurry farts, he releases a "six-pack" of of six severely 'whack-a-doodle' "truths", and the only holy thing about them is how they stink to high heaven!

Anonymous said...

The bible does state that at some point, Satan and his demons are caste down from heaven to the earth. I don't mind people speculating about that period/date, but, but let them give some reason/s or body of evidence. 'Cause I say so,' or some flimsy 'fact' is not proof.

Anonymous said...

According to Herbie the psychopath, the "attack" on the church in the 70's was when Satan was cast down. So this is just another doctrinal change Gerald-the-liar has made. He makes all this stuff up, having forgotten that Herbie had his own made-up interpretation of the same scripture, then says he's following Herbie. When people point out his contradictions of Herb-the-perv, fairy-Gerry ignores them.