Sunday, March 12, 2017

Dave Pack: When Jesus returns to Wadsworth he will be in a pillar of fire

Can you imagine what the shoppers at The Giant Eagle will think when they see a pillar of fire centered over Dave Pack's superfantabulous campus? they will be so shocked to find out that in the midst of that fire is Dave's creepy "jesus" coming down to roost in Dave's temple.  When it comes to Wadsworth it will be sitting his "throne of glory."
And if you understand Christ is coming back as a man, who is not accessible to people who did not take the Kingdom—no man can approach unto Him, if they’re the congregation of Israel. Just like in ancient Israel Moses, and Aaron could. That isn’t because He’s just a pillar of fire. I mean, we sit at the reckoning and we can’t see Him? We’re with Him forever, but we can’t see Him? Can’t talk with Him? A lot of problems, if you think about that.
I’ve had an enormous difficulty understanding how Christ could come and there’s a 100-, 500-, 300-, 200-foot column of fire on the campus, and the whole world doesn’t realize Christ returned, simply because He came to the wrong place? [Author’s note: Obviously this understanding was cleared up and seen to be a whole lot more than a column of fire on the campus. Also, some of what follows has of course also expanded in meaning but it is left for the helpfulness that it brings.] He comes to His temple. How is it with the resurrection of the dead, the death of the Man of Sin…Literally, the Man of Sin is going to be put to death by the man, Jesus Christ. I mean, it’s going to be literally man-on-man, but it will be lopsided. You understand! And all of these things happen, and the wizards, He puts to death, too, before that, and the whole world doesn’t understand what went down.
Dave's "jesus" is coming to Wadsworth to confuse the world, which in turn will cause hundreds of other false "jesus" things to arise.
Your thought is…Who would ever believe Him? But if Christ came as a man, and other men said, “Wait a minute. I’m as a man. The one you claim is Christ is a man. He’s over there in the United States. I’m here in Russia…or Africa…or Mexico…or Germany…or Italy or the Vatican…or wherever else. You see? It makes more sense that counterfeits would arise, if you understand counterfeits that look a lot like the original, doing great signs and wonders—that’s what the Man of Sin does. The Man of Sin comes and says he’s Christ. Nobody doubts that. That’s the way it’s described.
After this "jesus" has been in Wadsworth for a while working with Dave and sitting on his "throne of glory"  he will fly over to England and confiscate the Stone of Scone from Gerald Flurry and then place it in the coronation chair, which he will promptly sit down upon in order to stop Charles from sitting down first.  Dave's "jesus will only be sitting there keeping the seat warm for David, who then will sit in a few minutes and then get up and turn the chair over to Dave's "jesus" who then can be the true heir to David's throne.
Christ, literally, dials Himself back to be a man sitting on David’s throne, and holding it for David, because He’s not going to let Charles get it, unless he gets it before Christ comes. This should be crystal clear as you think it through. No wonder false Christs abound in chambers and deserts. There will already have been one false Christ, who got taken out, but these false Christs just boil out and prophets boil out, because here is this prophet, and this other person who says He’s Christ, and he does miracles—but so do these over here, and so do these over there. No wonder, they try to counterfeit.
Why call it the throne of His glory, if He’s on the throne of His glory just in the United States, somewhere else? Well, it’s a different throne, and He comes looking very, very different, and what that means is…You know, we’ve been talking about a lot of people, things moving closer to us? Well, how far away is the Kingdom? One year? Two years? Three years? Six? I don’t know what it is, but when it comes, you will have absolute access to Jesus Christ, if you’ve been saved, and He’ll look exactly like a man. 
If you think this can't get any weirder...Dave's "jesus" apparently is in Wadsworth for a thousand years during the "first dominion," where he  appears as a man keeping  David's throne warm so that when David returns in the millennium of Herbert Armstrong then he can rightfully sit on it in Westminster Abbey.

Brethren, I want to just stop and say the Church never addressed it, because it was an enigma. It was a Gordian knot—When? Where? How? Why did He start there?—If David is right there at that time, how does He come and sit on the throne of David? Nobody thinks He did it in His first coming. No one has ever even…would be foolish enough to suggest that. So when does He do it? And why does He stop? Although, you’d really want to start…Why does He do it?
Because He’s getting ready for David to sit on it, which is another great indicator that before David comes up, in what we thought would have been 1,000 years, when we thought all the 12 apostles came up to rule for 1,000 years, we would have had to figure somehow, some way, Christ comes before the Millennium and sits on David’s throne, because for the Millennium, He sits on His own. That’s the only way you could have explained…But nobody said that. Nobody speculated that. Nobody ever asked, “Why He does He call Himself the Son of man?” You’ve read it many times—did you?


DennisCDiehl said...

Dave is becoming no different than a babbling psych patient whose delusions take up his entire day and are hatched upon his bed at night in his beautiful mind.

It's really sad in once sense but he's a big boy and is doing this all to himself and inflicting his delusions on whoever has lost enough of their common sense to put up with it. I would love an hour to sit and chat with his 16 kiss ups. Is there not a real man among them or are they hypnotized and brain dead?

This mess of a talk, it's not a sermon, reminds me of the Millerites and the apologetic they came up with for "the Great Disappointment" of the mid 1800's . Rather than just say "I was wrong" as Dave should often say, a convoluted and alternative "truth" is pull out of his..., thin air, and the mistaken notions are perpetuated instead of buried.

Dave is losing his mind.

James said...

Sounds like a cult!

DennisCDiehl said...

Perhaps Jesus could do us a favor and actually return to Dave's cultic compound in a pillar of fire and torch the place

Sweetblood777 said...

Have you noticed how long Dave's neck is? I figure that this must be the reason that he comes out with more and more nonsense with each passing week. Pretty soon one will think that he is a chicken and cut his head off.

Oh, that would make thing even worse. Have you ever seen a chicken with its head cut off? It runs around like crazy. But hey, that is what Dave is good at, right?

Dave: puck, puck, puck. Oh *uck.

Byker Bob said...

This is beginning to resemble a horror movie, like "The Shining". Right now, indicators are confined to a collection of bizarre words. I just hope that it is not allowed to develop and mature into extreme evil. Considering today's life expectancies, there could be a window of ten or more years for deepening psychosis.


Black Ops Mikey said...

Dennis, when do you think Pack had his psychotic break and what do you think triggered it?

As for the pillar of fire, it's the lake of fire, not something delusional false prophet should be waiting for.

Do you think Antarctica would be safe, or should he take the first shuttle to Mars, built by Elon Musk?

Connie Schmidt said...

Is Dave taking LSD??

Byker Bob said...

Something was very off-putting about Dave Pack from the very beginning when we were at AC. I kept my distance, not really wanting to get to know him. His cousin was also a student, and seemed like a pretty regular guy.

HWA used to speak of his "dumb sheep". Dave's congregants are more like frogs! Remember, they receive the full barrage of this nuclear waste every single sabbath, and unless something radical happens, they don't jump from the cauldron. That being the case, they are very susceptible to whatever insanity might develop in the future. He's got them manipulated into the exact mindset that he wants them to be in.


Anonymous said...

Is Dave taking LSD??

Like his mentor HWA, he is certainly taking some LDS. Mostly he is trapped between two fears so immense he cannot confront them without breakdown. One the one hand, has he wasted his whole life for nothing as the victim of a terrible fraud? On the other hand, since he is so obviously special, why don't things turn out the way he wants them to?

He could change the entire ACOG landscape if he had the courage to tell his tithe-slaves that he really has no idea of what God is doing, and that he is getting out of the religion business either to live in retirement or maybe to help run a health food store.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame. Over the years, I've learned that any number of the CoG parents of baby boomers believed that there was a very special purpose at play for their children, tied to the teachings of Herbert Armstrong and 1975. Considering the nonfulfillment of those prophecies, the babyboomers who were taught this and believed their parents, have remained in the church because of it, and are now either reaching or past retirement age would be having a very difficult time with reality. Assuming one's 60s are one's last truly viable decade, we can understand that some might actually be artficially working to make that still happen. How long can one continue to believe that 1975 has just been postponed?

The closest parallel to this is the compusions and mental angst which often accompany a woman's biological timeclock. I believe that we are witnessing Dave Pack going through a mental/spiritual parallel of that.

Anonymous said...

1:41 wrote

>>It's a shame. Over the years, I've learned that any number of the CoG parents of baby boomers believed that there was a very special purpose at play for their children, tied to the teachings of Herbert Armstrong and 1975.<<

Robin Webber's mother used to go around the campus telling everyone that her son Robin was in training to be one of the two witnesses. He supposedly had recovered from a major childhood illness and his mother dedicated him to God's use. We have all seen how that worked out, he joined the apostates in UCG. No witnessing there!

Dennis Diehl said...

I think Dave lost his meager footing after his August 2013 Haggai debacle. He's been trying to over figure it put since and getting ridiculous in his "theology"

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

It looks like Dave has finally lost it as others have already pointed out. I read his words, and I can't tell you what he said without the help of NO2HWA's annotated comments along the way. Of course, none of this pack of BS mental bubble gum is biblical.

Matthew 24:24 - For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets....

Matthew 24:26 - Wherefore, if they say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth; behold, he is in the secret chambers (or as a pillar of fire in Wadsworth, Ohio); believe it not.

Matthew 24:27 - For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

Matthew 24:27 doesn't say anything about being a pillar of fire located in some obscure Ohio town.

Planet earth to Dave Pack - I've been out of Armstrongism for 40+ years yet I remember these verses. What is your excuse?

Lake of Fire Church of God

Byker Bob said...

The problem is, after these people have their failures and or meltdowns, they don't become embarrassed and just go away! Most of their followers give them a pass, and then they come back and do something even worse!

What needs to happen is a failure that totally breaks just one of the front-runners, bringing total capitulation. The problem is, how can that happen without a Jonestown, Ruby Ridge, or Waco event? Sad, but sometimes that looks to be the inevitable future.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I am one of those baby boomers, raised in the WCG in the 50's/60's and am horribly ashamed I stayed with it as long as I did. Dave Pack always made my skin crawl even back to SEP in '66. So wish I had come around sooner, posts like these make me physically ill.

Anonymous said...

The universe revolves around Dave. That's what psychopaths are all about--themselves.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when men surround themselves with yes men. The clearly is no iron sharpening iron going on around dave pack, because this is the result. He's become the COG leader equvalent of a my way dictator, a Hollywood diva. Betty Davis in the film what happened to baby Jane springs to mind. Nero, Hitler and King Herod also spring to mind.
He needs to get away, have a holiday, walk barefoot amongst the sand, he needs to travel outside of his pristine packwood, someone near him needs to tell him the truth before its too late.

Michael said...

" but when it comes, you will have absolute access to Jesus Christ, if you’ve been saved, and He’ll look exactly like a man."

Aaannnnnnndd it's happening now.
Dave is setting himself up for his next promotion, to JC. Once the members are set up to accept JC coming as a man, well that will be Dave walking among them!

After pastor and apostle, the only promotion options were Elisha or Elijah (Flurry was already "that prophet"), but now he's shooting for JC himself.

Sweetblood777 said...

Did not Christ plainly state that if one said He's over here or He's over there, to not believe it?

Has Dave not read this plain statement?