Thursday, March 30, 2017

LCG: Some members are shocked that Mario Hernandez will be the public face of LCG in Cuba

According to Gerald Weston, Mario Hernandez will be trotting off to Cuba to be the public face of LCG to the Cuban nation.  I cannot imagine people who have suffered mightily through the legalism of the laws of socialism, with many who have died because of it, would embrace more legalism in a church.  God is not bound up in the demands, rules and regulations of the LCG.  What the Cuban people need more than anything is freedom with grace, not arrogant narcissistic bubbling lectures by Mario on how things should be.

LCG is not presenting "original Christianity" to the Cubans. Besides, which version would they be presenting?  James version?  Paul's version? The Cubans will hear very little about Jesus but lots and lots about the law.

Now for that wonderful news. Mr. Mario Hernandez, our Spanish Regional Director, and Mr. George Schaubeck from Costa Rica recently visited Cuba, where God is beginning to do a work in an area that was once closed to us. How exciting it is to reach out to people who have not previously been introduced to original Christianity and all that this means! Messrs. Hernandez and Schaubeck visited with about 50 people in total, people who had come in contact with us via the Internet or personal acquaintances and requested we contact them. Some 30 people were already committed enough to attend a Sabbath service conducted by Mr. Hernandez. One man was baptized, but we expect many more will take that step in the near future, and we are now making preparations to hold the Feast of Tabernacles on the island for what we believe will be the first time ever! 
These truth-seekers are what the Bible refers to as firstfruits(James 1:18). They are stepping out in faith to join with others whom God is calling to do a Work at the end of the age. In a real sense they are pioneers of the age to come, the time that we refer to as Tomorrow’s World, when Jesus Christ returns to this troubled planet to set up His Kingdom. They are the called of God, and if they respond to that call and are chosen and remain faithful to the end (Revelation 17:14), God will resurrect them to be king-priests to teach these same truths to others (Revelation 5:9-10; 20:4).


Redfox712 said...

What terrible news. Cuba has enough problems as things are already. Having the superstitions of Armstrongism promoted among them will not do any good to the Cuban people. LCG should leave them alone.

Byker Bob said...

God may well be doing a work in Cuba. That's the good news. Unfortunately for LCG, it has nothing to do with them. Members should be praying that the Cuban people will never be oppressed or mistreated by the LCG leaders as they are in the USA.

To any Cubanos who might be reading here: becoming an LCG member is kind of like being bitten by a vampire. They suck the blood right out of you, and you are entrapped in their horrible lifestyle from that point on.


nck said...

"that was once closed to us"

Completely oblivious to "our" notorious history.

Will they be broadcasting on radio swan?


DennisCDiehl said...

"LCG is not presenting "original Christianity" to the Cubans. Besides, which version would they be presenting? James version? Paul's version? "

Nice to see the recognition that there actually is a James version and a Pauline version of Jesus message. The one being Jewish Christian and the other being Gentile Christian. They are not the same and you can't have both it seems without confusion and mixing up the scriptures as do all the COG's trying to reconcile the two...which is impossible no matter what the apologetic.

And yes, I can't imagine the Cubans wanting more rules and control!

Anonymous said...

At least he's talking about being king-priests rather than Herbs becoming 'God as God is God.' No one will be equal to them in the kingdom or have their universe creating powers or abilities. Thank goodness that such powers are restricted, and under the control of only the Father and Christ.

DennisCDiehl said...

Paul is the actual author, not any Jesus , of the NT Christianity and Gospel Jesus would not recognize any Pauline Cosmic Christ theology just as Paul never heard of any earthly Gospel Jesus and didn't get his Gospel from one or you've not ever really soaked in the reality of Galatians 1-2

Anonymous said...

Every time I hear Mario speak I get goosebumps, and not in a good way. Something about the guy creeps me out. His condescending and arrogant attitude are off putting. It was a sad day where was ordained.

Anonymous said...

LCG members are not "shocked" that Hernandez is the public face of LCG in Cuba.

Some are HAPPY that he is the public face. When LCG started, Meredith let Carl McNair and John Ogwyn and Hernandez and some others have their own little mini-kingdoms under him in LCG. Mario's is the last remaining of those sub-cults, and will last because neither Meredith nor Weston can speak Spanish. There are hundreds in LCG who love Mario and merely tolerate Meredith.

Others in LCG are SAD that Mario is the public face of LCG in Cuba. These sad members are disappointed that Meredith lets Mario teach all sorts of doctrines that would get an English-speaker put out of the church. They wish Meredith had the courage to stop Mario from spreading his extreme OT legalism and his weird prophetic and doctrinal ideas.

Neither group, however, is SHOCKED. Each realizes that this is how LCG operates.

Black Ops Mikey said...

For heaven's sake, let's hope they don't discover Puerto Rico.

Connie Schmidt said...


Mario Hernandez will also be LCGs "Public Face" to Gilligan's Island !

Anonymous said...

Will Mario treat the Cuban "brethren" like dirt as he does those in other Latin countries? The arrogant prick needs to be disfellowshiped and kicked out of LCG.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Ians post? Did his church order him to take it down or what? I hope we didn't chase him away.

NO2HWA said...

I have not deleted anything from Ian.

nck said...

Stan Bass was in Puerto Rico for 16 years.

Never knew the man but his name evokes the sound of steel drum.


(it seems people like to talk about Super Mario and Church more than Radio Swan. Someone upgraded the wikipedia page so at least I have one imaginary friend out there, somewhere)

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

LCG minister Gerald Weston said, "How exciting it is to reach out to people who have not previously been introduced to original Christianity and all that this means! "

MY COMMENT - Very interesting reading about the World Tomorrow broadcast on Radio Swan directed at Cuba. This information flies directly in the face of Mr. Weston's statement who I guess does not believe Mr. Armstrong when he stated that the Gospel of the Kingdom has been preached into all the world (Matt. 24:14)....and that would include Cuba. And then, the end shall come!

Lake of Fire Church of God