Friday, April 14, 2017

Dave Pack Editing Embarrassing Comments From Sermons

For several years now Dave Pack has been telling one tall tale after another.  His god is constantly giving him so many revelations that he cannot keep track of everything he is saying.  He has one superfantabulous revelation and reveals it to his members, then 3-4 weeks later he forgets what he had said  and contradicts himself.   Dave also has also had so many recent failed prophecies that he can't keep track of what them either.

Dave has been posting scores of sermons aimed at the back-sliding Church of God member in various congregations.  These sermons are supposed to be filled with the most astounding information ever available to human kind, then ten sermons later he changes it or deletes stuff.  He is now admitting that is what he does.

As we’re preparing all of these transcripts, one of the things we’re doing, brethren, is we’re cutting large swaths of it out wherever there was error and wherever there was any kind of exaggerated emphasis on me that could be offensive. I want all of that…I want to look like a mustard seed through the 49 or 50, 52 different parts of this. There are just some things I want to not say to everybody outside that they don’t need to hear. They don’t need to understand.
I want them to understand this terrible trial they’re going to go through, that they can escape it; how the Kingdom of God will come, and where their part in it is. They don’t need to hear all the error that we’ve had to walk out of through this long series. They don’t need to hear what my role is, or there are just certain things that don’t need to be in it. Partly, to make it shorter and less daunting for even the most serious Bible students, who might say, can I really read all that? The serious ones will and others won’t, and we may break out certain ones for the people who say I don’t want to read them all, and we give them a chance to read certain key ones. The three on the Man of Sin might be such a case—this one, and Part 31, and one other that came a little later.
So, in some of these parts of the series, I speculated, and some of that speculation is being cut out; some will be left in. But we’re going to speculate here. 

Of course this is all under the guise that strong meat should not be put forth so that unwashed masses have access to it.  They only are able to understand baby pablum.  Only "true" COG members have the mental capacity of understand the meatier side of things.

If Dave truly was a prophet of God then he would not care what people thought but would forcefully tell his story that he apparently believes in.  But he cannot do so.  He is embarrassed.  What is even worse is that his little league of man-boys in Wadsworth clap like happy seals at the moment Dave opens his mouth.  The never hold him accountable, even though some of them sitting there have to realize Dave is talking out his ass 99% of the time.


Byker Bob said...

Thus proving he is a rank amateur.


Anonymous said...

The ministers do not have strong meat to give. They do not possess it. This a dirty secret they hide from new members. I discovered this the hard way when I started attending services in the 1970s. People assume that ministers have the wisdom of a Dr Phil, but there is nothing in their background for this to be the case. The churches repetitive students 'go to AC to learn how to live' was a lie to cover up the failure to do so. It's the usual 'believe our words rather than the reality.' Not living in the 'real' world, the ministers map of reality is poorer than the man on the street. The ministers are in substance, teenage twits.
Dave is a good example.

Connie Schmidt said...

Dave Pack Editing Embarrassing Comments From Sermons...

Does that mean that he just simply deletes it completely from beginning to end , as that is the only way to achieve that goal!

Sweetblood777 said...

Dave Pack has been rightly named by Yahweh.

He is packed full of it.

Byker Bob said...

We can see that the splinters have been figuratively spewed from the mouth of God.
The followers of Dave Pack and certain others should be asking themselves "Has God clouded Mr. ----------'s thinking by giving him spiritual medical marijuana?"

God authored confusion at the tower of Babel, and often with the enemies of Israel. It is one of the tools He uses on His enemies! Certain people who have been taught that "God is not the author of confusion" would not be able to perceive or discern the origins of the confusion which they witness in their own ACOGs. They would instead blame Satan, and consider their splinter to have been validated.