Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Will Soon Be Pouring Into The Church From The Wicked

Imagine tens of thousands of present day church members and ex-members flooding into the Restored Church of God.  Dave sees these people also becoming part of the wicked that end up following the two shepherds because the brethren are really, really stupid and think these two men will be the two witless witnesses.  These two men will deceive most of the brethren along with the gullible public.  These two wicked shepherds are crafty and cunning men.  They will make the COG members and thousands of pagans turn over all of their money to the true church for its use.  Hundreds of millions of dollars will flow into superfantabulous Dave's empire.  The glory days will be here!

Now, how does the trial end? Well, this is the brilliant genius of God…I know I’ve explained these things, but I want it all clear. How does the trial end? The trial ends, not with the righteous leaving the wicked, and there went all the assets…but God has Satan’s agents loot the wicked and then has them all leave. They’re sent an additional delusion in some way, and out go thousands and thousands of the wicked. They just depart, and the righteous are left with everything and then they’re told to go to the mountain—because there’s only one government left. That’s why it says “the mountain” and bring the wood. Bring home the beef bacon…or turkey bacon. So God loots the wicked. And if the righteous leave they are disobeying God’s command to stay and bring the assets, because those assets are going to be used.
The wicked are literally going to contribute…and the devil always does. He stumbles into serving God’s purpose. They’re going to gather all…All of this, enormous funds, is going to be used in the Kingdom of God to “juice” us in a way we probably can’t even imagine; but I’m going to tell you, it will involve hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. It has to. It’s the net worth of a large group, plus all the assets they brought going in—just corporately—as well as the individual groups.
Now let’s understand a few other things. God has to have a way to test thousands of people before He brings them back to His flock, so He has to…He hands them over to Satan. That’s what this is. For a longtime, I first thought, wow, the Man of Sin is in the Church, but what we never really addressed is why. Why would God raise up two wizards and a false Jesus and jam all of His peopleunder those men? Why would you do that if you’re God? For the same reason the five other cases I cited, scripturally, He turns them over to Satan. It’s to test them—to forge and temper—and toughen—and wizen them. And after suffering, people learn. Suffering kicks the mental learning mechanism into gear. I learned that decades ago. I think the fifth sermon I ever gave was on the subject of suffering.


Byker Bob said...

Trickery? Hundreds of millions of dollars generally pour into some entity because there is a certain level of skill. Right now, if any one of the ACOGs received even $100 million, it would be like what happens when people who have negligible skills win the lottery. It is soon gone, and with nothing permanent to show for it.

Based purely on the various skill sets of the different ACOGs, the movement will most likely continue winding down a gradual death spiral. There are no HWA's, GTA's, Al Portunes, or Stan Raders, all of whom had gifts which exceed those of the second string that is on the field right now. It's not the money, it's the knowledge of how to use it to develop more committed members. The current leaders are all wishing for or prophesying miracles. Ain't going to happen.


DennisCDiehl said...

Aside from the deepening delusions, when Dave says "God" he means "I" and when he speaks of "the wicked" he means, "those that don't agree with all the extra-biblical taleweaving I have come up with calling them "sermons."

Dave Notes: "And after suffering, people learn. Suffering kicks the mental learning mechanism into gear. I learned that decades ago. I think the fifth sermon I ever gave was on the subject of suffering."

Yes it does Dave. Yes it does....and in time you will suffer as will your seat warmers just how delusional you are. Dave must think it special or unusual to learn that suffering kicks in learning since HE learned it decades ago as opposed to everyone else who he supposes hasn't learned it yet.

Long ago, Dave learned the art of critical thinking from his mother and high finance from his father, long ago. Long ago by reading the booklets A Whale of a Tale and a Theory for the Birds, he learned the truth of creation and the utter fantacies of Darwin and all that has been learned since. Long ago, he's not quite sure, but he may have given a sermon like the one he is about to give but really it is a sermon that he has never given quite like that one long ago. Number 37 back then if he recalls correctly. It was long ago.

Dave, no doubt was actually called and set apart from the womb, just as Jeremiah, Jesus and Paul, long ago.

The problem with cruising on long ago Dave, is that not so long ago and continuing on into the future, all of what you think you know has gotten massive upgrades and those who have anointed their eyes with eye salve added new information to what they thought they knew long ago but didn't. Life works like that. But not in Church of course and certainly not in Dave's "incredible mind", stuck on long ago,

I used to think Dave is not so much intelligent as clever. But his theology is neither. His intelligence expired long ago. It is a rambling, disjointed and concocted mix of made up and imagined dualities , analogies and absurdities.

One has to be brain dead to sit through it week after week and tell yourself you are looking forward to going to church where Dave told us last week that this week would get us gyrating in our seats more than last week and last week was gyromania! And don't even ask yet about what's in store next week. You can't handle it.

Anonymous said...

Here is an old joke about the way Dave Pack talks: “I have long believed, and even longer taught, what you are now about to hear for the first time.”

Anonymous said...

So, in other words, my god doesn't want those filthy people, but he wants me to rob them of all their filthy money?

Sweetblood777 said...

Dennis, I agree with you 100% on this. The man's mind has become grounded up crackers.

His mind only thinks of MONEY. Has he not read that Yahweh does not need men, but can raise up stones to do His Will. Has he not read Revelation where it speaks of an angel preaching to men?

Dave has become Walt of Breaking Bad, where his greed never satisfies him.

Anonymous said...

David Pack accused all the other splinter group leaders of making changes to what HWA had taught. David Pack claimed to be the only one who was faithfully following all of HWA's teachings as they were at the time of HWA's death in January 1986. Then, David Pack went on to make much worse doctrinal changes than almost anyone else had done.

David Pack now claims that he, rather than HWA, is the prophesied Elijah who gets to change, delete, and make up all doctrines. The major new doctrine that David Pack “restored” is the idea that everyone must obediently send him everything they have--savings, houses, retirement plans, possessions, etc., “or no salvation if you don't!” Even after the failure of his August 31, 2013 prophetic guess, and the continual failure of it when rescheduled for the springtime, David Pack is now making up so much new prophetic nonsense that his followers will not even remember what HWA had taught about prophecy.

People supposedly went along with David Pack to remember and support what HWA had taught, but many of them are now quickly going along with whatever crazy new idea David Pack teaches. What sort of unstable and fickle people are still going along with David Pack?

Anonymous said...

“And after suffering, people learn. Suffering kicks the mental learning mechanism into gear. I learned that decades ago. I think the fifth sermon I ever gave was on the subject of suffering.”--DCP

I think that every sermon David Pack has ever given has caused suffering, especially his sermons from recent years where he made his massive doctrinal changes. But different people learn with different amounts of suffering. Some people are still in the RCG, and so obviously need to suffer some more before they learn, and smarten up, and get out.