Thursday, July 6, 2017

Dave Pack: I Will Soon Be The Man All 400 COG's Look To To Unite Them

Superfantabulous Dave, God's mightiest man ever in human history will soon be looked upon as the man to unite all 400 splinter Churches of God.  When the Man of Sin arises (Thiel or Lil'Stevie  Flurry as some are speculating) Super Dave will be there to unite the Churches of God into one massive work that will do a mighty work for 45 days.

There may be certain warnings to the ministers in the splinters. You know, where you start dealing…you start calling certain people out—“that man is not of God”—or certain other men may have to be ready to lose their lives. It’s going to be a busy 45 days. The Man of Sin does not personally enter the splinters, probably then unified…Now, let me just explain something. If I judge the house, I’ll just tell you what I would decide. I’m going to tell them immediately, “Guess what, you’re now one church, because God has one church. You’re not 400 churches anymore.”
If I’m given the authority to rule them…Think of Matthew 24 and we are, we’re not going to work with them in 400 hundred groups…I’m going to tell them, “Guess what, today you’re in one organization” and they will be looking for help. They’ll…Absolutely, they all want to be together. Not the ones who aren’t converted, who are going to follow what I call the “spiritual sleeper cells.” They were appointed to this ungodliness when they crept in unawares long ago and then they rise up to do their evil according to Acts 20verse 30, when Christ says, “some will rise among you” and so forth. Those people are not going to agree and the people who follow them aren’t going to agree, but thousands of brethren are going to be looking for direction. Maybe with or without their own ministers, so, you know, we will be in a position to say a lot of…a lot of things that I hope will be very, very helpful.


Byker Bob said...

What if the Bible is not even speaking about Armstrongism? Or, what if Dave himself is the "man of sin"? It is more likely that much younger players would be involved in the activities Dave is describing, or that this would all have taken place back in the late '80s or '90s. As it is now, the predominant demographic of the splinters is the oxygen- bottle and wheelchair set.


Connie Schmidt said...

The True Church of God, the body of Christ, is a transcendent thing. It is not automatically found in a peculiar corporation or man created organization.

There are Gods people in many different groups. At best, groups facilitate social interaction and fellowship. But to raise the concept of "card carrying membership" of having any spiritual bank with God is ridiculous.

God is interested in individuals. It is a personal, intimate thing between the Creator and ourselves. Spiritual interlopers like Pack and many others are not servants, or mentors, but rather spiritual adulterators attempting to create a polyamory relationship with the true believer and their God.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

My definition of poverty is "much effort yielding little results". Dave Packatolla's fruits are poverty with much effort yielding very little results draining his dumb tithe slave sheep of their time and financial resources. What is the bank loan amount compared to the total value of his levered HQ campus housing his Armstrong Church of God business franchise? By their fruits you will know them. "MANY will come in my name claiming I am the Messiah and will deceive MANY" (Matt 24:5).

Is Dave Packatolla God's best effort on the planet earth in 2017?


Byker Bob said...

I agree, Connie. But, the concept that God works from the bottom up, one Christian heart at a time, is incomprehensible within the frame of Armstrongism. They believe that a corporate entity headed up by a big kahuna is the only way in which God works. It's why the leaders can't acknowledge that members of a competing ACOG group could even be genuine members of "God's" church (the name they believe is exclusive to their own).


Anonymous said...

My point exactly Connie. If God works through individuals why even belong to any church organization? Why go to church every week and listen to a talking head that has no authority over our lives. Can't we have a personal relationship with God without the emotionally addictive attachment to an organization?

Anonymous said...

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Hoss said...

Byker Bob wrote They believe that a corporate entity headed up by a big kahuna is the only way in which God works

I came across this video a few weeks ago.