Friday, July 28, 2017

I was "Almost" Arrested and Jailed! Says God's Only True COG Leader and Future Witless Witness

God's most favorite man, after Dave Pack, of course, is Almost arrested Elijah, Elisha, Joshua, Amos, Habakkuk, doubly blessed and glorious prophet of Africa, Bob Thiel.  He is back once again highlighting the martyrdom status he believes he has faced in the past in order to validate himself as the one true apostolic Church of God leader on earth today.

Almost arrested Thiel copied and pasted an article from the COG7 on Keeping Your Job While Observing the Sabbath, and then had to add that he was "almost arrested" for keeping the Sabbath.  In his ongoing attempt to impress his gullible African members of his prophet status, he has to continually trot out his lame martyrdom status:
I personally was nearly jailed (while working for the government) and threatened with job loss throughout my earlier careers, because I kept the Sabbath. As it turned out I was not jailed nor fired, but there still is a risk for many.
It turns out the threatened nearly jailed prophet never had to suffer for his job as thousands have around the world.  He was never jailed...but could have been.   Coulda, shoulda, woulda...but it is could be a risk for others...What??????

The almost arrested and jailed One writes:
It takes faith to keep the Sabbath when your job or livelihood (Exodus 34:21) seem to be at risk. But the Bible teaches that we are to obey God rather than men (Acts 5;29).
It takes faith if you are a citizen of a country that is hostile towards Sabbath keepers.  It does not take faith for those in the United States and Canada to refuse to work on Saturday.  It does not take faith to deliberately provoke an employer, considering that the job market allows for all kinds of jobs in all kinds of industries that do not work on Saturdays.

Almost arrested and jailed Thiel needs to stop adding all of these idiotic titles to his name cut out the narcissistic crap he dishes out daily in order to make himself look saintly to his African sheeple.


I Knew Bob Thiel In LCG said...

This is just another exaggeration by Thiel. He used to like to tell those of us in LCG this tall tale as a means of trying to impress us. We weren't. Thiel has added a lot of hot air around this "almost arrested" tale. Do not believe half of what he says.

RSK said...

Sorry, your scheduler looking miffed briefly when you tell him "no Saturdays" is not a threat of job loss. Ive been at my current network for some years now, and I've gotten many of those frowny faces from the pen pushers over my day off requests. They get over it.

RSK said...

Note that in other words, Bob has NEVER LOST A JOB OVER THE SABBATH. It probably makes him feel inferior.

Hoss said...

While Bob does seem to confirm the almost arrestedtag, he told the story before, and it was a little different. Perhaps, as I Knew Bob commented, that was due to his embellishing his stories.
Some years ago I read Bob was "almost arrested" for mail fraud, and it had to do with his sale of naturopathic remedies by mail order.

Anonymous said...

The more Bob Thiel writes the dumber he sounds. Why on earth is anyone listening to him, particularly American COG members who should know better!

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades!

I guess Almost Arrested doubly blessed bitter Bob Thiel could also say he was "almost arrested" for a slew of other things - some not so nice. If it didn't really happen Bob, then it is meaningless dribble. I once thought that I was "almost" the next Mickey Mantle, but in reality it didn't happen. Which gets us to the core of Bob's problem - he along with the other HWA wannabes don't function in the real world. They live in the "make believe world" otherwise known as the "almost world" living off the income stream from the dumb tithe paying sheep.

Oh isn't it nice to know Bob "almost got arrested" for keeping the Sabbath. He was "almost" a Prophet too! NOT!


Anonymous said...

So Thiel was almost arrested for mail fraud for peddling this naturopathic horse manure? The truth comes out! No wonder Rod Meredith considered him a liar!

Jesus Fanatic said...

How can a person be "almost" arrested? ??

Connie Schmidt said...

Bob was ALMOST arrested, but absolutely GUARANTEED to be DEMENTED and DETESTED!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with being almost arrested. Heck, he wasn't even arrested, let alone convicted.

Byker Bob said...

Bob Thiel is simply a person who lacks the ability to turn in a credible act.


Hoss said...

Some weeks ago, there were stories from Bob's mob in Africa that brethren in Uganda were being arrested for Sabbath keeping. They apparently needed help (money) to buy their get out of jail free cards.
Then, nothing - it seemed to have all been hushed up. If the stories were true, I'm surprised Bob didn't mention them in his article. Okay, the African tales weren't about keeping or losing a job, but they were about risks faced by Sabbatarians.

Anonymous said...

I bought a new car. It's got more power than my last car, and my foot was on the gas pedal while I was speeding (unbeknownst to me) when a police car pulled out of a side street behind me. I made sure to note my speed and slow down in that noted instant.

I slowed down in time, but I suppose you could say I was, "ALMOST ARRESTED"!

Does that qualify me for the office of, "End Times Church Leader", or would I have to be "ALMOST ARRESTED" for something more serious like raping my daughter, to qualify for a heady COG office like that?