Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Dave Pack planning on building a "Drudge" style web site that will draw millions of readers

The most superfantabulous Church of God in human history is planning on expanding into an earth shattering global encompassing religious empire that will be the topic of conversation for the ENTIRE world, even though 99.99999999999999999% of humanity has never heard of the Restored Church of God.  Dave expects his "Drudge" style sight to draw in millions and millions of people around the world discussing his utterances.

We are looking at triangulating, from three different perspectives, maybe very soon all three places in place. This is a different discussion for later with more detail, but three different ways the Work will go forward.
Number 1: Massive Internet presence. It appears that the funds to do that are going to be here—more than I ever dreamed.
But on top of that, it looks like we may be going back into television, which five years…I’m not certain. We’re really going to be sure, but it looks like the funds to do that, and I mean worldwide, are going to be in place as long as it’s the right thing to do, and it could work synergistically with this massive Internet presence instead of replacing it, as we did five years ago, and finding out it wasn’t effective in a big way, because it stood pretty much alone.
And we couldn’t afford to do both while we were biting off building this building…But it caused us to have to pull back over four years ago. Now we can do both.
But there’s something else we can do. The third thing we can do. We may start a third website, or it’d be another website…actually a fourth website, but it would be the third element, here, where on a daily basis or very close to daily, we would be posting something new. We want to get into the world conversation in a bigger way. The news cycle of this world is way beyond what it was under Mr. Armstrong when people got monthly magazines. Well, we’re bi-monthly. Semi-monthly wouldn’t even be fast enough, but we’re bi-monthly, and it takes 500 man hours to produce a single Real Truthmagazine. So I’m willing to do that, if that’s the right thing to do, but if it’s not, I’d abandon it in two seconds. It was never used by any servant of God prior to Mr. Armstrong.
I’m not saying we’re going to abandon it. We’re not planning to, but those hours…building a kind of a Drudge-like site where we’re posting things on a daily basis in this fast news cycle. News cycle—if you go longer than about two days, you get out of the cycle. People are reading stuff right out of the palm of their hand, and we’ve got to get into that conversation. And if that happens, with two other powerful entities triangulating our commission, we could get very big fast as long as there’s quality stuff—doesn’t have to be long, but quality stuff coming every day. Written material, linking to other things we have so people get something new all the time, and all three of those linking to one another.
When you consider we’re the world’s largest religious publishing operation…ever…standing behind all of that, then you can see how rapidly this could grow large. Now I’ll just say to all of God’s people, you know, don’t pull back now. We’re moving ahead based on some just fascinating things that we are hearing.


Hoss said...

It was never used by any servant of God prior to Mr. Armstrong.It was never used by any servant of God prior to Mr. Armstrong.

So a magazine was never used as a recruitment tool before HWA? Another whopper. For one thing, we know HWA read CG7's Bible Advocate. And also before the PT, HWA and another minister published the Messenger of Truth, a name which was used by one or more magazines predating HWA's publiscations.

Anonymous said...

This is North Korean leader Kim Jung Un.
I often read Banned to learn the people control techniques of Mr Pack. He is very good at it. I then apply it to my peoples government.
I think I'II suppliz the world with some more nuclear bomb tests.

Kind regards Kim Jung Un

Anonymous said...

Dave says, "We are looking at triangulating..."

Is he referring to the Bermuda Triangle- also known as the Devil's Triangle?

Or perhaps the triangle formed by the three ass-pimples that surround his butthole (from which his "prophecies" come)?

Anonymous said...

It's funny how now it becomes crystal clear that five years ago the reason they pulled off of television just shy under a year was that it was too expensive and too much with the buildings being built and funds when then they blamed the inefficiency of television citing that mobile was much more powerful and constant. Why the change of mind now?

So they figured then, let's create a massive media push while building the buildings so that we can get more church inquiries, grow revenue. But that backfired, they pushed a minister named Orel, to focus his effort on Fundraising, even creating a special page in member services for fundraising, to share stories and track the amount raised, they put many issues in the Pillar instead of preaching the gospel more, etc. Then much didn't come back, so the next logical step was the pursuit of loans and aggressively tell the members to up their offerings.

Now Just 10 or so sermons ago, pack told the church that the man of sin could come relatively soon, maybe two years from now or less. He said all things are ready. Why television now and the massive media push for the world to know? Did you say pack that the greatest work lies ahead after Christ comes? What is different now? Funds are low and you need a way to reel in the unsuspecting?

Pushing on to tv is a huge commitment, will require more than a year before the "whole world" understands what they are being bombarded with or not. Most will probably see through his ego and be put off by his yelling. Much more will feel inspired by him and wackos will flood the church with emails and calls because those usually tend to be most attracted to Pack. Maybe they relate.

It appears they pulled back so much due to lack of funds, hence why you read that he thinks the "funds" will be available to help this triangular push, lol! Point in case, I really hope they redesign their broadcast brand overall, it's more of a slideshow presentation and with only three people working on it, definitely, deserves the man power to be scaled up if at the very least he intends to assault the world with why everyone but him is stupid and drenched in sin and why the world is in total chaos and needs him.

They are already posting much content on the current new sites they have up, appreciate they dont push religion you, but if pack was smart, he would have in tandom with the buildings, not pushed fundraising or offerings or attacks on the people and others, he should have inspired his church by announcing a push to reach massive amount of people, coming up with innovate solution to focus efforts on the gospel not the buildings, but somewhere he got confused and told the church, building the buildings is part of the work. He lost a lot of people for that. Clearly people knew that wasnt a message that would be much inspiring for those coming from the outside.

Anonymous said...

on a daily basis or very close to daily, we would be posting something new.

LCG and PCG are already doing this, but it isn't helping. It just makes them look more ridiculous and out-of-touch.

One big problem is that, while it's the most senior men who would have something interesting to say, the Internet posts end up coming from some of the most junior and unstable members. This is how we get Jelly. This is how we get LCG's brain-dead "commentaries" and PCG's "life lessons". Someday the ACOGs may wake up and realize that "less is more" if their existing efforts are driving potential members away, as I am sure is the case with anything Dave Pack puts out.

Byker Bob said...

We've all seen the laughable materials and wild speculations which already spew from the Pack organization. Does anybody seriously believe that the nature and content of his missives will somehow settle down and become serious and credible just because he further opens the floodgates? No, this guy isn't capable of being the Drudge Report of the ACOGs. Not even the TMZ. More like the aura and silliness of Donald Trump's tweets. The concepts of measured response and self-restraint are unknown to Dave. Greater visibility is simply going to make more people aware of his radical ridiculousness.


Connie Schmidt said...

Proposed names for Packs New Website ...

"THE DREDGE REPORT" , or better still perhaps "THE DRUDGERY REPORT".

Hey, what ever happened to Malms report that Pack was going to undergo some type of major surgery? Fake news?

Helen Wheels said...

...because what the world needs now is another website full of rightwingnut christian propaganda that looks like it hasn't been updated since 1993...

Anonymous said...

He already had the surgery.

Anonymous said...

Is it true their program not on the air?!? The expensive TV studio now a white elephant?! I searched their site, no TV station log!!

Anonymous said...
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NO2HWA said...

I have no idea what happened to many of the comments from the last few days. When I signed on this morning there were around 20 comments on several threads that appeared to be deleted. There is no way to recover them. If I were Almost-ordained Thiel or Pharisee Malm, I could blame this as an attack on this great work from Satan....

if anyone has the comment sent to them in digest from over the past 4 days, send them to me and I can repost them.