Friday, April 27, 2018

LCG: Gerald Weston Says "We Must Wake Up To Our Religious Deception!"

Gerald Weston writes in the latest Tomorrow's World magazine:
Because we do not know where we come from, we have forgotten where our blessings come from. It is time to wake up and repent! Our arrogance in rejecting God will bring heartache and suffering beyond what we can imagine. Americans have forgotten, yes, even up and repent! Our arrogance in rejecting God will bring heartache and suffering beyond what we can imagine. Americans have forgotten, yes, even despisedGod and His commandments, and so have the other descendants of Israel’s twelve sons. And no matter what one’s ethnic background may be, if you live in one of these nations, you will be blessed or cursed along with the nation as a whole. We are all in it together, and unless we wake up and repent—and there is no indication that will happen—we are in for a very rough ride!
That "rough ride" has been going on for 8some years now as each year goes by with yet another utterances of doom and gloom ahead. Damnation, death and destruction are just days away.
Much of the problem we face is the result of my third point. We must wake up to religious deception!
This awakening especially applies to religious deception in the name of Christ! Some people find it offensive for anyone to criticize the beliefs of others, but not all beliefs are equal and not every belief can be true.
This sounds exactly like the Living Church of God!  They become bitter and defensive whenever anyone criticizes their beliefs and unjust policies.  Just ask any of the hundreds that they have disfellowshipped over the last couple of decades how that all worked out for them!  Right now the LCG and the rest of the COG's are one big mess of deceptive practices and teachings. Even in the COG there is no uniformity of belief.  Certainly, not all of the various COG's understandings can be true, can it?
The Bible reveals to us that there is an evil spirit directing the course of this world (Ephesians 2:2). Furthermore, the Bible tells us that this spirit being has deceived the whole world (Revelation 12:9). Do you believe this? Is it showing love to encourage people to continue living in ignorance and deception, due to our silence?
I think that "evil spirit" has zeroed in on the LCG and the other COG's. Can there be a bigger den of deception? LCG is right in claiming that it is wrong for them to encourage people to live in ignorance and deception due to the silence/rejection of Jesus.

It is time for Gerald, Lil'Jimmy, Rod and the rest of the den of deception, to let the captives free!


Anonymous said...

Just ask any of the hundreds that they have disfellowshipped over the last couple of decades how that all worked out for them!

When I left LCG, it worked out well for Rod McNair because I wasn't around anymore as a reminder of his lies. It worked out even better for me, as I found a new circle of friends who radiated Christian joy, who understood the meaning of "perfect love casts out fear", and who were to my great surprise much more morally upright than most of my old LCG friends.

Jeremy Lin said...

Well, Gerald, I think you first must be free from your own religious deception. You also must free your members from the yoke and bondage that you and the other false prophets have enslave. Only than are you even remotely qualified to talk about religious deception.

An individual who lives a lie is not qualified to talk about deception. Think about all those situation that you portray deceptively back when you were in Canada, Ontario, Mississauga congregations and even the southern Ontario congregations in general.


Anonymous said...

Having known GW for years, there are a couple of things that come to mind, when it comes to how he believes, acts and ministers.

First, he is one of the most austere men I've ever met. He is also so afraid to appear human, that you rarely see the minister mask come off and his defenses come down. I saw it at times and begin to see there was also motive behind his blind obedience to whomever he followed. He certainly knew how to be political.

Second, he often bragged about being proud to be a "second banana", meaning he was just fine being under someone else's command. He has shown such dedication to this mantra over the years that it would eventually come to the attention of a narcissist like Meredith, that he was the perfect person to place in important jobs.

To draw a parallel, if GW had been in Jonestown, he would have been the one preaching the koolaid, monitoring who did or didn't take the koolaid, demand immediate compliance on any slackers and finally drank a double portion himself to prove his own allegiance.

To give him some credit, he and his wife never had a problem rolling up their sleeves and getting dirty with activities or fundraisers for the local church. Carol was often the hardest worker there, so that was a major difference from most of the "serve me, ministers".

Lastly, I firmly believe he is a true believer, as in Goebbels following Hitler status. He is so committed to the cause, that he believes everything must be done to protect "those that believe, as he does", building a figurative fence to keep out the riffraff.

He, along with most of the leaders of the mini GOG's are so convinced they are right, they demand full compliance with their thoughts and beliefs, making any reconciliation with one another, a one way street that must fully come their way.

In my experience with GW, I'd say he knows the AC playbook like a veteran quarterback. He can quote you chapter and verse, what "the church teaches", but would never admit he had any different thought or ever been Berean in any way.

His sermons, at best, fall along the never fail, church government and fear Christianity, so he has learned well at the feet of men like HWA and RCM.

This is why he is the perfect man for the job he now holds, to keep the mini flame bright, even though Rome has pretty much already burned down around him.

Anonymous said...

Gerald Weston says: "We must wake up to religious deception!"

But Weston, like the blind leading the blind, is too busy pointing his finger at others, that he cannot see the remaining fingers on his own hand pointing back at himself and the group he currently associates with.

What religious deception is there in Weston and the "living" group? Their belief in the MMM, Mickey Mouse Millennium, where supposedly Jesus Christ returns to "very soon" reign on earth for 1,000 years, and then fail as Satan exits the pit and virtually destroys Jerusalem and again deceives the entire world worldwide one last time. That's one.

Another? Weston wrote: "The Bible reveals to us that there is an evil spirit directing the course of this world (Ephesians 2:2)." Oh, yes, pointing the finger at the "children of disobedience," but unable to see his own disobedience. Jesus Christ said He would be at the Father's right hand until all enemies are put down...made a footstool! How can Jesus Christ also be on earth for 1,000 years? But, that evil spirit: what does that have to do with Weston and those of his group? Lots!

Another real Christian, James, spoke of a spirit that bothered them all:

"Do ye think that the scripture saith in vain, The spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to envy?" James 4:5

That spirit is dwelling in Weston and he cannot just "wish" it away. Lust and envy will exhibit themselves within his life in various ways. Sin will be the result. Sin? Yes, sin, as in:

"He that committeth sin is of the devil..." I John 3:8

Now, we know that Weston knows that he cannot say that he has "no sin," right? How does Weston get around that, b/c he writes like he has no sin, and so he blames/judges others, "the rest" of us. Weston is himself deceived! The Apostle Paul recognized the sin (Romans 7:17, 20) that was in him, and the evil (Rom 7:21) with him, but blind Weston (and Thiel, Malm, Kubik, Franks, Flurry, Pack...pick a name) are all blind to the sin within, and the truth/lies about a MMM!

They all believe in multiple gods, whether trinity, twinity (Duality?) that supposedly eternally existed and have no beginning or end. Jesus Christ and the Word had beginnings. Jesus Christ had an end, that lasted 3 days/nights. The Word had an end too when it was MADE flesh.

Ask these leaders who said the following?

"For I lift up my hand to heaven, and say, I live for ever." Deut 32:40

It does not say: "For WE lift up OUR handS to heaven, and say, WE live for ever."

Title of this blog says "We Must Wake Up To Our Religious Deception." When will Weston wake up to his own deception that he spews out. Weston says, "It is time to wake up and repent!"

When will Weston repent? Ancient Israel couldn't do it. America can't do it, but the Bible indicates that God grants/gives repentance.

Time will tell...


Anonymous said...

"Religious deception" ?!?! Well that's calling the kettle black!