Thursday, June 21, 2018

PCG: Gerald Flurry will soon be sitting on a throne passing out judgment and hastening righteousness

The Philadelphia Church of God recently sent a new booklet out to their members called, The New Throne of David by Gerald Flurry. This book is now more important that Mystery of the Ages and Malachi's Message, the foundational books of the PCG.  This book was so important and significant that the loyal PCG volunteers came into help send out the booklet to the faithful.

Never has the Church of God received such an important revelation from God as this.

Every year before the anniversary of  Herbert Armstrong's death, PCG members seem to fast.  In November of 2017, Flurry called a fast to urge his god into making the PCG grow as a church.  It was on January 14th of 2018, that Flurry's god entered into his mind and revealed all kinds of new things.

Gerald Flurry writes:
In November 2016, I called a Church-wide fast for the growth of God’s Work to be held on Sunday, January 15, 2017. Those who had to work on that day fasted instead on January 14, the Sabbath day.
I have said before that I have never received a vision from God outside of the Bible, and I still say that. But on January 14, I did have some interesting words come to mind about several scriptures. It has happened before that words come into my mind and lead me to a scripture. But this time, I heard a strong voice. That had never happened to me before. This voice said, 
“There is a new stone of destiny and a new throne of David.”

The stone of destiny is the stone over which British monarchs are crowned. It is also known as the stone of Scone, or Jacob’s pillar stone (read its origin in Genesis 28:10-22). We have written a lot over the years about the importance of the British monarchy and how it is actually a continuation of the royal dynasty of biblical King David. God promised to preserve his line forever (2 Samuel 7:12-16). The Bible shows that Jesus Christ will take over that governance Himself at His Second Coming! The stone has always been connected with the throne, so it is very important, biblically and historically. The stone is a symbol of David’s throne. It is also a symbol of our Rock—Jesus Christ—who is about to rule on that throne forever! You can read all about this in my book The Key of David.

God has shifted the symbol of David’s throne and that royal line to a new stone, and there are scriptures to prove it.
Flurry then recap's his version of the church under Herbert Armstrong. The glory days never seems so rosy as they do coming through the pen of Flurry, until his bitterness shines through when he tells us he and John Amos were fired and disfellowshipped on December 7, 1989.

Flurry then goes on to write how he had to take a pilgrimage to the holy sites that HWA occupied, visited or touched.

...Umapine, Oregon. Mr. Armstrong wrote about Umapine in his autobiography. In this town, he and a minister from the Sardis era of God’s Church held evangelistic meetings. The meetings were a failure. But then that minister hastily left to tend to some business elsewhere. Only then, when Mr. Armstrong was left alone, did his efforts begin to produce fruit!
The Autobiography describes the building where the meetings were held, so I traveled to Umapine to see if I could find it. It is quite a small town—you can drive through it in about a minute and a half. I found the only building that could have been used for Mr. Armstrong’s meetings.
It was very inspiring for me to visit that place, which resonated with the fascinating history of God’s end-time apostle.
Apparently, Herbert Armstrong was such a holy and important man that the PCG set out to find every single place HWA mentioned in his autobiography.  COG members love to mock Christians for their supposed devotion to "holy" sites that Jesus and the apostles supposedly had used, but this is exactly the same!
I mentioned this experience to David Todd, a man I had known in the wcg and who became a minister in the Philadelphia Church of God (pcg). “That kind of sparked my interest to investigate,” Mr. Todd later told the Philadelphia News.“I always wanted to see some of the sites Mr. Armstrong spoke of. I thought it would be inspiring.”
In August 1998, Mr. Todd moved to the eastern part of central Oregon, and he took the opportunity to begin searching for the sites described in the Autobiography. He enlisted the help of some local Church members, and they began looking for every site they possibly could. In every case—sometimes only after intensive investigation—they succeeded.
Philadelphia Church of God members regularly make pilgrimages to these sites every year around Feast of Tabernacles time, much to the chagrin of local residents who occupy the homes and buildings.
Their discoveries led to the development of a substantial and fascinating tour through Mr. Armstrong’s history in that area, covering the early beginnings of the Philadelphia era of God’s Church. We have members still giving these tours.
One of the more important things in HWA's autobiography, at least according to the PCG, was the rock that HWA supposedly prayed at in the woods of Oregan. Because it was on private land, that presented a problem for the PCG faithful.
It was 1933, and Mr. Armstrong was holding a series of Bible lectures at the Firbutte school in Eugene, near the Fisher farm where he was staying. “To the rear of the Fisher farm home was a fair-sized hill. Running over this hilltop for exercise I discovered a rock about 14 inches high,” he wrote. “It was in a secluded spot. It came to mind how Jesus had dismissed the multitudes, and gone up into a mountain ‘apart’ to pray—alone with God. I dropped to my knees before this rock, which seemed just the right height to kneel before, and began praying earnestly for the success of the meetings. It became sort of a daily pilgrimage, during my stay at the Fishers’, to this, which became my ‘prayer rock.’ I’m sure that I drank in much energy, spiritual strength and inspiration at that prayer rock.”
After gaining permission, Flurry and his devotee's traipsed through the woods till they found a rock that fit HWA's description. It was the most mind-boggling thing they had ever seen! "Inspiring" was a word that hardly described it. They were on holy ground!  There was only one other stone on the face of the earth that Armstrongites stood in awe of, and that was the Stone of Scone, now located in Scotland.

Mr. Todd found the former Fisher farm. He walked over the whole area and examined it closely, and there was only one rock that could have been Mr. Armstrong’s prayer rock. Remarkably, its dimensions were precisely as Mr. Armstrong had described.

In April 2002, Mr. Todd took me on a tour of the sites of Mr. Armstrong’s early days in the Work. When I saw the prayer rock, I said it was “the most inspiring rock I’ve ever seen, second only after the stone of Scone.”
from page 5 of book

But trouble was afoot! It seems another COG group was looking to take the rock.  Imagine that! PCG quickly sprung into action. Plans to film it flew out the door and all attempts were made to negotiate in taking the rock into their possession.
We thought that the rock was something we ought to have. We were going to hold off getting it until we could do a little filming there. But Mr. Todd said that someone else was trying to get it.
Can you imagine the conversations the landowner had with his family and friends about all of these crazy Armstrongites traipsing through his land to stare at a dirty old rock!

Flurry quickly opened up his tithe filled wallet and offered to buy the rock from the landowner.  Flurry's god had other plans and planted a seed in the man's head telling him to give the PCG the rock.
So we hurried along. We offered to purchase the rock, but the man who owned the property gave it to us free of charge, and he was happy to do so. We brought it to our headquarters campus in Edmond, Oklahoma, and put it on display.
Flurry's god has been sooooooooo impressed by PCG's devotion to HWA that it made sure that they got the rock as "tangible proof" that the work of HWA started at this rock.  It was the greatest work in human history.  Even Jesus, Dave Pack, and Bob Thiel pale in comparison.
God wanted us to have this rock. The Bible has many examples of God using stones for special purposes (e.g. Genesis 28:10-22; 31:45-52; Joshua 4:1-9; 8:30-32; 24:26-27). A stone is tangible. Here we have something that I think is supremely precious to God and the Philadelphia Church of God! I believe God gave it to us because we honor Mr. Armstrong and believe in what he did. It is meaningful to us because it is a tangible symbol of the infinitesimal beginning of the Work of God in our day—the greatest Work ever on Earth in terms of the impact and the number of people reached! Mr. Armstrong reached millions of people with God’s truth, and it started at this rock. For this reason, the prayer rock holds great significance to God’s people. It also seemed so unusual that Mr. Armstrong had accurately recorded such precise details about it, and that we were able to find it. Surely God had something important in mind.
Flurry's god had something important in mind.  Bigger and better things were ahead.  Flurry's god was not happy that the British government relinquished the Stone of Scone, which had formally been in the coronation chair in Westminster Abbey in London, to Scotland. The day they did that, Flurry's god took his blessing off the stone and place it on another rock.
Mr. Armstrong’s prayer rock has replaced the “stone of destiny.”
The date on which I came to recognize this is signifi- cant. It was yet another example of God making something momentous happen on or near January 16, the anniversary of Mr. Armstrong’s death in 1986. God is continually reminding us that we are continuing the work of Elijah. We have proved that Mr. Armstrong was the end-time type of the original Elijah
We must follow Mr. Armstrong’s example. The understanding that God has given me about this stone underlines this point emphatically!
Just as Flurry's god took the mantle of the true church from the Tkach dynasty, it took the significance of the Stone of Scone and placed it upon HWA's rock.  Jesus Christ now loves this rock and is looking forward to the day he can come back and sit on it. Just imagine the warrior Jesus Christ coming to sit on HWA's dirty old rock after he slaughters most of humanity.
This new revelation about the prayer rock will have far-reaching consequences. It is a major step toward establishing the rule of God on Earth!

Jesus Christ is about to return, and when He does, He will take His place on the throne of David (Isaiah 9:7; Luke 1:31-33). On that throne, He will rule and bring salvation to all humanity! We are living in the final phase of David’s throne just before Christ returns.
Apparently, since HWA was a direct descendant of David
After he realized how incredibly stupid it was to think that Scotland would give him the Stone of Scone to take to Petra, Flurry had to have another trick up his sleeve. One of the reasons Flurry bought his new multi-million dollar jet, was so he could fly HWA's rock to Petra and prepare the new throne for Jesus Christ to sit on.
The stone of destiny is really the symbol of David’s throne—not the chair that sits in Westminster Abbey. ... God said there would never lack a man to sit on that throne—and here He says the throne will be established in a temporary, Tribulation setting, with God’s loyal people dwelling in a rocky fortress!
Notice what Flurry says above,  "...there would never lack a man to sit on that throne..." so just who is that man? Is it Jesus Christ, a "god" or a human physical man? I will give you just ONE guess as to who that man is... That man is also a king.
Isaiah’s prophecy says the individual sitting on the throne at that time will be “seeking judgment, and hasting righteousness.” I wrote how this implies it will be occupied not by a member of Britain’s royal family, but by a Spirit-led member of God’s Church. I then pointed to the prophecy in Micah 2:13 referring to the leader of God’s Church as “their king.” “It shouldn’t be too upsetting to think of God calling a man in the Church a ‘king,’” I wrote. “After the 31⁄2-year period of the Tribulation, every converted member in God’s Church will be a king and a priest forever!” (ibid).
King Gerald will soon be sitting upon that throne passing out judgment and hastening righteousness. 

What Church of God member, Christian or fellow human being would EVER want to have Gerald Flurry passing out judgment upon them? There is not one single COG leader in ANY of the splinter groups that has that capability now or will ever have in the future.  That is a fact.


Anonymous said...

Gerald can blather blather all he wants about his precious Rock. But the Bible is clear.

Only Jesus is the Rock.

Gerald's screed is nothing but a self-serving, idolatrous pile of hubris focused on his idol, HWA, and his second favorite idol, himself. It's a pile of trash with zero focus on the love of Jesus in the lives of all those that He died for. Instead, it works hard as a propaganda tool to exalt the position, status, and title of himself as a king who will sit on a physical throne.

First. Now Gerald's hearing voices, literal voices? I doubt it. It seems he's a really poor writer. Notice this:

" But on January 14, I did have some interesting words come to mind about several scriptures. It has happened before that words come into my mind and lead me to a scripture. But this time, I heard a strong voice."

There's a big difference between "interesting words come to mind" and "But this time, I heard a strong voice" when he just said on the date of Jan 14 interesting words came to mind. Read this carefully and note that he contradicted himself in the very sentence he said something was different. I call BS. He either heard a strong voice or interesting words came to mind. Either way, it's BS.

Now if he DID hear a strong voice, which he literally did not, it wasn't Jesus. I can assuredly say that - and you know why? Because Jesus, the Lord and Savior loves the little children, and hates and abhors sin. Jesus' concern about the children who are currently being traumatized and the families being separated is FAR FAR FAR more important on the mind of God, I am certain,then ol' six-pack Gerald Flurry calling himself a king, rattling on about some stone, obsessing about a rock and his man-idol HWA.

All he's doing is trying to magnify the brainwashing and propaganda about himself and his position to those who are feeding his money-farm and affluent lifestyle. If he was moved by God, really - he'd be reversing his policy of no-contact, repenting, apologizing, and using his influence, funds, and pastoral abilities to bring families together and heal wounds and relationships.

But you won't see that happening any time soon.

James said...

Mental illness. And those who believe this load of shit I suspect the answer is the same. Mental illness.

Connie Schmidt said...

NEWS FLASH --- Flurry and Pack groups to merge! ...

New leader to be known as FLACK !

Miller Jones said...
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Anonymous said...

This is just the first "revelation" of this sort. If PCG members fall for this, more such "revelations" will follow.

Anonymous said...

Gerald just wants to be a Rock Czar

Vaughn said...

King Gerald dispensing judgment? Three words come to mind: unjust, arbitrary, and capricious. Well, for starters, anyway.

Byker Bob said...

Ah, the vanity of the insanity!

These people have used Armstrongism quite successfully in creating their own wealth and power. If it were not labeled as religion, this scam would have been dismantled decades ago.


Anonymous said...

It's a waste of time to have a fast dedicated to increasing church numbers. God isn't going to call people into a abusive environment.
Gods answer to any such church would be 'repent, clean up your act, do things My way, then I'II consider your request.'

KyRustic said...

I encourage everyone to send off for all the books, booklets, and magazines you can from the PCG. The file them in the rcircular filing cabinet... Let's help them spend money.

nck said...

If he heard a hissing sound, it wouldn't even be satan, but just the (mental) farts he produces after ruminating a topic.


Anonymous said...

There you have it, a Church of God organisation leader putting in print that he on Jan 14th 2017 heard a strong supernatural voice inform him of a complete new revelation.
Flurry used the word strong and encouraged the members to fast beforehand.

This is very alarming as Flurry is either telling bare faced lies and he heard no voice. or a demonic spirit is being allowed by God almighty to speak to a Church of God leader.

Either way this is very concerning. You wonder if this sorry saga symbolises something far worse happening amongst the COG splinter ministry. Perilous times.

nck said...


It is distressing. Regardless whether it was a spirit, a dementing mind (alzheimers) or a made up lie. This type of reasoning directs followers to a black or white situation.

You either believe the cultmeister on unverifiable data or you don't.

This is a first from transferring the personality cult away from established "authority" through hwa, toward "gerald flurryism" and that has NEVER ended well.

At this stage he is still able to "halt further nonsense", but when he crosses the rubicon toward a point of no return, he will cause first cause a mass defection, among I believe the youth, who even brought up sheltered will not accept crazyness. Leaving the "posessed" behind without the "checks and balances" of the sanest of their families. Spiralling into darkness.

Unless he will hearken to that other voice he ALSO heard. The voice that he admitted told him he was "a man of vanity and sins."

This is a straw to hold on to until his "alzheiming/decaying/deteriorating" mind starts blurting out more stuff indicating that flurry's brain is dying off with increasing speed.

Any youngsters out there reading. If your stomach hurts when flurry speaks about, stones or whatever, it is your brain telling you to "not stomach" poisonous food for the mind."

For any old timers out there reading this. If you do not understand what flurry is talking about, then it is your brain telling you, you are listening to crap, presented in an unintelligable and disturbing way of stringing sentences together.

Those booklets edit the worst of his disturbed speaking style out. And you know that I am right, since you have struggled for years with understanding what he was talking about, awaiting a booklet to at least make sense in a grammatical way.


Byker Bob said...

This does not signal a new direction for Armstrongism. It is more a case of the breaking of illusions, i.e., the leaders of a man made institution showing their true colors.

The fact is, we don’t need to debunk anything at all. I mean, it’s frustrating to watch friends and relatives continue in a zombie-like march, being financially defrauded, and their time wasted, believing they are qualifying for something when they are actually having their potential diminished. But, as two plus two continues to equal four, and not five or six as taught in the ACOgs, and as the false prophecies continue to fail, we’re going to witness much more craziness similar to this latest Flurry nonsense. Membership will continue to diminish while the rhetoric and panic rises to a crescendo amongst those remaining.

For the sake of those entrapped, I wish the solution could be otherwise. Perhaps some who came into the theatre in the middle of the movie have the most difficulty dealing with this, and turning loose. This was always an evil, toxic thing to begin with. Isn’t it symbolic that we now have a president who is the moral equivalent of Gerald Flurry and the HWA of the 1950’s, all of whom separated families at the border of their enclaves?


Anonymous said...

Do the pilot's for Mr. Flurry's jet know that they might lose their license?

You are mentally ill if you will believe his crap.

Anonymous said...

To Any Christians that read this:

What did God say in Exodus 20:4 about Images and bowing to them and serving them?

True, this was a rock and not a carved image.

What will you answer God when HE asks you in the resurrection why you venerated/adored/loved/worshipped a stone that a minister prayed at???

Do you want to bet your salvation on a teaching of men?

Are Y O U venerating an image?

Byker Bob said...

The one very positive aspect to Armstrongism is that the vast majority of young people raised in it leave as soon as they realize that they get to have a choice.

I’m reminded of a quip from the late Bo Diddley, early rock n roll star and guitarist extraordinaire: “The minute my first record came out, all of the white kids went home and threw Beethoven into the garbage!”


Anonymous said...

Gerald Flurry - "Upon THIS ROCK I will build my delusion"