Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Hot Facebook Group For UCG And Select COG Singles

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This is a group for singles age 25 and older who attend the churches of God that stayed true to the teachings of God pretty much as taught by Herbert W. Armstrong in the Worldwide Church of God. This includes United Church of God, Church of God, Worldwide, Living Church of God, Pacific Church of God, and a few others.

Please feel free to discuss all sorts of topics, but remember to keep your posts Christian-like. Be careful how your posts might be perceived by other members. What you say jokingly, might not be taken that way. Just keep this in mind. Enjoy the group!
Various Facebook groups have been having a field day with the above site.  It is supposedly open to anyone 25 and over that believes in the teachings of Herbert Armstrong; not Jesus, but Herbert Armstrong.

UCG and LCG members can now date each other?  Some think this is more proof that UCG and LCG are starting to canoodle up to each other.  Gerald Weston will NOT be amused!

So remember folks, keep your posts Herbert W Armstrong like and things will be all rosy. If you do that you can join the 150 single perpetual bachelors on the site.


Connie Schmidt said...

When posting at COG FB site, please attach criminal background check, selfie bathing suit shot, , a FICO score and how many kids you have on child support or are paying on.

Anonymous said...

What the hell? I can see why they are still single.

Anonymous said...

LCG and UCG canoodling, that would be the strangest marriage since Herbert and Ramon.

Anonymous said...

I can see it now. A Ministerial To All Churches Bulletin:

It has come to our attention that a Facebook Site has attempted to encourage inter-church dating between different Churches of God. It continues to be the policy of ____________ that dating should only occur within the _____________ denomination only. Cross-dating between different denominations of the Churches of God can cause division, as differences of opinion in doctrine and practice will inevitably creep in, and could eventually cause one party to leave one of the two churches to attend together. This could cause a drop of income for the church. Therefore, it is the ecclesiastical determination of _______________ that all singles should refrain from dating outside of ______________________. If you have further questions on his policy, please contact ______________ at ____________________.

Anonymous said...

COG Inter-dating text messages:

>>> Hi.

Hi. <<<

>>> Do you want to go to church
with me tomorrow?

I have to check with <<<
my pastor to see if I
can. He'll wonder why
I am gone.

>>> Well, mine will wonder who the
new person is and ask me why
they were allowed to come without
checking with him first......come
to think about it...

Yeah. I'm not sure this is <<<
going to work out so much...

>>> Yeah. HEY! Let's both skip out
and go somewhere else!

Now THATS an idea! How about a <<<

>>> YEAH! But let's go far from here where we
wont get caught. How about a ROAD TRIP!

Anonymous said...

Get a life singles of the COG's! There is a world of singles outside of your little group of true believers. There just might be a person that is a very good match for you outside of your tiny group. Don't waste you life hoping that the right person will come along unless you go outside of the walls of the rented hall of whatever tiny COG you belong to.

Anonymous said...

My FB text message will be:

'In the name of the living God, I believe we only have 3 - 5 short years left.'
'How about a date?'

Anonymous said...

True UCG members don't date through Facebook do they? I thought they used Ashley Madison...

Anonymous said...

"Singles." Who even says that anymore outside of COGs? Saying that makes it seem like you just stepped out of a time machine. I guess the COGs are prettymuch time machines. Or black holes. They make time stand still, and they suck really hard, mostly at your life force and your money.

What About The Truth said...

For the ultimate success of all the participants, they need to contract for a Bob Theil animation.

Anonymous said...

I won't sign up until some of those babes lose weight.

Byker Bob said...

Do they have a special section for those interested in interracial dating?


DennisCDiehl said...

I applied...still waiting

Feastgoer said...

You may be surprised to learn inter-racial dating actually occurs in UCG nowadays.

But if a single brings an "outsider" to church (as in non-COG), that gets a quick crackdown.

Anonymous said...

These facebook single member groups create a illusion. An illusion of freedom of choice. The percentage of members who get to choose their life partner themselves is extremely small.
Arranged marriages or partners chosen for you by recommended marriage experts still goes on. Hey, the love experts still try and marry you off to others, even though your already married.

nck said...

Dennis Diehl would be intetested in "interglacial dating."

But beware when she's talking about "rocks" while pointing her finger.

My other advice would be to observe her mother and you know what you'll have to deal with when you're old and frail and lost all power at......40....:-)


Byker Bob said...

When you have a hierarchy which arbitrarily determines that some marriages should be broken up due to the partners being “unequally yoked”, basically it makes a statement about all marriages. The marriages are honored at the pleasure of the church, and no longer a deeply personal bond, relationship or commitment on the part of the two partners involved.
It actually weakens the institution.

PCg is fostering the disrespectful atmosphere in which “match makers” can pair off a married person with a single one. The only difference between that atmosphere and a dance bar becomes that at the bar, you get to beat the crap out of people who try to hit on your wife and won’t back off.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment BB 9:48 but is not only the extreme PCG group doing such it is going on in LCG and even UCG. You are correct that love experts hierarchy take it upon themselves to try and break up marriages they never arranged in the first place. But it is surely the height of pig ignorance to even think people are so fickle.

Dennis Diehl said...

I failed the church approved divorce test

Anonymous said...

I attended services for 8 years but never heard of or observed ministers trying to break up marriages 'they never arranged in the first place.'

Anonymous said...

Who said ministers Anon 4:48 ?